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C-Span Alert: Kerry/Feingold Amendment Debate on Now

by Pamela Leavey

The Senate is getting started on the debate on the Kerry-Feingold amendment.

Right out of the gate, Senator John Warner is wasting time arguing about who gets how much time… Oh this should be delightful… The GOP is attacking the proposal on the merit of who gets how much time!

I’ll be adding updates as the debate weighs on… Still arguing about time and who’s on first…

Senator Patrick Leahy is speaking now.. Leahy is co-sponsoring the Kerry-Feingold amendment.

Dick Durbin speaking now, supporting the Kerry amendment: “I think this amendment is a step in the right direction and I will support it.”

Kerry: “I call up Amendment Number 4442…”

Feingold speaking now… “We have to change course… we have to refocus our energies on those who attacked us…”

Kerry speaking now… “An awful lot of characterization being thrown around… precipitous… and obviously, cut and run… This resolution is binding…”

“There is no abandonment of Iraq… This amendment holds them accountable… It protects U.S. facilities and personel, ample enough time for the Iraqi’s to stand up…”

“Is this administration telling us that after 4 years we don’t have Iraqi’s trained enough to drive a truck?”

“I’ve heard some people say there is no plan here – there is more plan here than any other… Our own commanding general’s have said this can’t be done militarily.”

“Set a date with a proviso… all is provided for in this amendment.”

“A policy to say ‘stay the course’ is not going to solve those issues.”

“Congress helped to get us into this war… Congress needs to get us out of this war.”

Lieberman — you guessed it – “stay the course” in so many words… Lieberman will NOT support the Kerry amendment or the Levin amendment.

Barbara Boxer is speaking now… “The military informed 2 California families that their sons were murdered by Iraqi troops that their sons were training.” Two years ago… it took the military two years to tell these families this.

“Let me be clear, calling for a redeployment of our troops out of Iraq, is not cut and run.”

Boxer has props – shows a graph… “87% of Iraqi’s want us out of Iraq”

American public want out of Iraq… “This is not cut and run… it’s smart and strategic.”

Barbara Boxer will vote “aye” on the Kerry-Feingold-Boxer amendment because it “speaks to me. She will also vote “aye” on the Levin amendment, because it moves in the right direction. Boxer asks that her fellow Senators support both amendments.

Bob Mendendez is on board… supporting Kerry-Feingold.

John Kerry is speaking again… He’s on fire… I hope folks are listening!

11 Responses to “C-Span Alert: Kerry/Feingold Amendment Debate on Now”

  1. Ugghh!! I wonder how many times the phrase Cut and Run” will be used? I just know the Republicans are gonna act the fool on this one.

  2. Donnie

    Are you watching?

  3. Feingold sounding good. Boxer and Kerry up next.

  4. Can’t watch, dont have cable.

  5. Donnie

    Watch online – C-Span livestream’s – C-Span 2

  6. Off topic as always…
    From Think Progress
    You won’t believe what Bush said..
    The remarks are really good.

    Bush the Diplomat: ‘For Europe, September 11 Was a Moment. For Us, it Was a Change of Thinking.’
    Today, President Bush held a press conference in Vienna, Austria as part of a diplomatic visit to Europe. He was asked by a member of the press why approval for his policies, particularly on national security issues, was so low in Europe. Bush explained that Europeans didn’t take the 9/11 attacks seriously. “For Europe, September 11th was a moment. For us, it was a change of thinking.”

    85 Europeans died in the attacks of September 11, 2001.

    Bush added that “some people,” presumably Europeans who disagree with his policies, believe it’s “OK to condemn people to tyranny.” Watch it:

  7. The architects of war…

    Read about the slimy bastards that gave us Iraq. Too bad…no deaths…where is fragging when you need it?


  8. battlebob,

    😆 I think you are on topic. They are debating getting out of it, Kerry had suggested the reread the IWR. Going back to who got us into it makes sense.

    Especially “…where is fragging when you need it?.” Best arguement I’ve heard for sending them to Iraq.

  9. Boxer was awesome. I really like the dig she got in about the French 😉

  10. Donnie

    Yes she was – and JK was on fire a while ago.

  11. I watched till a little while after JK made the comment about a real debate and that kicked in. I let it run as I laid down on the couch to get a nap in before work. So I missed the rest.