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Ted Kennedy: Cheney Cannot Use Fear To Cling To Power

by Pamela Leavey

In an Op/Ed in today’s Hartford Courant by Senator Ted Kennedy, Kennedy exposes the “ugly and frightening” truth that Dick Cheney and the Republican party will “stop at nothing to wrap Republicans in the flag and to insinuate that anyone who votes against them is giving aid and comfort to the terrorists.” Kennedy says, “It’s obvious that this administration lacks basic respect for our fundamental freedoms.”

Cheney and his crowd are all for free and open elections – as long as they turn out their way. They are all for free speech – provided it supports the administration. They are all for the rule of law – as long as the law does not prevent them from doing whatever they want to do. When elections, speeches or laws are inconvenient, he does not hesitate to declare that they are helping the terrorists. I can think of no graver offense against our democracy.

Ned Lamont’s victory in Connecticut scares Cheney for one simple reason: It demonstrates that a free and independent people can and do hold public officials accountable for their words and deeds.

The people of Connecticut spoke out loud and clear in favor of change,” says Kennedy referring to the outcome of the Connecticut primary on Tuesday.

Ned Lamont will stand strong for the people of Connecticut, and put tough and smart foreign policies ahead of the politics of fear and more “stay the course” failures. Republicans will stop at nothing to make sure that the November elections are not a referendum on their misguided policy in Iraq or on the way they have run our country for the past six years. Unfortunately, this time the facts are getting in their way.

The American people are ready to change an administration that let Osama bin Laden escape. They are ready to change a Congress that let precious years go by without demanding the implementation of the recommendations of the bipartisan 9/11 Commission to keep us safe.

They are ready to change a policy on Iraq that has drained our resources, weakened our security, stretched our troops and recruited new terrorists.

The November election will teach Dick Cheney and others of his ilk that they cannot use fear to cling to power. As Will Rogers said, “It’s no disgrace not to be able to run a country nowadays, but it is a disgrace to keep on trying when you know you can’t.”

Some pundits are already predicting that the outcome of Connecticut’s Senate race could be preview of the 2008 election.

American politics this year has been running on two divergent tracks. The first is intensified partisan combat in advance of a critical midterm election. The second is growing disaffection among many voters with a national capital seen as stalemated by polarization and distrust between the two political parties.

That makes the coming campaign between antiwar Democrat Ned Lamont and Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, who lost last week’s primary and is now running in the general election as an independent, an intriguing laboratory for what might emerge in the 2008 presidential campaign.

More than a few “prospective 2008 Democratic candidates” including Senator John Kerry, former senator John Edwards, Senator Russ Feingold, and retired Army General Wes Clark, “have stepped up their attacks on the administration’s policies on the war and other issues.”

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