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George Will Gives Credit to John Kerry, Again: ‘The Triumph of Unrealism’ – Indeed

by Pamela Leavey

It all seems a little unreal, to have George Will giving John Kerry credit twice in a couple of days. It’s a triumph indeed, for those of us who have known all along that “John Kerry was Right” on so many levels.

Cooperation between Pakistani and British law enforcement (the British draw upon useful experience combating IRA terrorism) has validated John Kerry’s belief (as paraphrased by the New York Times Magazine of Oct. 10, 2004) that “many of the interdiction tactics that cripple drug lords, including governments working jointly to share intelligence, patrol borders and force banks to identify suspicious customers, can also be some of the most useful tools in the war on terror.” In a candidates’ debate in South Carolina (Jan. 29, 2004), Kerry said that although the war on terror will be “occasionally military,” it is “primarily an intelligence and law enforcement operation that requires cooperation around the world.”

Will’s criticism of the Bush administration flies in the face of their claims that Democrats are weak on Terror and don’t understand the dynamics. Clearly, one Democrat, John Kerry was on the money, light years ahead of the cabal in charge and George Will had no problem slapping down the “senior administration official,” who insisted on “anonymity for his or her splenetic words,” when denying “the obvious, that Kerry had a point.”

The official told The Weekly Standard:

“The idea that the jihadists would all be peaceful, warm, lovable, God-fearing people if it weren’t for U.S. policies strikes me as not a valid idea. [Democrats] do not have the understanding or the commitment to take on these forces. It’s like John Kerry. The law enforcement approach doesn’t work.”

George Will knocks down the “senior administration official’s” claims with a wallop, arguing as the Carpetbagger Report puts it, that “the Bush administration’s approach to combating terrorism is entirely backwards, and its explanation for failure is incoherent”…

This farrago of caricature and non sequitur makes the administration seem eager to repel all but the delusional. But perhaps such rhetoric reflects the intellectual contortions required to sustain the illusion that the war in Iraq is central to the war on terrorism, and that the war, unlike “the law enforcement approach,” does “work.”

The official is correct that it is wrong “to think that somehow we are responsible — that the actions of the jihadists are justified by U.S. policies.” But few outside the fog of paranoia that is the blogosphere think like that. It is more dismaying that someone at the center of government considers it clever to talk like that. It is the language of foreign policy — and domestic politics — unrealism.

Foreign policy “realists” considered Middle East stability the goal. The realists’ critics, who regard realism as reprehensibly unambitious, considered stability the problem. That problem has been solved.

For a view of the chorus chiming in on “Kerry was Right” — see here, here, here, here and here. Of course, it’s something we can’t say enough around at the Dem Daily

RELATED SOUND CLIP OF THE DAY: Ed Schultz tells John Kerry, “a lot of things that you said running up to ’04, it’s a huge I told you so right now.”

9 Responses to “George Will Gives Credit to John Kerry, Again: ‘The Triumph of Unrealism’ – Indeed”

  1. Aren’t the latest poll numbers a suggestion of who the people trust in the war on whatever it is the hell we’ve been fighting since `01 or `03? I think the fact that more people trust a Democrat for the job is that the Bush administration have squandered any and all favors with the people. The tide I hope has turned.

  2. Poetryman

    I am betting that the tide has turned, the boat has beached and there’s going to be a mutiny.

  3. I am repeating myself here – but it is worth repeating.

    One of my frustrations in ’04 was the press ignoring the book Kerry wrote on terrorism. “The New War” was published in ’97. It came out of his uncovering BCCI and Iran/Contra. This is an overview of the worst problems the world will face in the coming decades. Kerry’s signature grasp of the complexity and implications of different problems.

  4. Poetryman, What’s up buddy? Your are right about that. Never has an administration squandered away so many chances that dropped into their lap. It just baffles the mind that for as many times that they screwed up, something happened to give them a boost. Then it was just thrown into the wind.

  5. I got to admit never thought I’d see George will give JK credit for anything let alone the rethugs signature issue “the war on terror”. Kerry was right military isn’t set up to go into the caverns, streets, seedy bars and coffee houses to seek those that are plotting to hurt others.

    Law enforcement and intelligence are better to handle the case although Bush, Rummy and chenney have castrated the CIA almost beyond repair.

    Yes, Kerry was right and Bill Clinton, Hillary, Dubya and a host of others were wrong. Now I hope nobody expects Reid, Shumer, and levin to give JK credit for his insight. You’d think the dems would be saying hey, look at this one of the top conservatives said our nominee was right but that would be admitting Kerry is on cue when it comes to fighting terror.

  6. Pen

    Not once but twice my friend. If you haven’t listened to the 2 interviews posted you should. There’s one on Young Turks and one on Big Eddie’s show. Good stuff – the others will come around.

    We’ve missed you around here!

  7. Hey, I missed you guys to. I’m still here and around to add my cynical brand of comment 🙂

    Seriously though, I’ve been real busy and things have just started to calm down.

    Plus, other than Kerry and a few others I’m pretty pissed off with the dc dem leadership these days.

  8. Pen

    I hear you on th ebusy realm – I’m working on catching up on ’05 stuff that hasn’t gotten done yet before ’06 is over. 🙄

    The DC Dem leadership is pretty darn pitiful of late. They need to wake up.

  9. […] on of various law enforcement agencies to twart the terrorist plot, proved once again that John Kerry was right when it comes to the issue of fighting terrorism. As George Will […]