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Krugman Questions Wisdom of Israel’s Actions

by RonChusid

Paul Krugman fears Israel may be making the same mistakes the United States has made under George Bush. He writes, “For Americans who care deeply about Israel, one of the truly nightmarish things about the war in Lebanon has been watching Israel repeat the same mistakes the United States made in Iraq. It’s as if Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been possessed by the deranged spirit of Donald Rumsfeld.”

Krugman’s column includes many more analogies between the United States in Iraq and Israel in Lebanon. As his views on Iraq are well known (and to avoid posting his entire column here) I’ll concentrate on his comments with regards to the current conflict in Lebanon. He writes:

There is a case for a full-scale Israeli ground offensive against Hezbollah. It may yet come to that, if Israel can’t find any other way to protect itself. There is also a case for restraint — limited counterstrikes combined with diplomacy, an effort to get other players to rein Hezbollah in, with the option of that full-scale offensive always in the background.

But the actual course Israel has chosen — a bombing campaign that clearly isn’t crippling Hezbollah, but is destroying Lebanon’s infrastructure and killing lots of civilians — achieves the worst of both worlds. Presumably there were people in the Israeli government who assured the political leadership that a rain of smart bombs would smash and/or intimidate Hezbollah into submission. Those people should be fired. . .

Again, Israel has the right to protect itself. If all-out war with Hezbollah becomes impossible to avoid, so be it. But bombing Lebanon isn’t making Israel more secure.

One Response to “Krugman Questions Wisdom of Israel’s Actions”

  1. Ron,

    Good points. It appears that the attempt to take-out the Hezbollah leadership by bombing Southern Lebanon and Southern Beirut has only been effecting in uniting Lebanese and other Arab states in opposition to Israel.

    The Israelis appear to be adjusting their strategy and focussing on an expanded ground campaign. This, however, will lead to additional Israeli losses but may be more effective in achieving their objectives. No matter what Israel does, world opinion appears to focus on the effects of their military maneuvers rather than the Hezbollah campaign in Southern Lebanon of launching thousands of missiles onto Northern Israel.