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Larry King Gives Bush a Free Ride

by Pamela Leavey

The NY Times reports that “Larry King Live” is the first stop in for damage control for “those with something to sell and those with something to hide;” King provides “a chance to explain oneself to the least contentious journalist in the land.”

So, last night when Larry King interviewed George W. Bush, Bush got a free ride to “to defend his policies without risk of interruption or follow-up.” At times, the NY Times reports, “Mr. King even provided the president with answers.”

Mr. Bush at times seemed tense and defensive even without needling from his host. “I’ve been popular before, as president,” Mr. Bush said tightly. “And I’ve been — people have accepted what I’ve been doing.” He added: “Sometimes things go up and down. The best way to lead and the best way to solve problems is to focus on a set of principles. And do what you think is right.”

The president appeared on Mr. King’s show twice before, in 2000 and in 2004, but those were campaign interviews. On Thursday, the president was fighting to improve his battered image.

When he was at a loss for words, Mrs. Bush stepped in to speak on his behalf, sometimes with more dexterity than her husband. “Well, sure, you know, we worried about it, obviously,” Mrs. Bush replied when asked whether she was rattled by the North Korean missile tests. “But what I spent the day doing actually was watching our shuttle take off from Florida.”

5 Responses to “Larry King Gives Bush a Free Ride”

  1. I really like Larry King, but when he keeps putting that asshole on his show it makes me puke. I think it is about time I start boycotting his show. These people need to learn that democrats are a large part of their viewing audience and without us their ratings would sink and when their ratings sink they lose their fucking jobs.

  2. On the Larry King interview, he said he would rather be right than popular. The problem is: he is neither! The vast majority of the American people now think the invasion of Iraq was wrong, 66% think the nation is headed in the wrong direction, international opinion sees the invasion as illegal, and it goes on and on. Only history will judge the rightness of his administration, and I predict it will not be favorable. His popularity is in the ditch, his likability, which was not that great to start with, has turned sour, the outside world sees him as an arrogant, war mongering, Texas gun slinger and a hypocrite. So, at this moment in time, he is neither right, nor popular

  3. Larry King is soft on everyone.He would give Satan an easy time.

  4. Vietnam Vet

    First – welcome to the Dem Daily!

    Second – you’re right on all counts!

  5. I believe Larry King is “losing it”. For him to patronize that “Warmonger Bush” made me reconsider any future Larry King Live. And….what’s with the boots….probably a gift from the Bush clan. I am assuming Larry King attended the Bush birthday party. And Laura….does she have a mouth full of grapes and can she discuss her own opinions without looking at him for approval.

    I agree with other writers….Larry made Bush look like a Choir Boy….which he is not.