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Ex-Bush Aide Hopes to Cut a Deal on Theft Trial

by Pamela Leavey

Former Bush adviser Claude Allen is working with prosecutors to cut a deal and avoid a trial on theft charges, according to his attorney.

Allen was to go on trial Friday for allegedly trying to make fraudulent returns worth at least $5,000 at Target and other stores.

But Montgomery County prosecutors and Allen’s attorneys have agreed to postpone the trial while negotiations continue, according to Allen lawyer Gregory Craig. He would not elaborate on the talks.

Each of the charges againstAllen — “theft and theft scheme over $500 — carries a possible prison sentence of 15 years.” If Allen is convicted perhaps Bush will see to it that he gets a presidential pardon.

One Response to “Ex-Bush Aide Hopes to Cut a Deal on Theft Trial”

  1. You can bet that he will get that pardon too.