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Kerry Up, Clinton Down

by RonChusid

Hotline has their End-Of-The-Half-Year Spotlight on the 2008 candidates. They rank Kerry as doing better for having “messaging entire party on Iraq now.” Front runner Hillary Clinton has stepped back as “public war boos were bound to happen.”

7 Responses to “Kerry Up, Clinton Down”

  1. I am sick of all the 08 talk (not from you guys, but from pundits). What happened to 06 anyway?

  2. Hillary is down – but still has double digit leads against any potential Dem challanger – we should all be so “down”!!

  3. Indie- 06 isn’t even on the radar for the pundits or most politicians.

    They figure its a mid term election and few will turn out and its much more interesting to talk about McCain, Gulani, and Hillary to boost their ratings.

    Plus unlike Kerry who actually has concentrated on helping 05 and 06 candidates, Hillary, Biden, Dodd, and others are concentrating on running in 08 and don’t give a damn about 06.

  4. Ron

    I know your a doctor, so I have to ask. Is it possible that Mark Penn and James Carville are suffering some kind of disease? They have this editorial in the Outlook Section of today’s WaPo about how wonderful Hillary would be as a candidate, how she would sweep the women vote and play equally well in all parts of the country including the South.
    So is there a medical diagnosis for what Penn and Carville have?

  5. Craig,

    Hillary is still in a good positon. However we’ve seen the track record of front runners.

    The problem with predicting Hillary’s liklihood of winning the nomination is that this is a unique situation. Typiclaly front runners win if they have a major edge such as being incumbent President (which pretty much guarantees victory) or VP (such as Gore in 2000). Is Hillary the type of front runner who typically doesn’t make it (like Muskie and Dean) or is she more in a situation like Gore?

  6. Nick,

    It sounds like typical political spin. They know that Hillary’s biggest problem among Democrats is the feeling that she cannot win a general election. Therefore they have to spin the opposite claim.

    I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. She will have difficulties winning, but her chances are not as poor as some claim. She is a smart politician.

  7. Ron- hillary is smart but if she was as smart as everyone keeps saying then she wouldn’t have gotten herself hauled before a grand jury and hid white water papers in the whitehouse attic. Hillary still isn’t Bill and though bill got in all sorts of trouble he could explain and talk it away where hillary can’t.