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Allen on Damage Control After Remarks to Webb Aide

by Pamela Leavey

Yesterday, Senator George Allen struggled to thwart the “political damage from remarks he made to a Fairfax County man that dredged up charges of racial insensitivity — allegations that have dogged him for years as governor, senator and now presidential hopeful.”

Despite a quick apology Monday, criticism poured in about Allen’s use of the word “Macaca” to address a volunteer for the campaign of his Democratic opponent, James Webb, and also about another Allen comment, “Welcome to America.” Democrats, left-wing bloggers and civil rights groups called him “insensitive” and “racist,” while some conservatives called him “foolish” and “mean.”

Watch the video of Allen’s insensitive, racist remarks here:

Toby Chaudhuri of Campaign for America’s Future Communications Director and and Indian American resident of Sen. Allen’s state of Virginia released the following statement yesterday in response to Allen’s remarks:

“Virginia voters aren’t afraid to stand and fight and they aren’t going to duck and cover against Senator Allen’s intolerant remarks.

Senator Allen needs to decide if he wants to spend his time playing cowboys and Indians or spend it solving real problems facing average Virginians. He’s simply out of touch and just doesn’t get it. Profits are up, CEO salaries are up, but wages are not keeping up with prices. Good jobs in Virginia are moving abroad because Senator Allen voted for massive tax breaks that have created more jobs in India and China than here, and he thinks racial slurs will solve the problem. It’s time we elected leaders who fight for policies that work for all of us, putting government back on our side.”

John Amato on CrooksandLiars nails it: “If this was Howard Dean that said this–it would be played on FOX NEWS, on every program all day and all night, but it’s a Republican so…”

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