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John Kerry to Speak at Johns Hopkins U and Answer Questions Live on FT.com on Thursday

by Pamela Leavey

From FinancialTimes.com:

On Thursday, John Kerry, answers your questions live on FT.com on national security, US foreign policy and the war on terror.

The former Democratic presidential candidate will outline the “5 Rs” that he believes will make the US a safer place, in a keynote address and forum in Washington.

Senator Kerry will be speaking at the inaugural forum of the Center on Politics & Foreign Relations at the Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies, hosted in partnership with the Financial Times.

Join the forum live at 9am EDT (2pm BST) on Thursday, September 28, here on FT.com. Sen Kerry will take questions from the floor of the CPFR center in Washington and from FT.com readers.

Robert Guttman, CPFR director, and Guy Dinmore, the FT’s US Diplomatic Correspondent, will moderate the event.

Send your questions to John Kerry now …on national security, US foreign policy, on Afghanistan, the war on terror and on next steps in Iraq.

9 Responses to “John Kerry to Speak at Johns Hopkins U and Answer Questions Live on FT.com on Thursday”

  1. Just caught this:

    Tuesday September 26th at 3:30PM EST


    John Kerry on C-SPAN 3

    As part a C-SPAN’s Distance Learning class, Sen. John Kerry
    (D-MA) will discuss a variety of topics. Along with student questions he will make remarks on the 2004 campaign, his possible 2008 presidential bid, the mid-term elections and his views on the state of American politics.


    I’ll try to get the audio.

  2. I’m watching it on the website (www.cspan.org) right now. If you have Real Player or (gag) Windows, you should be able to see it. CSPAN also allows you to download software. He’s looking good–seems like a neat program– Q and Q with students from at least 4 universities. Hope you can see it.

  3. MBK

    Sadly I wasn’t able to watch, got biz problems I am trying to iron out… if you want to email me a recap I can post it!

  4. Pamela,
    Thanks for the heads up for Kerry’s Q&A on FT.com this Thursday. The coming election is filled with so many problems that have been created by the republican machine now in power that the lousy state of the economy often gets minimized. I know you have had some good posts here on this topic, but the media still is giving Bush some kind of pass here. I just hope Sen. Kerry tells it like it is, how on the verge of a meltdown I feel this country’s economy really is. Maybe it’s too frightening for many to really consider. Somehow it feels eerily like pre 1929, although I’ve only read about that. Kerry’s answers will mean so much.

  5. Here’s a link to it; you might want to watch it ASAP as CSpan’s archive doesn’t last long 🙁


  6. Wow, it was over TWO HOURS…. great stuff though! I converted it to audio, and plan on listening to it in it’s entirety and will report back!

  7. Javelin

    I can upload to my server so we can share it here if you can email it to me!

  8. Thanks for the questions link. I sent my questions in.

  9. Pamela:
    A lot of good information (but a correspondingly big file……
    106 Mb at 64 Kbps mono :0
    I’ll upload it tonight and give you a link there.