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Teresa Heinz Kerry – Still Fighting for Strong Women!

by Pamela Leavey

Teresa Heinz Kerry sent out a letter to Democrats across Iowa today in support of Denise O’Brien. O’Brien is an organic farmer and candidate for Secretary of Agriculture for Iowa in the upcoming 2006 mid-term elections.

In her letter Teresa tells Iowan’s that “Big Corporations are trying to smear Denise.”

“Denise’s opponent has begun labeling her work with the National Family Farm Coalition and the Women, Food, and Agriculture Network as “fringe agriculture.” We can’t let the politics of smear and slime triumph.”

It’s wonderful to see Teresa out there fighting the good fight for strong women. Here’s a copy of the letter she sent out today, if you can help out with a donation to Denise O’Brien, the mailing address for donations is at the end of the letter:

Dear Friend,

I am very proud to stand with Denise O’Brien, organic farmer and candidate for Secretary of Agriculture for Iowa in 2006, and to ask all of you who care about sustainable farming practices and who believe in the power of small organic farmers, to please donate to her campaign. We must focus on this very important race and make donations that satisfy both the heart and the mind, as the political season for 2006 heats up.

While Iowa is traditionally the proving ground for presidential aspirants, this election season the fertile soil of Iowa can reap an enormous victory for the idea that environmentally friendly agricultural policies can be good for the economy and good for our communities at the same time. We can send an important message to politicians and advocacy groups nationwide that socially responsible policies can win.

Denise O’Brien’s policies can bring about a future of which we can all be proud. You need only look to the explosion of local farmers’ markets across the country to see that consumers will choose the broader benefits of sustainable farming if they’re given the chance. Denise understands that when consumers have affordable choices for where and how to buy their produce and livestock, they choose the products that best benefit them and their local area.

Denise O’Brien has already proven herself a tough, successful fighter. She won the primary 57-43%, despite being under funded by a 3 to1 margin. The power of her ideas is resonating throughout Iowa.

She proved that she has strong and continued support after over 30 years of advocacy in Iowa. And she proved her ability to wage a tough, smart and successful race for ideas in which we all believe. She deserves our support when she most needs it, and that time is now.

Big corporations are trying to smear Denise. Denise’s opponent has begun labeling her work with the National Family Farm Coalition and the Women, Food, and Agriculture Network as “fringe agriculture.” We can’t let the politics of smear and slime triumph.

Our contributions will tell Denise’s opponent that tired policies are exactly wrong for Iowa if we are going to nurture and develop sustainable local farming movements.

I strongly urge you to contribute to Denise O’Brien’s campaign today. The latest fundraising period shows that this organic farmer is beating her corporate rival with grass roots donations — she out raised her opponent by 13%!

The problem is those grassroots alone won’t be enough to continue the momentum she needs to win. Due to the prominence and importance of Iowa on the national political map, donor exhaustion is kicking in already. Iowa has an open seat for governor and two of the nation’s hottest congressional races, making it crucial for Denise to connect to contributors outside of Iowa.

Denise O’Brien should not lose this race because of donor fatigue. She needs our help. You can make an immediate and visible impact, paying for biodiesel fuel to power the converted school bus in which she travels the state and paying for her media campaign.

We owe it to Denise to help her win this contest of ideas. Stand with me today and help elect Denise O’Brien the next Secretary of Agriculture for Iowa. Please send your contribution to O’Brien for Secretary of Agriculture, P.O. Box 94, Atlantic, Iowa 50022.


Teresa Heinz Kerry

Teresa Heinz Kerry will be in Iowa on Sunday October 1 and again on Monday October 9 for fundraisers. The details are available here. And check out Denise’s blog here.

One Response to “Teresa Heinz Kerry – Still Fighting for Strong Women!”

  1. Man, what a lousy week in Washington. It’s been damn repulsive listening to our government argue the nuances of torturing people. Hard to believe this is America sometimes.

    Anyway, it’s heartening to hear of candidates working on something wholesome and life-affirming. I’m reminded of a quote from Faulkner, “if you want to get something done in a town, you have to get the women and children involved.” In London, the City Pickers just that, young families, mostly young moms and their kids growing produce on “little derelict bits of land.”

    I read in another article this week that, on average, the food we Americans consume has travelled 1500 miles from its source to our plates. I have family members who’ve never been that far from home their entire lives.