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Peter Daou Takes Hillary to the Net

by Pamela Leavey

More talk of bloggers and candidates today… Chris Cillizza reports on the WaPo, that “Hillary Rodham Clinton has pulled off a major coup in her evolving relationship with the liberal blogosphere.” Clinton, has hired Peter Daou, the author of the Daou Report (a blog on Salon.com) and a former of blog staffer for the 2004 Kerry campaign. Daou will be joining Clinton’s senate race fundraising committee, “Friends of Hillary.”

In a post announcing his new job, Dauo said that “as a true believer in the importance of [blogs], I’m thrilled about Senator Clinton’s interest in building this bridge with the online community and I intend to do everything I can to make it as productive as possible.” As a “blog advisor” to Clinton, Daou will seek “to facilitate and expand her relationships with the netroots,” he said.

Asked about Daou’s hiring, Howard Wolfson, a spokesman for Clinton, said only: “We are delighted to welcome Peter aboard. He will be a huge asset.”

Peter is also the “lead blogger and editor of UN Dispatch.”

13 Responses to “Peter Daou Takes Hillary to the Net”

  1. Hey, if Hillary sets the standard for this, maybe some others will get the hint. HINT HINT Can you hear us NOW????

  2. While technically hired for her Senate race, few believe this is really her main interest in hiring Daou. Assuming her long term plans are for a blog for a Presidential campaign, I actually see it starting out in many ways similar to the Kerry blog.

    Hillary obviously does not have the number of supporters or generate the type of excitement to have a blog in the Dean style. While some joke that she has no on line support, there are some who do support her. I could see the early blog being like the Kerry blog where a small dedicated number of supporters holds out against a hostile blogosphere.

  3. Ron- I agree this is for her presidential campaign and probably to send a message to Kerry and others who are more web savvy that she has arrived and is Queen of the realm.

    She has no senate opposition at this time.
    Of course, they will want to know everything Peter knows about how Kerry operates and how he got his blog influence to where it is.

    Major coup for hill, downgrade for Daou in my humble opinion. Of all the dems we don’t need Hill calling attention to the blogs as many people will come to associate liberal blogs with Hillary and then it will be worse than having Kos as the face of liberal blogs.

    The one thing Hill won’t have is a dedicated group of netroots that Kerry has.

  4. “she has arrived and is Queen of the realm.”

    This is how it will be in all areas in the 2008 campaign. Hillary has the money and the inside connections. She’ll have first choice all the way, and this isn’t limited to the web.

    However, remember what happened to Dean when he got those endorsements from Gore and others. Once he looked like the insider, with the nomination wrapped up, things started to fall apart.

    “The one thing Hill won’t have is a dedicated group of netroots that Kerry has.”

    Her dedicated group will be similar to Kerry’s early on, when there were very few. Kerry’s on line support has grown since 2004.

  5. “The one thing Hill won’t have is a dedicated group of netroots that Kerry has.”

    !!! 🙂

  6. I still don’t see her gaining enough more supporters, despite the money and position. There are too many Democrats that vote with their minds and IMO, she won’t be able to get them to support her unless she pulls off the nom. Don’t see how she can do that without a broader base of support – which will be hard with the baggage a lot of people can see.

    I will cite and recite the disproportionate anger she and Bill still generate among some otherwise intelligent independents and many GOP. It has never made sense that the disagreements people had/have with them generate that level of anger and hatred. Someday, we may find out why. Meanwhile, don’t go there. We have much better candidates.

  7. Anyone reading here knows my support for Kerry, despite the baggage and irrational anger some have over what they don’t know, or because he didn’t save them from the evil ones, no matter why.

    Nothing, though, compared to the Clinton baggage, as well as Clinton nostalgia. People forget a lot about the presidency, just his televangelist way of making of making people feel goodm and that he won. I contend we all need to be more defensive and savvier with the media since then, even the Clintons.

    How will Hillary stack against the war on terror and trust with GOP existing from all their programming. That’s what the current cut and run is all about. People will forget the specifics, but remember the label.

    She would have to go against a POW McCain, who is more palatable with tough talk neo-con, real conservative that he is, and hard to beat on many levels.

  8. Following the money…

  9. Where did Cillizza get the idea that Daou was “director of blog operations for the 2004 presidential campaign of Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry.” I understand Dick Bell was the blogmaster.

    Thanks Pamela for stating it correctly – “former blog staffer.”

    Also I tend to agree with “following the money”, although there are probably some other aspects like the challenge (I’m sure there will be plenty of that), and a belief that he’ll be able to try some things out that are cooking in his brain. Kerry doesn’t seem to be gearing up for 2008 yet – he’s focusing on electing Dems in 2006 from what I can tell – so maybe Peter thought working for Hillary was his best opportunity to get out in front.

  10. MH

    Not sure where that notion came from. I’ve seen it around before however.

    The official buzz line is that peter has signed on for the Senate race. The assumption everywhere is the Senate race and beyond. If that is the case, ready or not to gear up – this should be a wake up call.

  11. Kos has a run down of who has hired who (beyond Armstrong working for Warner). It’s in the context of denying some of the pay for support accusations about him, but ignoring that the list is helpful:

    Bill Richardson hired great-guy Joaquin Guerra, an old friend, and made a last-minute decision to hit YearlyKos. That earned my praise.

    Wes Clark hit YearlyKos too and has been an avid netroots denizen the past couple of years. I have had corresponded on and off with Wes Jr. over the past few years, and greatly respect the whole Clark family. Cue the praise.

    John Edwards rolled out a community scoop site built by Rusty (an old friend, business partner of mine and Jerome who literally built Scoop) and does podcastings that MoveOn’s Zack Exley, another friend, loves. Not to mention, Elizabeth Edwards is rumored to be a heavy participant on this site under a pseudonym. And one of my best friends inside the union movement is a HUGE Edwards backer. Praise.

    Hillary Clinton hired two friends of mine, bloggers Jesse Berney (formerly of the DNC blog) and Peter Daou (formerly of the Kerry campaign and the Daou Report on Salon). Praise?

    Evan Bayh has Chris Smith who I met during the book tour and seemed like a really cool guy. And his operation is aggressively blogging and wooing bloggers.

  12. I got an email from someone else who Bayh hired – not on the Kos list.

  13. MH

    See forum…