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Ahrnold Woos Environmentalists with Greenhouse Gas Restrictions

by Pamela Leavey

The Governator has been wooing environmentalists and carving a more moderate path in recent months, with an election looming. While I applaud his support of the “plan to cut by 25% the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from California electric power plants, refineries and other sources by the year 2020,” I’m not suckered into believing he’s a better choice for Governor here in California.

Jack Pitney, a government professor at Claremont McKenna College, said, “It takes another issue away from Phil Angelides. It isn’t the top issue, but for Schwarzenegger it raises the comfort level of Democrats and independents. Signing this bill makes the political climate more hospitable to the governor.”

What a load of B.S. that is. Pitney makes it sound as though Angelides doesn’t have a stance on Global Warming, when in fact he does.

The plan Arhnold is touting, has Republican big business interests, “especially oil companies,” feeling “irate” and “abandoned by” by the Governator.

But wait, there’s a caveat to Arhnold’s support of the bill — “Schwarzenegger won the ability for the governor to suspend the rules for as much as a year in cases of “extraordinary circumstances, catastrophic events or threat of significant economic harm.” What that means, effectively is that he can pull the plug on the restrictions with a snap of the fingers, any time he pleases, citing this rule.

California needs a real plan to combat Global Warming. While the plan poised to pass is a good start, Democrats looking towards the November elction need to remember that we’ll do better for California and our environment with Phil Angelides as Governor.

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