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Kerry: We Don’t Have a Minute to Waste

by Pamela Leavey

Check out the 30 Days for Change blog at JohnKerry.com!

30 days left — we don’t have a minute to waste.

That’s why I’m kicking off our 30 Days for Change blog here at johnkerry.com so we can provide up to the minute updates, information, travelogues, and so you can continue to engage directly as we drive all the way through the mid term elections and big Democratic victory.

4 Responses to “Kerry: We Don’t Have a Minute to Waste”

  1. Great new site. Love the fact he started another blog.JK 2008!!!!!

  2. Awesome! There’s a whole new layout to the site too! It may just be some new graphics, etc. but with this change from the 2004 look, everything looks fresh and invigorating….and there’s the blog! Looks like the wheels are back on the (campaign) bus! Let’s roll…………

  3. Unfortunately the moderators have some limited ideas about who we should link to. I tried to link to 2 of our posts and another from the Patriot Project. Gee, they aren’t there…

    Why am I not surprised?

  4. I guess they are just S L O W. It took them about an hour and a half.

    The cookies still aren’t done.