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Nightmares of Nancy Reagan

by RonChusid

Nancy Reagan Suite

We checked into Grand Hotel today and we were previously warned out usual suite wouldn’t be ready until Saturday so they would be putting us up elsewhere for the first night. When we checked in I guessed from the room number that it was one of the First Lady Suites. My fear was that I would wind up in the suite named after the mother of the Anti-Christ. It turns our that it is next door, as we wound up in the Nancy Reagan suite for the night.

First Lady suites are decorated in each’s favorite color. The Nancy Reagan Suite has red wallpaper and red carpet. It also comes complete with an autographed copy of her book My Turn and photos of the Reagans all over. She looks like a vampire in the photo across from the toilet. There is also a blue glow emanating from the Barbara Bush Suite next door. I might have a tough time sleeping tonight, although that view of the Mackinac Bridge and the West Bluff of Mackinac Island makes it a little easier to handle the room.

Storms are predicted for tomorrow. Typically when that happens they serve complimentary Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s in the parlor. One day of rain per trip isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

9 Responses to “Nightmares of Nancy Reagan”

  1. Oh my… the Red Room! You’ll be needing some Mimosa’s after sleeping in there Ron!

  2. OMG That would be painful for me to be in that room with out sunglasses. I realize it’s her favorite color, but somehow I think Nancy would have more taste than that – looks like a 4 year old was consulted. (I guess it goes with the hair styles that look like your 4 year old caught you sleeping and ‘did’ your hair)

    On a happier note…. Lauren’s wheel chair arrived today and it is perfect. She couldn’t go play because she has speech to do in the all day class tomorros. Fortunately, she can take the chair and practically do this one in her daze. The CONS of ANWR drilling. Since she lived in the state for 14 years and have visited every year since for several months.(Knows the Politicos very well)

    Which leads me to asking Ron,

    Ever been to Alaska? It’s definitely a place to go experience. And it is changing very significantly from global warming.

    Still gives a gut understanding of the meaning of AWESOME. Denali alone can do that. (That would be the native name for the tallest mountain in No America – which some politicians had no business naming for any POTUS. or other white man)

  3. Ron…
    Pictures of Nancy across from the toilet.
    Gives real meaning to getting the runs…
    We’ll be heading to Mackinau later this year.
    Am leaving for the Taste of Chicago later on today..

  4. Oh. My. God. That is terrifying!

  5. It is much more peaceful now that we are safely in our regular suite. No more brihg red walls or pictures of Nancy Reagan. Actually I should correct the post. It’s technically not red wall paper. It is some sort of red fabric which is on the walls. If you push on it, it goes in a bit. Very strange.

    I’ve never been to Alaska. I guess I should go there before it looks like Nebraska due to global warming.

  6. Ginny, we will be going. Flying in to Anchorage next year, finally spending the AMEX reward miles saved over decades. Car rentals and shorter boat trips to whatever glaciers remain. We’ll need tips.

    Another time we’d like to go to Seattle, and take the casual cruise up the inland highway for a week.

  7. Ron

    Glad to hear you changed rooms, everytime I see the photo I cringe.

  8. Alaska has been on my to do list for a long time now. There may be a few years before it looks like Nebraska Ron, if we are all lucky we’ll get there in time.

  9. Now Ron, I know you did not get any sleep in that place. Oh the horror of it all! I would have to hit the bloody mary’s big time, to offset the room and make my mind think the red is from the drinks.