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Senator Kerry Wows Students at The Ohio State University

by Javelin

After a medium sized event earlier in Columbus, Senator Kerry spoke to a huge crowd of students at Ohio State University, the media and many of the Democratic candidates who are poised to take positions in the state and federal government. Excitement filled the University Union not unlike what was seen in the campaign of 2004.

This was a GOTV event and there were so many students in the East Ballroom with buttons, handouts, yard signs, etc. that it was hard to believe that ’06 was only a midterm. Each of the other candidates made a short speech and then it was on to the Senator.

After an embrace with Mary Jo Kilroy (a leader in recent polls for a seat in the US House), John Kerry resonated with the crowd immediately with a poke at the GOP. “It’s been an exciting four days for the Republicans in Congress; it’s been a whole four days and not one of them had to resign. And it’s been around six months and Dick Cheney hasn’t shot anybody!”. {eruption of cheers}

He praised the University’s football team (currently #1 in the country), and then it was on to the business at hand…

There were some staple Kerry phrases from recent speeches that have really pointed out what is right and wrong in this country, like “#1- tell the truth, #2-fire the incompetents” etc. But the bulk of his speech was new material, or at least stated differently than in the past. Here are some of the interesting points the Senator made:

    “We’ve had some amazing rallies here in Columbus. You have an extraordinary group of people here. What you (the mayor) did for this city without adequate help from Washington is nothing short of amazing.”

    “Ohio understands what it means to care about voting. The citizens of Ohio waited for hours and hours, some of them in rainstorms just for that opportunity to excercise their right (to vote).

    “What you need to do in these next weeks, these golden weeks of opportunity, you have this moment to help people vote not on one day, but on every day. People will have the chance to register their hopes and their aspirations for the future. That’s what we have to do.”

    “There is a profound difference between what they want to do in Washington and what we want to do. There’s a profound difference between people who have seen their wages go down, their jobs go overseas, their health care disappear, their pensions get crushed, their kids having a harder time going to college, housing markets go down……..All things that make a real difference in the quality of life are moving in the wrong direction.”

    “(There are) twice as many lobbyists in Washington DC as there were when George Bush took office. I want America to belong to you, belong to the average citizen. not to the lobbyists, the powerful, and the corrupt.”

    “…this President on March 20th became the first president to go that long without a veto, and when he finally vetoes something he vetoes the future.”

    “You walk into a WalMart and you’re greeted by a nice person at the door, and if that person gets sick they’re SHOWN the door.”

    “It doesn’t really matter if you’re worth 20 million, 6 billion, or 60 billion dollars if you can’t make sure that every single worker you have has health care.”

Hammer ’em John. It’s time to let it rip…………

I’ll try to post more on this event later, and hopefully audio and video as well.

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6 Responses to “Senator Kerry Wows Students at The Ohio State University”

  1. I was unable to travel down to Columbus, to hear him yesterday, but the media sure was on fire after his speech. Several media outlets called John Kerry a rock star who seems to be taking the Country by storm, whether in Ohio or Texas, the crownds keep growing and growing. There is no doubt about it, many in Ohio want to see JFK run in 2008.
    So Senator Kerry if your out there, and reading this please run in 2008, America needs John Kerry as there next Commander and Chief.

  2. This is great to hear – both the diary and Johng’s comment. As more people actually see him, the seedy cable media people’s pov disappears. We need better spokespeople that the nauseating Carville and Bagala.

    Given all the ugliness, the slease, corruption and lies; what will America be looking for in 2008. Honesty, accountability, princibles and dignity and there is no one who meets that profile better than John Kerry.

    (Sorry, Begala and Carville – this doesn’t say Clinton. Clinton exploding may be fun for them to watch, but I trust my midwesern gut – it was also embarrassing. Anger was warranted towards the allegations, not towards the talking head asking the question that a statesman, like Kerry, would have hit out of the park, shredding the accusations remaining Presidential and dignified.

    Over time people gain impressions – whenever Kerry is in view – he is always the same thoughtful, rational person. In 2004, when people knew him less – he easily won the nomination. In 2008, the only real negative will be convincing people he can win.

  3. KarennJ- I agree with you. this is good to hear as one of hill and bill’s main electability factors come from a rock star quality that is often labeled when they speak. Frankly I don’t see it with hillary but that another story.

    I do think the only negative is convincing folks he can beat the GOP rather its mccain, or whoever. I know he can but he and momma T will have to get pass the noise machine as pamela calls it and the backstabbing DC dems.

    You can do it senator so please run in 08 god knows you won in 04 and you will win in 08.

  4. Thanks very much Javelin!

  5. The funny thing for me is that I remember how much the crowds loved him in ’04. They saw throught the MSM BS and went to see a true phenomenon in politics. I think many more people are realizing what John Kerry represents.

    One of two men who could be #44 -not just electable, but electable because he is the real deal. I don’t think Gore wants it. I do hope he will consider a Cabinet position or some other way to utilize his vast ability and and knowledge to help pull America out of this nightmare.

  6. Good job with the pics and storyline Javelin…