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Bush Urges Need for Troops to Stay in Iraq – John Kerry Responds to Bush Comment on ‘America’s Strained Psyche’

by Pamela Leavey

When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. And, no matter how much spin he puts on it, Bush is wrong about the American people and wrong about Iraq (and the list goes on and on…).

In a White House press conference today, Bush claimed the U.S. “would lose ‘our soul as a nation’ if it gave up on the Iraq war now.” He warned it “would be a ‘disaster’ if U.S. troops left before the new Iraqi government can control the country.”

We’re not leaving so long as I’m president,” an animated Bush said in a wide-ranging White House press conference. “That would be a huge mistake.” He conceded, though that the war was “straining the psyche of our country.”

John Kerry responded to President Bush’s press conference today, saying Bush is “profoundly wrong about Iraq, and profoundly wrong about the American people.” Kerry hit back hard with his statement below, calling Bush’s Iraq policy an “unmitigated disaster.”

“President Bush is profoundly wrong about Iraq, and profoundly wrong about the American people. Today President Bush said America’s “psyche” has been “strained” by “challenging times.” Americans are a strong people. The American psyche isn’t the problem. The problem is this Administration’s disastrous Iraq policy.

Our military has been strained by the Rumsfeld policy of going to war with too few troops, sending troops into battle with inadequate body armor, and overextending the National Guard. Faith in this Administration has been strained by exaggerations and miscalculations from the promise of “mission accomplished” to Vice President Cheney’s declaration of an insurgency “in its last throes.” Patience is strained because almost five years later, Osama Bin Laden is still on the loose, and gone is the promise of ‘wanted dead or alive.’ The Administration’s credibility is strained because the President’s mantra that “U.S. troops will stand down as Iraqis stand up” is another misleading myth, and “stay the course” is a recipe for disaster when the course is broken. Budgets are strained by record deficits, while critical needs, from homeland security to Katrina rebuilding go unaddressed while each week we spend two billion dollars in Iraq.

This Administration’s Iraq policy has been an unmitigated disaster and has set us back in the War on Terror. Iran is profiting because the United States is bogged down in Iraq. Our troops are stuck in a civil war. The violence is worse than ever. 100 Iraqi civilians are being killed every day in a brutal civil war that Administration still denies, and it’s getting worse every month. Over 9,000 Iraqis have died in the last three months alone. Since the bombing in Samarra, 182,000 Iraqis have fled their homes due to sectarian violence and intimidation. IED attacks against American troops have nearly doubled since January.

We must change course in Iraq. We need to set a date to force Iraqis to stand up for Iraq, force the Administration to finally do the diplomacy necessary to find the political solution our generals say is needed, move American troops to an over the horizon position, and refocus the United States on waging and winning an effective War on Terror.”

Proving how entirely out of touch and in denial he really is, when “asked if the continued horrific violence in Iraq was a sign the American strategy was not working there,” Bush responded, “If I didn’t think the Iraq policy would work, I’d change it.”

Note to Bush: It’s time to change it. It’s time to admit that the strained psyche is your own.

6 Responses to “Bush Urges Need for Troops to Stay in Iraq – John Kerry Responds to Bush Comment on ‘America’s Strained Psyche’”

  1. The guy will not admit being wrong. Egomaniac!!

  2. Donnie,

    I know this would be close to unthinkable. The situation is unbelievable. If a new Congress can’t force Bush out of Iraq – actually Sen John Warner (R,VA) is working on a challenge that the civil war is not what the resolution authorized- is there any possibility the troops would start some kind of mutiny? It would have to be pretty organized. Maybe some of the Generals could tell Rummy and Bush they are pulling out.

    Al Franken was talking about being inn Kuwait for a USO tour. He had gone through the cafeteria line at lunch and looked around for a group that seemed anxious for him to join them. They turned out to be psychiatrists and one of the points they brought up is that a lot of the field commanders are on antidepressents.

    This is the first war that the medications have been widely used for some time and it may not be anything but a useful new tool for them – especially if fewer turn to alcohol or drugs to kill their cognitive pain. I suspect there is more depression going on than usual.

    I told the senators I wrote about supporting Kerry’s proposal that they should be held accountable for all deaths after the end of May (When we could have been pulling out troops had we given them notice 30 days earlier).

    They’ve known long enough that it was time to get them out of a civil war.

  3. Ginny,

    While I cannot imagine the troops going into open mutiny, I can see the upper brass standing up and demanding to withdraw. But there are a lot of “stay the course” types in the military right now.

  4. Great photo of our stupid pres! But I am not hearing John Kerry’s words in the MSM. Point made in the post above.

  5. Bush, the rethugs, Cheney, Rove, Condi, and rummy to name a few are straining the American paitience not our minds.

    I hope congress doesn’t give him a dime for Lebanon. He talks about opening schools for the kids and there are thousands of kids in the gulf who don’t have a school to call their own.

  6. Lose our soul? We done already lost it, Dub. :-\