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John Kerry on Bush Stem Cell Veto: “This Wasn’t a Pro-life Veto”

by Pamela Leavey

Bush vetoed the stem cell research bill today, exercising the veto for the first time in 6 years. The legislation Bush vetoed today would have lifted Bush’s earlier restrictions and greatly increase the “number of lines that would be available to scientists.”

John Kerry issued the following statement in response to Bush’s veto:

“This wasn’t a pro-life veto. This was a political veto, and I believe Americans will veto this President’s narrow political agenda in November.

“Honoring the sanctity of human life means giving hope to the 100 million Americans suffering today from illnesses that stem-cell research may one day help cure, not vetoing hope. Instead, because of politics, more than 3,000 Americans will continue to die every day from diseases that might one day be treatable because of stem-cell therapy. We can support our scientists, help the sick, and ensure that our legal and ethical boundaries continue to reflect our unshakable sense of human dignity and the value of human life. Today President Bush failed that test. This was not a simple decision, but it shouldn’t have been a close call, let alone the wrong call.

“Instead of vetoing runaway spending or cuts in medical services for the poorest Americans, the president has chosen to veto the promise of groundbreaking research. On this issue President Bush has said one thing and done another. That’s not leadership, it’s playing politics with people’s lives, and it’s unacceptable.”

4 Responses to “John Kerry on Bush Stem Cell Veto: “This Wasn’t a Pro-life Veto””

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  2. How ironic of Bush to veto this Bill trying to protect left over embryos from fertilization programs, most of which are unwanted by the “parents” (and of which allot are from “donations”), while at the same time not losing a wink of sleep after signing the death warrent of so many innocent lives in his “War on Terror”. What a sad day in America! I believe Congress would make one hell of a statement to the people of America, and to this drunken idiot that calls himself the “Decider”, if they voted to override his veto! Democrats should stand hand-in-hand with John Kerry to lead the vote in the override, and the Republicans who have a grain of goodness in them should join in… while those who don’t must be voted out of office for good! Like Kerry said, this should not be a political battle, but one what is right for mankind! But what should be, and what Bush has made it, is 2 different things…
    personaly I think Bush should be impeached and put on trial for his war crimes!

  3. To see the stem cell debate explained with visuals and how the political argument put forth by the President is ultimately an absurd manipulation of the facts…link here:


  4. This is absolute madness.

    It just tells me that the Dems will capture the House in November and a very good chance to grab the Senate in November.

    Campaign on Stem Cells, Social Security and government incompetency, it’s looking real good.