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U.S. General in Iraq Outlines Troop Cuts

by Pamela Leavey

Funny, when the Democrats talk about drawing down the troops, it’s emboldening the enemy…

The top American commander in Iraq has drafted a plan that projects sharp reductions in the United States military presence there by the end of 2007, with the first cuts coming this September, American officials say.

According to a classified briefing at the Pentagon this week by the commander, Gen. George W. Casey Jr., the number of American combat brigades in Iraq is projected to decrease to 5 or 6 from the current level of 14 by December 2007.

Under the plan, the first reductions would involve two combat brigades that would rotate out of Iraq in September without being replaced. Military officials do not typically characterize reductions by total troop numbers, but rather by brigades. Combat brigades, which generally have about 3,500 troops, do not make up the bulk of the 127,000-member American force in Iraq, and other kinds of units would not be pulled out as quickly.

American officials emphasized that any withdrawals would depend on continued progress, including the development of competent Iraqi security forces, a reduction in Sunni Arab hostility toward the new Iraqi government and the assumption that the insurgency will not expand beyond Iraq’s six central provinces. Even so, the projected troop withdrawals in 2007 are more significant than many experts had expected.

General Casey’s briefing has remained a closely held secret, and it was described by American officials who agreed to discuss the details only on condition of anonymity. Word of the plan comes after a week in which the American troop presence in Iraq was stridently debated in Congress, with Democratic initiatives to force troop withdrawals defeated in the Senate.

I guess the Pentagon is now looking, to “cut and run,” after the rash of criticism from the Republicans against Democratic lawmakers for attempting to “legislate a timeline for withdrawing troops,” it now appears that the Bush administration may have “its own private schedule, albeit one that can be adjusted as events unfold.”

18 Responses to “U.S. General in Iraq Outlines Troop Cuts”

  1. Yep. The GOP flip flops (for real) constantly and always get away with it. And as most here know, the reason they get away with it is because the “liberal” MSM apparently believes its only reason to exist currently is to help the GOP get away with it.

    The MSM’s job, for over 10 years, has apparently been to help “catapult the propaganda” (to use Bush’s own words for his job) for the GOP. Since Bush, the MSM hasn’t even tried to hide it. They often now just parrot the GOP talking points basically verbatim.

    The Bush admin and GOP flip flop and lie all they time and the reality challenged who make up the majority of their voters seem to fall for it immediately, every time. All the GOP base knows is the last thing they’ve been told to believe and parrot.

    So the Admin can deride Dems as wanting to “cut and run” up until the day the Admin announces they are going to start pulling our forces out. Or even attack the Dems for “cut and run” and wanting a set a withdrawal date until the day they set a withdrawal date themselves.

    What would be the MSM’s response to that? Same thing it was during the general election. The MSM, at best, would then immediately parrot in unison, “The Dem’s policies on Iraq are no different than Bush’s and the GOP’s”. Acting like the Dems now agree with what the GOP’s policy has been, instead of the other way around. Then the MSM would challenge individual Dems to explain how the Dem’s policy on that is any different from Bush’s/GOP’s .

    The GOP can basically hold up a piece of blue paper and insist it is green and their base will all repeatedly say it’s green. The GOP can then hold up the same piece of paper and say it’s orange and their supporters will all immediately parrot that it’s orange and always has been! That only dumb liberals think it’s green!

    My son first became aware of this himself during he 2000 election(or recount, I believe it was) and was simply amazed. I still remember the shock on his face once when we were watching some GOP hack on TV together. My son said in amazement, “He just contradicted what he just said in the previous sentence!”. Then the same hack later said some blatant lie (that someone called him on amazingly enough) and the GOP hack just smiled. I explained to my kid that the hack doesn’t care. All they have to do is get it out there and repeat it. It then becomes fact to their base (and very soon after the CW of the MSM as well.)

  2. Dave,Bush is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.I have no clue why he is buckling.He can only lose votes from guys like me and never gain votes from folks like you.He has too many “moderates” around him.Looks like us on the right will have to pull him back from appeasement.Man!!Our work is never done.!

  3. Darth,

    If Bush knows what he is doing (a questionable premise) he would try to get out of there as quickly as possible. The longer he stays, the more he helps al Qaeda and Iraq and the more he weakens the position of the United States in the middle east. Doing what strengthens us in the long run is not appeasement.

  4. Darth,

    LOL! It has nothing to do with “moderates” around him. LOL! You people would actually be be hilarious if you weren’t so dangerous.

    It has to do with that damn real reality again intruding into the “Bush world”, Fox News, Newsmax and hate radio “realities”. AKA, the alternate universes where all of you folks apparently insist on living.

    Bush and his incompetents totally screwed up. Both by attacking Iraq and also by then ignoring all the warnings about the likely outcomes. What they would face and what they would need to do to attempt to prevent total disaster, if they did insisted on proceeded with their set plans. These warnings were from numerous military and foreign policy experts, their own State Department and basically any person who had even a minimal clue about the Middle East, Iraq etc.

    You still don’t get why Bush and the GOP went so nuts when Murtha stepping forward. Why they had to go into immediate attack mode and kick all their attack/smear dogs into overdrive against him either, do you? The reason was because they knew how close to the military Murtha has always been. When Murtha spoke, he was also speaking for many officers at the highest levels of our military. They couldn’t speak themselves or their careers would be ended. So Murtha was speaking both for himself and for many of them. So he had to be attacked and destroyed at all costs. Just like they did to Joe Wilson when they attacked him an outed his wife, a CIA NOC specializing in WMD in the Middle East. And just like all the others who ever dared try to speak the truth. The truth is always verboten! Truth, facts honesty and reality are the enemy of Bush and the current GOP. They are like garlic to a vampire.

    I can’t believe you guys still haven’t figured these guys out. Sheesh, you’ve got to stop listening to the “liberal” MSM etc who keep covering up for these vermin.

    Every decision the Bush admin makes, EVERY ONE, is based completely on politics, paying back their big $ backers, enriching themselves and retaining power. That’s it. That is the Bush admin and much of the GOP in a nutshell. Once you get that, you’ll understand what decisions they make and what they do.

    Bush et al are also 100% opposite of everything the MSM has always said they are. And they always attack the other side for what they are going to do themselves. This is the most focus grouped, political and stage managed admin ever by far! LOL! These guys make Clinton look totally non-political in every way in comparison.

    They often also telegraph it by announcing up front what they are about to. But they always do it by instead lying and attacking the other side for doing what they are in reality about to do.

    The first time I noticed Bush do that was in the debates with Gore. He accused Gore of using “that fuzzy math” just before he then spewed out a bunch of ridiculous crap trap about his planned tax cuts, who would benefit and the wondrous effects they would have. He also of course hoping for a “Where’s the beef?” typed catch phrase to give the MSM, which they truly love and live for.

    Bush announced he was going to bring a “new tone to Washington”. Then proceeded to do everything possible to practice and increase the partisanship and attack politics in DC. Upping what the GOP had done in the 90’s to unheard of levels and of course instead blaming the Dems for it.

    Bush accused “some” (AKA Democrats/liberals) of trying to rewrite history. Immediately after that people started noticing some documents being edited(without and update date being added of course) or simply removed from white house and other Fed web sites that conflicted with what they now wanted to pretend they’ve always said or never said etc.

    In the Spring of 2004 Bush announced this was going to be a nasty election. Then proceeded to immediately run the most negative(and earliest attack) campaign ever, not only by an incumbent, but by any presidential campaign. What else was he going to do? It isn’t just that it is the type of politics he and Rove love, it was all they had. You can’t run on your real record when it has been a total abject failure in every area.

    But by pre-announcing how negative the campaign was going to be, he was of course implicating that it was going to be the other side doing it. Most of the American public is so clueless, that when they later noticed how negative it was, even though 90% was from the GOP, they just assumed since Bush warned about it must be because of the Kerry campaign, which in fact was mostly positive based.

    Bush just needs Iraq to hold on long enough so he can blame is total failure and F’up on someone else. It’s his lifelong MO. Before he leaves office, if things totally collapse there or get so bad he can no longer hide it from the American public then if the Dem’s take over part of Congress in ’06, his failure in Iraq will be because of them. If Dem’s don’t take a house over in ’06 and it fails before he leaves office it will still be because of what the Dems. Because their public statements etc helped the enemy. If things some how hang on/are hidden until he leaves office, it will be both the Dem’s fault and the fault of whoever the president unlucky enough to follow him is and will have to clean up the total mess Bush has made for us in so many ways, both domestically and internationally.

    Of course, if someone else later somehow prevents a 100% mess and horror in Iraq, Bush will of course take credit for it. He’ll say it proves he was right etc. And the “liberal” MSM will, as always, adoringly agree and make it their CW.

  5. LOL.

    Faux News is already test spinning this as “taking the thunder out of the Dems” by this coming out.

    I’m sure you will hear all the talking heads on CNN and MSNBC doing this same thing Monday too.

    Just the type of BS crap that Matthews, Norah et al will eat yup and love to parrot. I assume Matthew’s knee pads have already been brought out of the closet from the weekend. Though sometimes they or some of the others can falter for a day until they understand what they are suppose to believe and repeat now. Those two and most of the rest want to make sure they have the newest CW down pat. CW is the only “thoughts” and beliefs they have.

  6. Opps! Well it seems the GOP forgot to check in with the Pentagon. Just what are those generals thinking? Cut and run?!

    Or could it be, Darth that a strategic redeployment is at hand? It’s no secret (maybe it is, Darth?) that that we have only finite resources. We can’t rotating basically the same group of soldiers in and out of Iraq ever other year or so. We will wear out the soldiers (regulars, reserve and guard) and equipment. Bush never asked the country to make sacrifices: no draft to expand the armed forces and no taxes increases to finance the war. Who’s financing the war? Japan, S. Korea, The People’s Republic of China and Saudi Arabia. (The Saudis and Red Chinese?! = Darth we got problems here!)
    If only Bin Ladin were in Iraq. If only Saddam was involved in 9/11. You see the problem here Darth is the War on Terrorism and it’s “Central Front” is Afghanistan. Always has been. Who’s going to be left in this neck of the woods after we leave? That’s right, Iran. All we can do is hope that a theocracy doesn’t take hold in Iraq.
    The mistake the Bushies wondered into was Iraq. Yeah, Saddam was a pain in the ass. But the bigger pain is Bin Ladin. Bin Laden was behind 9/11, not Saddam. The Neocons always had their eyes set on Saddam after the ’91 Gulf War; they just needed some excuse to get at him – along came 9/11.

    NO! You want to kill terrorist! GO TO AFGAHNISTAN! Darth, folks such as yourself keep talking your eyes off the ball. IT’S AFGAHNISTAN!

  7. Dave,Blue-The “front” is Afganistan,Iraq,Europe,and here.Wherever Al Queada is,we must be there also.Yall can also bet if we withdraw from Iraq,the MSM and liberals will be screaming for us to leave Afganistan because it’s a “quagmire”.Bush,while not very bright,is are only hope right now to hold the line against this Islamic meanace.Bush needs to quit trying to please the Murthas and the Kennedys and focus on winning…..They can also take the cuffs off our troops and fight this thing for real.

  8. By the way,retreating does not work.Ask Isreal,they pull back,the Palies hit em harder.The Olmerts and Sharons are killing Isreals will.We cannot let that occur here.

  9. “retreating does not work”

    You’re still thinking in terms of conventional warfare, but this is not conventional warfare.

    Throwing American troops into Iraq is exactly what bin Laden hoped for when he attacked on 9/11.

  10. No Ron,I’m thinking of meeting the enemy where they are.If we pull out of Iraq completely and Al-Queada starts setting up shop,what do you and the good Senator Kerry going to do about it?

  11. It is sticking around in Iraq which increases the chances of al Qaeda setting up shop there.

    Kerry’s provision does have an over the horizon provision in case that should occur.

  12. Note that even the Iraqi government now sees that setting a timetable to get Americans out, as Kerry has called for, is their best chance of survival. They know the situation on the ground, and that staying the course has a low liklihood of success.

  13. Ron ,I think the West and Isreal have really lost the will to live.When we should be blasting these 7th century morons to Allah,we fight all PC.I will tell ya that unless we start getting “brutal”with Islam,we will lose……Well enough of my ranting….Have a good night.:)

  14. It’s not a loss of will to live, it is facing reality, knowing that old fashioned conventional warfare is not the way to win.

    Besides the Iraqi government not supporting withdraw similar to the Democratic proposals, General George Casey is calling for the same.

  15. Darth is upset because when Bush first said we were on a Crusade, Darth and his gang took him at his word and got all excited. They thought Christian soldiers would soon be on the march to kill all of the Muslims of the world.

    Don’t worry Darth. There’s still hope. Bush has destabilized the Middle East by attacking and screwing up in Iraq and he’d caused huge problems or allowed the creation of many other dangers and threats for the U.S. in other places as well. Hello North Korea?

    Bush is also still dieing to use a nuke before he leaves office. So you may still yet get the Armageddon you’ve all been hoping for so you can be “called home”.

  16. Darth,

    And again, Al Qaeda was NOT in Iraq before we invaded. Osama and Saddam were antagonists. Invading Iraq was another gift to Osama from Georgie. We got rid of an enemy of Osama’s for him so he could come in and use the new terrorist training ground we provided. With our service personal and the Iraqi’s to practice on. The ones that survive their training will be battle hardened and sent to other countries to put it to use.

    Invading Afghanistan after 9/11 was justified and we could have also helped the people there. Most of whom would have been very grateful if we freed them from the Taliban and allowed them to live in a country not at war. After over 20 years of war, most of the people just wanted to be able to live peacefully. We would have had their gratitude but instead as in everything else, Bush has F’d it up.

    The Afghanistan government only controls basically Kabul. The rest of the country is controlled mainly by war lords or the Taliban. And now it’s also turned into a de facto narco-state. Afghanistan now supplies roughly 85% of the world’s heroin. Good job Bush!

    We need to get out of Iraq and clean up Afghanistan, help their people and hunt down al Qaeda and Osama. Though now all of that will be much much harder than it would have been.

  17. Plus many of those now supporting al Qaeda are doing so more out of opposing the US than supporting al Qaeda. Getting the US out of Iraq is the best way to reduce support for al Qaeda in Iraq.

  18. Ah Darth,

    To meet ‘Al Qaeda’ (whatever that term means these days) everywhere requires a long term commitment. Bush has not committed the nation to a long term commitment.
    Therefore, instead fighting made up shadow wars we really need to go after Osama Bin Ladin (you remember him, right?) the guy behind 9/11? BTW, you never did say how we would accomplish your version of the ‘global’ war on terror. That’s one of the problems we have right now.
    Now, when I mean the war in Afghanistan, I mean putting boots on the ground. Of course we will still fight terrorism around the world using clandestine services, special forces, those sorts of operations. But when it actual comes to combat operations – Afghanistan (Pakistan) is where it’s at.

    That’s the reality of the situation.