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Pundits Pushing Spin on John Kerry, Hillary Clinton ’08

by Pamela Leavey

The pundits are at it again with the spin on potential ’08 candidates — and it seems that Clintonista’s are hard at work this weekend, pitting John Kerry against Hillary Clinton.

First, in a piece by AP writer Mike Glover, Glover tells us that, “Kerry faces hard road in presidential bid.”

Kerry’s allies acknowledge the struggle but are unwilling to give up the cause.

“Historically, the Democratic Party has tended to shoot its wounded,” said former New Hampshire Democratic Chairman Joe Keefe. “John Kerry has done everything within his power to rewrite that chapter.”

The Massachusetts senator has raised nearly $9 million for candidates and the party and has campaigned actively across the country…

Kerry has made three trips to Iowa. The state’s caucuses launch the nominating season and Kerry’s surprising victory in January 2004 propelled him to the nomination.

Former Sen. Max Cleland of Georgia wisely notes, “He has grown from the devastation of the last election. A lot of people who are reacting to Kerry are reacting to the Kerry of ’04.”

And, John Norris, “who managed Kerry’s campaign in Iowa and ran his field operations in the general election, said candidates learn valuable lessons in a national campaign that could be put to use in a second bid. Sadly, he said, voters do not see it that way.”

“That sentiment you talked about is really strong out there,” Norris said. “You know, ‘He’s had his chance.’ I think that’s shortsighted.”

It is shortsighted, given Kerry’s continued to efforts to reach out on issues that are important to activists while Hillary continues to ignore those issues. No potential ’08 candidate brings as much experience to the table as Kerry does in my opinion. Nor does any potential ’08 candidate have the established netroots base that Kerry has — a 3 million strong email list. Hillary may have scooped herself former Kerry Blogger Peter Daou, but the core Kerry supporters I know on the net won’t soon be flocking to follow.

Next, the WaPo’s puff piece today from James Carville and Mark J. Penn about “The Power of Hillary,” is a bit over the top. There’s some sad irony that Hillary, who consistently fails to reach out and or listen to party activists, is seen as having “power” by Carville and Penn, yet in the same news cycle, Kerry is said to be facing a “hard road.” My take is the exact opposite — Kerry has the “power,” Hillary is facing a “hard road.”

Interesting, too is the fact that Carville and Penn have come to the rescue in the wake of National Journal’s Hotline piece that just pegged Kerry as Up and Clinton as down, in their “End-Of-The-Half-Year Spotlight.” One can’t help but wonder if the Clintonista’s are busy trying to do some damage control after Hillary’s disasterous showing at Take Back America.

Carville and Penn insist that “One thing we know about Clinton campaigns: Nobody gets Swift Boated.” Really?? The Clinton campaigns were pre-Swiftboating. We’ve all seen plenty of instances since ’04 that anyone can be Swiftboated — including Hillary, in my opinion. Contrary to what Carville and Penn would like us to believe, the woman carries a lot of baggage.

Another point that Carville and Penn make is that “the difference with Hillary is the intensity of her support.” They share this interesting notion…

Pundits and fundraisers and activists may be unsure of whether Hillary can get elected president, but Democratic voters, particularly Democratic women and even independent women, are thrilled with the idea.

I’m one woman who doesn’t share that view. And 99.9% percent of the women I know and talk with, share the same view as I do. In fact, I hear a resounding echo of “don’t run Hillary.” Hillary Clinton, at this point will be a tough sell to the women voters and in my opinion, she hasn’t got a snow ball’s chance of picking up any conservative red states that Kerry didn’t pick up in ’04. It’s not that women wouldn’t like to see a woman president, but the consensus seems to be not now, America isn’t ready for it and please, anybody but Hillary.

It’s all well and good talking about ’08, but some of us are wondering about ’06 — we need to take back Congress. We can go round and round on who the best choice is for ’08, but the pundits who shill for the Dem party would serve the party better if they focused on the now, in my opinion. Let’s worry about ’08 after we regain the seats we need in the House and the Senate.

44 Responses to “Pundits Pushing Spin on John Kerry, Hillary Clinton ’08”

  1. Well, they don’t sell crow meat, but at least they have recipes:


    And tips for cleaning. Might have to take up hunting again. I still have the freezer and vacuum sealer. Probably should do more than make a mental list of all the folks who dserve to to get smoked crow in Nov ’08…

  2. Ha ha Ginny!! I agree.

    Hillary has no chance at all. This is a big game. I’ve said this a thousand times but this is between Kerry and his people, who have his back as he has theirs. The media can’t do anything about it. It’s beyond their childish scope. Everyone I talk to is open to Kerry as Pres. And when the time comes, there will be no other. It will be clear what shape we’re in and how he is equipped to handle it best. As I’ve also said, I think this refusal to see the picture will work to our benefit in the end. It wull keep his emergence fresh when it happens. Like a well kept secret. Let them play like children now. The people of this country are concerned about their real children’s futures and will do the right thing.

    I think we’re in good shape for ’06. The momentum will be there by the end of the summer. It’s natural to think about ’08. Everyone feels its importance and the need for a change in direction.

  3. Oy vey. What a destructive and silly lot they are, with such important issues to be discussing. Like the reality of the shape we’re in, and who is really to blame. Constructiveness about solutions might be nice.

  4. Pundits indeed!!

  5. Only problem is that the Clintonistas are going to try to woo the AA (minority too) vote away from the other candiates.

    Believe it or not, there are many that want to see Bill back in the WH because of the perception that life was good for AA during the Clinton years and if your last name isn’t Clinton, you can’t relate to us. That’s what happened to both Gore and Kerry.

    This is why I hope Kerry will continue to reach out and work with minorities on a lot of issues. Election reform is a start.

  6. Can anyone tell me what Hillary is doing to help the Democrats win in 2006? At least Kerry is putting his money, time, and attention where his mouth is.

    Barring some unforseen event, I can’t see Hillary winning any state that Kerry lost. There are several states that Kerry won that Hillary could conceivably lose: Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Oregon, and maybe even Washington state. Most of these states tend to be economically liberal/progressive while more moderate on social issues (i.e. to the right of Hollywood, ubt by no means a bunch of little Jerry Falwell’s).

    Hillary is viewed as being socially liberal (or libertine) and economically conservative-not in the fiscal sense of the word but in the “we must appeal to soccer moms, damn the “uneducated” working class sense. Hillary wouldn’t mix in these areas. New York in the aggregate is liberal on almost all issues. That’s why she didn’t run for Senator in her previous hometown states of Illinois or Arkansas.

  7. Nick Says:
    July 2nd, 2006 at 9:50 pm
    Can anyone tell me what Hillary is doing to help the Democrats win in 2006? At least Kerry is putting his money, time, and attention where his mouth is.

    Good question. Saw your reply in the stats thread. Very interesting observations/stats too.

  8. Indie, just my two cents

    Remember to put the black view of Clinton in perspective with recent history. From 1932-1968 most presidents were (to varying degrees) sympathetic to the plight of blacks, even the Republicans. From 1968-1992, with the exception of Carter’s one term, blacks were faced with presidents who were at best indifferent to their plight at worst hostile.
    I don’t mean to imply that Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Bush Sr. were racists, they just didn’t see any reason to try to appeal to blacks. To have a president-any president-who actively sought blacks’ support and advice-and win two terms-was astounding in light of recent history.
    With the ascension of Dubya it’s been back to indifferent to hostile again. For most blacks, especially those say under age 50, the only point of reference of a president who was friendly to blacks is Clinton, nobody else.

  9. Indie

    Thank you. By the way, is there any idea in Tenn. who Ford’s GOP opponent is gonna be? Who’s the Republican who would be the hardest to beat? The easiest to beat?

  10. Nick,

    In TN, polls have Congressmen Ford with either a slight lead or tied. So far the GOP candiates are Bob Corker (Chattanooga’s mayor), Van Hillary (former TN Congressmen, ran against Gov. Bredesen) and Ed Bryant (former state rep I think).

    Although no one is predicting the outcome, Corker is the only one that has put out ads that are getting lots of play (hate the accent). I have only seen three from Ford so far.

  11. Oy vey, is right. Well put.

    Constructive solutions? From bottom feeding, sensationalist, yellow, blood lusting, money grabbing, pancaked, bleached, and surgically altered sewer rats masquerading as journalists?

  12. Teresa Says:
    July 2nd, 2006 at 10:56 pm

    Teresa, well said. LMAO!!

  13. Kerry will have to rope in the Iowa and New Hampshire Dem activists right now.Biden has said he is in,but the 88 Dem primary run did not help him…..Running Hillary is like us Republicans going with McCain, based I what I have seen on various Dem/liberal blogs.

  14. Teresa

    “From bottom feeding, sensationalist, yellow, blood lusting, money grabbing, pancaked, bleached, and surgically altered sewer rats masquerading as journalists?”

    Talk about well put! 😉

    On the money, honey!

  15. Darth

    A lot of repubs don’t seem thrilled with McCain. What’s up with that?

  16. Pamela,you know how a lot of Democrats feel about Lieberman.Well double that in our feelings about McNut…..McCain is a hypocrite when he rails against too much money in politics ,when he is the ringleader of the Keating 5.He has tried to undermine the war on terror by speaking out on so called torture.He is also preventing the nuke option in regard to judges.IN SHORT HE IS A RINO.Pamela many conservatives will not vote in 08 if he wins the primary.I will vote for ANY Democrat over that traitor..By the way he attacked the swifties.Men that were fighting.I expect Kerry to defend himself,but not for McCain to help him.

  17. Darth

    I got to tell you…

    1) “so called torture” exists and that you would condone it is sick, sick, sick.

    2) McCain was swiftboated too. he defended Kerry against unfair, unfounded lies because the same thing happened to him.

    3) The sifties are not heroes. They are liars. Don’t defend them here on this blog — I’ll have no qualms about deep sixing you.

    4) Your reasons for not liking McCain are beyond the pale and don’t add up with what I have heard from other republicans.

  18. Pamela,what have other Republicans said?I know few Republicans that have anything good to say about him. As for the Swifties,I have no idea what the real truth was.They were there and Kerry was there.I believe that the swifties were on firmer groung talking about his after Vietnam activities,because they were out in the open.I will assume that Kerry and the Swifties all fought with honor while over there.Still it was for Kerry to go head to head with them…..Heck people questioned GHW’s WW2 record as well…..The nominee I want has to be with me nearly all the time,not sometime.If the Republicans get a beating in 06 it could help him.(McCain might welcome it )

  19. Unbelievable Darth. You really buy into that line of hogwash. Torture is happening, and the Swift Boaters are Liars!!! of the highest order. McCain wash swift boated also. And as Pamela pointed out, McCain did defend Kerry.

    The war on terror is a Farce now, not because of McCain, but because of Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfailed, ETC!!!!!

  20. Donnie ,as someone in the military,we are a civilized bunch.Do you know everytime my Guard company in Iraq fired back at the enemy they have to file a report?…War is hell,its time the enemy found that out.

  21. Donnie the trouble with Bush,Rumsfeld and the rest is that they are really trying hard to please the MSM and liberals.They are forcing our boys to fight with their hands tied,so yes the WOT has become a farce.Bush is a weak President,but he’s the strongest we have.:(

  22. Darth,

    I am a Former Marine. So don’t give me that “as someone in the military” bullshit. As I recall, you were in the Airforce, and claim to be in the Guard now. You have not been to Iraq part 2. It is insane, and uncalled for. You like that ineptly run war that is unjustified so much, then put in for a transfer to go there. Show how much you support it!

    Lies to go to war against a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. The whole bunch with Bushco is freaking insane. How many Iraqis were in the bunch that were on those planes?

    Face it Darth, the president is a dumbass and his fellow chicken hawks are like ilk.

  23. Easy Donnie,I’m a 37 year old former airman whose now in the Army Guard.It is quite the culture shock. The unit I’m in just got back so sooner or later it will go again….So please no lectures about my service……I did the Desert once ,I can do it again…….Look no matter how much of a dumbass Bush might be,we still have to win,Al Queada is there and they must be destroyed.Bin Laden is pressing us in Afganistan,Iraq and Somilia.Retreat cannot be an option!

  24. Donnie ,I had to drop 20 lbs to get back in,hey I needed the bonus money!;)

  25. Darth

    War is hell – but how civilized are we? Civilized enough not to rape, kill and burn a woman? WTF – that story reads like something from the Roman empire days or before, but to hear that this might have happened now – no Darth, that not civilized.

    You served – you know what the Geneva Conventions are and why we honor them – or why we did. To prevent men like you from being tortured by enemy.

    John McCain knows what torture is – you call him a traitor for wanting to see this horrific lack of respect for international law come to end. He’s a friggin hero in my book Darth.

    You claim to respect human life, you think abortion should be banned, yet you condone the death penalty when sometimes innocent people may be put to death. You condone torture when it has been proven that innocent people have been tortured.

    Others here may enjoy the banter with you Darth, but I don’t. The terms on which you will continue to comment here have become very, very short.

  26. Darth

    Bin laden gone and got lost – who lost him? Bush lost him. Take the friggin blinders off or go drop your Bush drool on the one of the many places where you can find folks of like mind.

  27. Darth

    You call this civilized?

    She was 15 years old.

  28. To hell with easy Darth! Put up or shut up! Ask for transfer to Iraq. Your tin foil dunce hat should make for a fine target there.

  29. Pamela,I want us to avoid any civilian deaths.I want troops prosicuted for the crimes you describe……As far as my comments,I am grateful that you have allowed me to banter and comment.The fact is this is your house and I respect that.The fact is I am much harder on my side of the aisle and most of my comments on Kerry are observations,not very critical at all.Pamela I do very much appreciate your opinions and everyone else. I am not just a right-winger,but someone who enjoys politics in general.Not letting me on your site is your call,but not hearing from us “crazy right wingers”makes things less a debate ,but simple cheerleading. Besides having a right-wing whipping boy makes some feel better 🙂

  30. Donnie, having a different opinion does not make me a dunce.I am not a Bush kool-aide drinker.Its the hand we conservatives were dealt.In poker you have to make the best of a bad hand.

  31. Darth

    The story I linked to is beyond a civilian death. It’s barbaric, Darth, barbaric.

    Have we not come to a place beyond this after so many millenia on this planet?

    The war in iraq is based on lies Darth. If you can’t see that I feel sorry for you. Maybe, just maybe if Bush hadn’t pushed our troops to the limit as he has, men would snap and do things like that story reports.

    Maybe Bush could have kept his eye on the ball and caught Osama and the world would be a better places. Making excuses for a weak man who can’t lead us out of a paper bag is sorry excuse for discussing politics. Let’s talk about making the country a better place… let’s talk about making the world a better place. Let’s talk about the rights of all instead of the rights of some. Let’s talk about fixing the wrongs. That’s poltics.

  32. Darth

    You have the power to stand up and change the hand you were dealth. Don’t drop the conservative talking points and then claim you don’t drink the koolaid – sorry but if you are a smart man than you know better.

  33. Oops…

    I quickly moderated two comments that were held in the que and deleted one by accident.

    Sorry ’bout that – blame it on lack of sleep… G’night all.

  34. Pamela,

    Did you notice the update on Matt? That Marine is home WOOHOO!!!

  35. Pamela,I make excuses for no one. Indeed I wish we could spend all of our money and colonize the Moon,Mars,and beyond.The fact is the human race is stuck in second gear.Right now we can’t see beyond the now,I mean look at New Jersey where there’s a battle over a lousy sales tax.Pamela it can seem depressing ,but we have to be opitimistic,even if things seem out of control.

  36. nite all….nite Pamela,I like people that care on how things are going to go.:)

  37. Darth Malice Says: July 3rd, 2006 at 1:27 am

    I like this side of Darth.

  38. Pamela Leavey Says:
    July 3rd, 2006 at 1:12 am

    Need I say more.

  39. Caring about others is a great place to join together, liberal and conservatives and all the other “opposites” as well. 🙂

    Good morning, all. Just here for a quick cup of coffee. I had hopes Ron had the Tassimo hooked up to the blog. 😉

  40. KJ Says
    July 3rd, 2006 at 4:34 am

    Hey, I remember another KJ who use to post here. Any relation?

    Hope things are moving along well with you and JimBobKen!

    BTW, how far are you kids moving from your current location? I assume it won’t be too far due to family. Is it a little less rural dark red though?

  41. Well as always Teresa I admire your faith that folks will see the Kerry that we see and that he is the best hope for the country in 08.

    Carville and his ilk are part of the reason 06 is cloudy on the horizon. All they want to talk about is 08 and Hillary never mind that the dems needs to gain seats in 06. Hillary fence sitting on 06 issues will hurt her in 08 although Carville and the dlc don’t seem to think so.

    After the way the DLC dems treated Kerry during the Iraq debate Reid, Hillary, Obama (yes, even though he’s a brother), Biden, dodd are on my crap list for life. (Obama may be able to redeem himself but I doubt it).

    The press loves to point out what a up hill climb Kerry has and that is because its part GOP talking point, Part Clinton talking points, DC dems talking point and the fact that the press doesn’t want him to run either.

    But Indie does make a valuable point concerning the Black vote and the Clintons.
    Black folks have a soft spot for Bill and Hillary knows it and is using it. Never mind the fact that Clinton used that soft spot for 8 years, the fact he turned a blind eye to Rwanda, the fact that black employment was better under Clinton but the jobs didn’t pay great. It won’t matter too many blacks and that’s a fact that Kerry and those around him better counterattack on.

    Bill was the best talker and rather black folks were dem or GOP they all admired that in him.

    The Clintons have celebrity and some blacks respond to that right or wrong. How do you think Michael Jordan sold so many air Jordan’s and was so beloved in the black community while not giving back to the community as much as Magic and Dr. J has. It was the skill on the court and celebrity.
    The Clintons always had black stars singing at their galas, they always included black folks even if they turned on them later and that resonates because it makes you feel apart of the dream to see some of your people arrive.

    Kerry’s life before and beyond Vietnam is just as fascinating and he needs to tell it.

    I keep telling my people that they have to look beyond the Clinton nostalgia and sparkle and remember who is responsible for allowing the GOP to take congress in the first place.

    The Clintons are trying to swift boat JK now and they are just as unsavory as the GOP.

    Although I must say if bill keeps hanging around the bushes black folks might turn away because the bushes are lower than Nixon in most black folk’s eyes that I know of.

    Oh, and 99% of the women I know won’t vote for Hillary to be pres.

    It would help if folks start seeing momma T more.

  42. Oh, by the way I didn’t read the AP article because I’m to the point I’m trying not to read all the msm trash on Kerry since they lie on him all the time anyway.

  43. Exactly pen. 🙂

  44. Sorry Darth,
    You will not get away with supporting Bush and then saying you really didn’t mean it. You had no choice.
    Your vote put the kids in Iraq. If you don’t like that then work to end the occupation.
    If it doesn’t bother you then send your kids to war.