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Falling From Grace

by Pamela Leavey

The WaPo has more on former Bush staffer David Kuo’s new book released Monday, “Tempting Faith.” Suffice to say, in Kuo’s eyes, Bush has fallen from grace…

Kuo said he was “dazzled” by Bush’s talk of compassion. But in his telling, the administration’s actions never matched its rhetoric. During the scramble to win tax cuts, for example, the promise of $8 billion per year for charities was scrapped.

To try to climb up the White House’s list of priorities, Kuo said, he and others working in the faith-based office offered to politicize their efforts. The White House political affairs office gave them a map of battleground states in 2002, and they used it to plan conferences to win support for GOP candidates. “Smart politics, bad morals,” he said in retrospect.

In 2003, Kuo was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. It is still growing slowly, he said, giving him perhaps five or 10 years to live.

“I feel a pressing spiritual need to say what I think is important,” he said. “And I really think that what is important is to be able to warn Christians about politics, that they should not throw so much at politics, because they’re being used, and it will not answer the problems, and it corrupts the name of the God we’re trying to serve.”


3 Responses to “Falling From Grace”

  1. I really hope that Christians everywhere listen to his cautionary tale — since he is sick, they’ve GOT to know he’s being sincere. This even goes beyond party politics, and my deep distrust of marrying religion and politics, which ends up meaning no compromise — something that is antethema to democracy (see Iraq, for more examples). The GOP needs to stop being a religious party and go back to being a secular one. Perhaps if they lose this fall, they’ll begin to understand this.

  2. I saw Kuo on 60 Minutes. I was struck by his honesty.

  3. Interestingly, many Neo-Cons are actually fairly religious – Paul Bremer included. It doesn’t seem to stop them from being very delusional when it comes to mixing their ideology with whatever faith they claim.

    Wonderful quote in Imperial Life in the Emerald City from John Agresto, the university president who had been in Iraq for 9 months trying to rebuild the country’s higher education system with little success.

    “I’m a neoconservative who’s been mugged by reality.”

    The disillusioned neocon club Francis Fukuyama gave voice to is growing. 😉