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Iraq War Fourth Most Expensive in US History

by RonChusid

The Christian Science Monitor shows that the war in Iraq is turning into one of the most expensive wars in United States history, including both military and reconstruction costs. Corrected for inflation, this is the fourth most expensive war, behind World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. One projection has the war costing $4,745 per person.

6 Responses to “Iraq War Fourth Most Expensive in US History”

  1. Imagine if we had this money to spend on domestic initiatives. History will soon look on this as a wasted effort by an administration that continues to sell fear to stay in power.

  2. Or we can look at this with the typical conservative mind set–which isn’t necessarily wrong. Imagine if every family had that much extra money per person to spend in the manner they thought best rather than by those Washington politicians.

  3. Hey!

    Don’t worry guys! Iraqi oil sales will pay for the war, remember!

    More shit pushed by BuchCo. The question is how much more will the American public take.

  4. Blue Washington

    He as much as said it was about the oil today. Did you see that?

  5. Hi Pamela,

    Yeah, I heard the latest story. Ridicules. Good thing our army is in Iraq to protect the oil from the terrorist! The explanation is stupid, and it comes from a stupid man who has no business being president.

    I know we know this, but weren’t most of the hijacker’s on 9/11 Saudi? Isn’t it the Saudi Royal Family that should be looking over it’s collective shoulder?!

    Is Shrub to busy reading the latest addition of “My Pet Goat” to figure this out? Can our fearless leader rub two brain cells together create an intelligent thought that makes sense?

    My thinking is he can’t. He’s in too deep in Iraq and can’t find his way out. Sad. A lot of lives, money and good intentions (by those who believe in what they are doing) thrown to the wind.

    It’s really sick.

  6. Blue Washington

    Glad he finally said it’s about the oil. What an idiot. Why he needed to make that speech when America was on her knees begging for help in the Gulf is beyond me.

    Not much makes sense anymore and yes, it’s sick, and heartbreaking.