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CIA Closes Unit Dedicated to Capturing bin Laden

by RonChusid

There is another sign that George Bush is not serious about capturing Osama bin Laden “dead or alive.” The New York Times reports on the closing of a unit established in 1996 to attempt to capture bin Laden.

Osama bin Laden is also the subject of a report in Constorium News today claiming that “CIA analysts concluded that Osama bin-Laden’s release of a videotape four days before Election 2004 was a covert attempt by the terrorist leader to influence American voters to give George W. Bush a second term.” Reportedly this information comes from a passage in Ron Suskind’s book The One Percent Doctrine. I almost brought the book with me on vacation, but it didn’t make the final cut and therefore I’ll have to look up the passage next week.

George Bush’s inept reaction to 9/11 certainly helped bin Laden, both in helping with his goal of eliminating the secular Iraqi dictatorship and in tremendously helping with recruitment for al Qaeda. I look forward to reading Suskind’s evaluation of bin Laden’s interest in the 2004 election. The belief that bin Laden desired to help the reelection of George Bush does contradict other material I have read on bin Laden which suggests that he sees all American politicians as equally evil and didn’t care who won.

9 Responses to “CIA Closes Unit Dedicated to Capturing bin Laden”

  1. Oops, ‘the secular “Iranian” dictatorship’. I think everyone knows you mean Iraqi but you may want to fix that so the right-winger bloggers don’t jump on that (may as well fix the bin “Laded” too).

    I read about that the other day and meant to post about it. I believed at the time that the pre-election tape was to help Bush too.

    Osama and his filth are after all much smarter than the average Bush supporter(and MSM). They are certainly intelligent enough to understand reverse psychology. They knew by some of the specific phrases and comments he used in the tape that it would then be spun by the GOP and MSM to indicate Osama must be trying to help Kerry and therefore people should vote for Bush or the terra-ists win.

    Bush supporters are just like Pavlov’s dogs…

  2. Osama bin gone so long Bush don’t care anymore.

  3. Looks like the Bush administration just lost a talking point.

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  5. I heard about this on NPR – the closing of the OBL unit at CIA. Then I read on DU that al Qaeda cut a deal to deliver Zaqawri (nope I still can’t spell it) for us letting up on the search for OBL. Too bad NPR didn’t connect the dots.

    On a lighter note –

    Happy 4th, everyone!

    Did you all see JK’s post at HuffPo?


    Some trolls jumped it right away….but then it is HuffPo, after all.

  6. Dave,

    Writing on the night of the Grand Cocktail Reception (when cocktails are free) is very dangerous.

    Today, instead of free drinks, we get free ice cream. I don’t know how much I’ll make it on line, but if I do I should have far less vodka in me than yesterday.

    Tomorrow there are three birthdays to celebrate, so there’s no saying what will happen.

  7. The capture or killing of Bin Laden involves a thought process – a procedure. You don’t use a fly swatter to kill a gnat. If there was ever a ‘police action’ this is it.
    You have people like Darth Malice running around yelling, “War on Terror”, “War on Terror”! Lots of good that does.
    In the meantime we loose lives and treasury in Iraq (news flash, Iraq wasn’t involved in 9/11, as much as Cheney would have liked it to have happened) and Osama Bin Laden and his cronies run loose somewhere in Afghanistan/Pakistan (Treasury – Oh yeah, I forgot – deficit spending is okay in the eyes of conservatives).

    Apparently. it’s too much to ask for to capture/kill the guy behind 9/11, in fact Bush is playing right into Bin Laden’s game plan. Too many weak minds in one place (the White House).

  8. I wonder how this will play in the conservative looney reality bin.
    Let’s see…Bush could care less about killing the one who murdered over 3,000 of us. An amendment to prevent flag burning is the latest conservative ploy.

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