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Bush’s Mideast Recipe for Disaster

by Pamela Leavey

Israel has moved to suspend air attacks for 2 days on Lebanon, after a strike in a Lebanese village killed 57 civilians, “most of them children, huddled inside a three-story building in a small village.” Condi was ready to abandon diplomacy in the region, and the WaPo reports, she “told reporters early Monday morning that she would seek U.N. resolution this week that would bring a cease-fire soon.”

In an analysis in the WaPo, Peter Baker said, “the Israeli bombs that slammed into the Lebanese village of Qana” struck at “the core of U.S. foreign policy in the region and illustrated in heart-breaking images the enormous risks for Washington in the current Middle East crisis.”

Bush’s Mideast plans are simply put a recipe for disaster. At the center of this mess, Baker says, is “a broader struggle with Iran for influence in the Middle East, one that arguably has been going on since the Islamic revolution of 1979 and that has escalated during Bush’s presidency.”

Analysts think that if the war drags on, as appears likely, it could leave the United States more isolated than at any time since the Iraq invasion three years ago and hindered in its foreign policy goals such as shutting down Iran’s nuclear program and spreading democracy around the world.

While team Bush has been playing the typical optimistic tune, “others are not so hopeful.”

Outside the White House, the mood among many foreign policy veterans in Washington is strikingly pessimistic, especially as leaders of Hezbollah and al-Qaeda, traditional rivals based in different Islamic sects, began calling for followers to take the fight to the enemy.

Analysts foresee a muddled outcome at best, in which Hezbollah survives Israel’s airstrikes, foreign peacekeepers become bogged down, and U.S. relations with allies are severely strained. At worst, they said, Hezbollah and Iran feel emboldened, Islamic radicalism spreads, and a region smuggling fighters and weapons into Iraq fractures further along sectarian lines.

No matter which way we cast it at this point, it’s a freakin mess over there and the boy king is so out of his element that it’s beyond ridiculous. Someone needs to tell Bush this ain’t no meatloaf he’s messing with…

3 Responses to “Bush’s Mideast Recipe for Disaster”

  1. He’s been weighed, measured and found to be wanting. Lets see how far down his poll numbers get now.

  2. Our foreign policy is demolished. It hasn’t sunk in yet, but it will. We need to get in there and quickly rebuild it in ’08 so we can move on to our domestic problems. It’s not a game anymore, and we have to move on.
    Kerry can do it fast as he’s had long established relationships with foreign leaders and he’s been maintaining them and building more all along.

  3. I agree, this policy is in ruins. As some analysts were discussing on the MSM today…the whole neocon attempt to drastically, and to many forcibly, create democracy is not successful. No surprise to many here.

    One thing I must admit, though I hate to do it. Senator Hagel, yes a Republican, stood up today on the floor and said this mess (in Lebanon & Israel) has to stop. I was hoping and praying one Democrat would have been more vocal with this theme. I know some have stated it indirectly.

    While I understand the complex issues behind the conflict in Lebanon. I do wish the US would practice being an honest broker. As Hagel said, we have to know when it’s time to stop bloodshed on both sides. No matter the right or wrong, its time for solutions instead of playing the blame game.

    Yes, I too think that we have to stand strong against terrorists, but our policies have to show intelligence and recognize that creating more hatred will only leave us in a state of continual war. Aren’t you all tired of WAR WAR & MORE WAR?! We know that in the end, they will have to talk to someone…and that someone may be allies, cousins, or friends of terrorists. That’s just the reality of it all.

    I am worried that our Dem leaders are so worried about not appearing to be “Cut & Runners” or too lax on the so-called War on Terror that they come out too quickly without a well thought out message or unified response. I don’t want us to buy into the Bush doctrine of ultimate, overwhelming, and misdirected force just to appear strong. While our domestic policy argument is becoming more unified, our party must set a strong policy on defense. I know Kerry & others can do it.