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Kennedy and Kerry Step Up and Donate $1 Million to Democratic Campaign Committees

by Pamela Leavey

Here’s the latest breaking news on the money go-round… Hat’s off to the two Senators from Massachusetts:

Kennedy, Kerry give $1 million to Democratic campaign committees
The Associated Press

Sens. Edward M. Kennedy and John Kerry tapped their sizable campaign kitties on Wednesday to donate an additional $1 million to the committees aiming to elect a Democratic Congress.

The Massachusetts Democrats donated $500,000 apiece, half to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and half to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Each works on behalf of the party to elect members to the respective chambers.

Democrats believe they have a chance this fall to regain majority control in each chamber.

“Senator Kennedy believes that November 7th is a critical opportunity to reverse the damage done by the Bush Administration and put this country back on track,” said Kennedy spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter.

Kerry spokesman David Wade added: “It’s crunch time and he’s going the extra mile with Sen. Kennedy to make sure Democrats have the chance to put America on the right track and reverse the radically wrong course these Republicans have taken our country.”

Kerry had previously donated $1.015 million to the Senate committee and $500,000 to the House committee, while Kennedy had given $1 million to the Senate committee. Kennedy also has raised over $9 million for his fellow Democrats this cycle, while Kerry has raised over $11 million.

Nonetheless, all Democrats have faced pressure from party leaders and outside groups such as moveon.org to draw down their campaign accounts to improve their success of regaining control of the House and Senate.

Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, has been accused of hoarding money in preparation for another White House run in 2008.

On Tuesday, Kerry defended his record, saying recent depictions of how much money he has in the bank are “inaccurate.” The most recent report filed for the “Friends of John Kerry” committee showed the senator had $8 million in the bank.

Kennedy, meanwhile, is up for re-election this fall but facing a little-known challenger. He will still have $6.8 million in the bank after the donations.


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  • 6 Responses to “Kennedy and Kerry Step Up and Donate $1 Million to Democratic Campaign Committees”

    1. Oooh, oooh, did you see that the JK blog linked Dem Daily again?

      Also you may be interested in my take on this at DU:


      My first comment goes for you guys over here, too.

    2. Well, I’m sure this won’t shut up the whiners but once again shows JK and uncle ted have the dems interest more at heart than Hillary, her husband and a lot of others.

      They need to go after other dems but to do that would mean these people couldn’t b!T@@ about Kerry and not giving him money.

      Keep moving senator and be sure you don’t apologize for calling the anonymous crying about your war chest cowards because that is what they are.

    3. Someone needs to go tell Kos to shut the fuck up now.

    4. Kos blows.

      There’s a lot of people over their who have their own agenda. I was reading Beachmom’s post – good stuff. I see where she’s thinking of throwing in the towel after that posting at Kos today. To bad, that place can wear a person down.

      As far as how much someone gives – 30% of whatever they have on hand or whatever formula they have, big deal! As long as folks like JK campaigns for the candidates and raises money – THAT’S WHAT MATTERS MOST!

      There are just some candidates that won’t make it – you can throw all the time and money you want, it just won’t matter – that’s a fact.

      I think that what JK is doing is just fine. JK just can’t be all things to all people – just look at Kos.

    5. Hello to all. I am John Pillband, 22 y.o. This is my first day on the Internet. What should I do?

    6. John Pillband,

      Welcome to the most fascinating place to travel – ususally called ‘surfing’- far and wide, at faster than sound speeds.

      First realize that any time you see something that is in color – usually blue- and underlined like this:

      Statehouses, The Other BIG Democratic Victory

      it is a direct link to the article, or website mentioned. It makes following up on the comments you have been reading very easy. (Sometimes it’s a plug for the writer 😉 )

      The wonder of the Internet is search engines. Usually Google, there are others such as Dogpile. It should be on your tool bar in the web window – probably on one side or the other- next to the web address space (the www. place).

      Web addresses are sometimes easy to guess. e.g. http://www.target.com

      The basic distinctions are:
      .com is for commerce, business.
      .org is for organizations
      .gov is for government sites
      .edu is for schools or universities.

      You can go to places like Wikipedia, the online free encyclopedia for a lot of information – but that’s only a start. Just googling your subject is likely to bring up at least a thousand places to go – more like a million.

      And you can find yourself any where in the world making friends with total strangers- who read English whether you know their language or not.

      Do come back and join us again. Glad you landed here so quickly!