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John Kerry: One Year Later, Action is the Only Option

by Pamela Leavey

In another photo-op moment today, Bush claimed today that he sees renewal after Katrina, but also suggested that buck stops at what money Congress has already approved.

Of the $110 billion in hurricane aid approved by Congress since Katrina struck a year ago Tuesday, just $44 billion has been spent. The Bush administration has released $77 billion to the states, reserving the rest for future needs.

“Hopefully that’ll work. Hopefully that’s enough,” Bush said after visiting a company here that has restarted its business of building and repairing boats. “It’s certainly enough to get us through the next period of time.”

In reaction to President Bush’s remarks today about Gulf Coast recovery on the eve of the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Senator John Kerry released the following statement:

“Today President Bush said that step one of Gulf Coast recovery – removing debris – is almost complete. One year later, just moving one step forward is really taking two steps back when so many steps remain. During my visits to the Gulf Coast, I’ve talked with small business owners about what they need to rebuild and recover. They’re disheartened at the response of the federal government. More than half of those who applied for disaster loans have been denied help from Washington and left with nowhere to turn. The majority of businesses have not yet reopened and they keep wondering how they are going to survive.

“Right after Katrina, Senator Mary Landrieu and I proposed getting grants and bridge loans out to residents immediately. We suggested working with bankers and other experts right away to get loan applications processed immediately. We sought to increase business opportunities for small local firms by establishing that they get 30 percent of federal contracts and 40 percent of subcontracting dollars. But the Bush Administration has been blocking these proposals at every turn.

“President Bush said optimism is the only option. The most successful business people in America will tell you that optimism alone doesn’t keep their doors open. Photo ops won’t get the Gulf Coast back in business. Action is the only option. There’s no excuse for continuing to delay real, bipartisan solutions.”

Jennifer Loven of AP News reported that the “White House released almost no information on where Bush was visiting until minutes before he was to arrive, in part to lessen cumbersome security needs.”

But the practice also prevents him from more freely interacting with residents.

It’s always important to the boy king far from the maddening crowd

5 Responses to “John Kerry: One Year Later, Action is the Only Option”

  1. Since no one knows the actual cost of the war in Iraq alone, I can only guess using figures from the National Priorties Project Web page… http://nationalpriorities.org/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=182
    and that amount of money spent so far averages around $65 billion dollars a year, for a whopping total so far over $310 billion dollars. Add to this amount the additional costs of other conflicts, and aid to other nations, and maintenance costs of all U.S. military operations around the world… well the amount is staggering to say the least!

    Now here is this goof-ball of a president telling these people who have had their lives shredded by Katrina that $44 billion is enough???
    What a poor excuse for a human being this president is! Hopeless… heartless… senseless… idiot Bush.


  2. “Today President Bush said that step one of Gulf Coast recovery – removing debris – is almost complete.”

    Huh? I sure see a lot of stuff that needs to be removed in the pictures of NO. Discovery had a show on last night called Engineering New Orleans. Among other things, the clean up will take another two years. A caller on Air America today said they have run out of space to put the trash. Not surprising. I also wonder if they have figured out how toxic some of the soil is and whether it needs to go into a hazardous waste dump.

    The Millitary budget for FY 2007 is 400 billion. That’s not including Iran if the Chimp in Chief figures out away to get us there.


    I would like to see Bush held accountable for his crimes. If we could impeach Cheney and let W twist in his incompetence for a while, I’d consider that a punishment to fit the crimes. (Assuming GWB eventually goes to jail for crimes against humanity, the Geneva Convention, etc)

  3. Ginny, are you trying to say our President lied about something?

    I’m shocked, shocked I say!

    The only surprising thing would be if Bush ever told the truth about something. Good luck anyone finding an example of him doing that, on any subject.

  4. Ginny,

    Take a look at the recent post that Stacey Tallitsch did, and watch the video he has on it. Stacey knocks this one out the ball park.

  5. I did see that Donnie. It was very good. Check your mail !


    Mike Malloy has a challenge out for anyone to come up with something he has said that was true. Had an attempt today, but Mike pointed out the statement was recent, if you go back to the initial statements there were at least 11 lies.

    I think that’s what they call a flip flop. 🙄

    So Dave, do you need to take your finger out of a light socket?