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About Those Lieberman Backers

by Pamela Leavey

Earlier today, I posted about the ‘Vets For Freedom’ who have endorsed Joe Lieberman in Connecticut and as the Hartford Courant reports, they are creating quite a “stir.” Good. We need to spread this far and wide and be certain that people know that members of this group have ties to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, and they are a highly partisan organization, that Joe Lieberman needs to decry immediately.

Below is a LTTE to the Hartford Courant from James Boyce of the Patriot Project. Boyce lets the Courant know in no uncertain terms that they have an “obligation to guarantee that the advertisements it accepts are not deliberately deceptive and misleading.”

Letters To The Editor

The Hartford Courant
285 Broad St.
Hartford, CT. 06115

Dear Sir:

I am writing to ask that you clarify a full page advertisement that the Hartford Courant ran on August 14, 2006. The ad, paid for by the Veterans For Freedom Action Fund, was deceptive and incomplete and denied your readers the information they need to make an informed decision about the group’s claims.

Far from being “non partisan” as they falsely claim in the advertisement, “Veterans For Freedom” is, in reality, a second generation spawn of the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth, the partisan organization that smeared a decorated Vietnam Veteran, John Kerry, in 2004.

“Veterans For Freedom” was conceived and launched by a right wing consulting firm in Washington, D.C., The Herald Group. It is a right wing operated, right wing financed 527 attack group designed to confuse and mislead voters in Connecticut.

By hiding behind the façade of their fraudulent ‘non partisan’ claim, “Veterans For Freedom” attempt to give credence to the lie that they “support the troops.” In fact, all this group is promoting is a partisan political agenda.

Do the “Veterans For Freedom” have the right, like every American, to make their views and opinions known? Absolutely. But your newspaper also has the obligation to guarantee that the advertisements it accepts are not deliberately deceptive and misleading.

James Boyce
The Patriot Project

Dave Johnson of Seeing the Forest has a full expose on the ‘Vets for Freedom’ posted on the Patriot Project, today. Read Dave Johnson’s: “Behind the Front: The Creation of Vets for Freedom.” Dave nails it — the ‘Vets for Freedom’ in backing Joe Lieberman are “clearly intending to drive a wedge into the Democratic Party.”

In the last few days Vets for Freedom has directly entered Connecticut politics, taking out full-page ads supporting primary-loser Joe Lieberman against the Democratic nominee. (Patriot Project will have more on this development in the near future.) Clearly intending to drive a wedge into the Democratic Party, the modus operandi looks to be part of a larger election strategy with Vets for Freedom operating as yet another front-group set up to advance the conservative agenda and attack Democrats.

Is truth really only what people can be made to think it is? Will there someday be consequences to our democracy from this use of professional “perception management?” Over and over again we see well-financed, politically-connected front-groups, posing as something they’re not, insulating their real backers from exposure and criticism. They hire a PR firm — make that “strategic communications specialists” — to set up a front-group to plants stories in the press and manipulate the public. The planted stories typically evolve into smears, and good people are hurt. But it seems to work, over and over again.

What kind of Democrat, even an “Independent” Democrat as Joe Lieberman now claims to be would accept the endorsement of this group? This group of partisan shills and hacks are as dishonorable as they come and Joe Lieberman knows full well what their connections are.

Referring to notion that Lieberman “caucus with the Dems if he wins re-election in November,” The Carpetbagger Report asks today, are we “absolutely sure Lieberman will caucus with the Dems?” Under the circumstances, that’s a very valid question.

One Response to “About Those Lieberman Backers”

  1. Don’t underestimate the awesome power of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

    Lieberman is one Israel’s covert agents in the U.S. Congress and he can count on Israel and Rightwing American Jews supporting him financially and in the media to represent their interests.

    They have incredible wealth and political influence, so don’t count Joe out. He continues to be a threat to democracy.