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Taylor Marsh: Kerry Openly Challenges Clinton

by Pamela Leavey

Taylor Marsh, writing from the Take Back America conference last night called John Kerry’s speech at TBA an open challenge to Hillary Clinton, on her “stay the course ” stance on Iraq. Taylor said:

It was nothing less than a broadside. Well, actually, there were multiple plays: Kerry vs. Clinton; followed by House Republicans against their Democratic counterparts. It’s the intramural Iraq war death match, Act I.

Kerry delivered a shot across the presidential bow of presumptive candidate Hillary Clinton that made her look weak, feckless and fraught with political cowardice. That the audience delivered a crushing boo to Senator Clinton made Kerry’s challenge even more dramatic. I’m sure some missed it, but it was unmistakable what the man was doing. One can only imagine Hillary’s surprise, because she was long gone by the time Kerry went to work.

To say John Kerry was on fire today at the Take Back America conference is an understatement. He was relaxed, confident and his message was clearly defined, without hesitation or reservation. He made it absolutely clear that he didn’t intend to take any crap from Hillary Clinton, or anyone else for that matter.

Kerry delivered a tour de force, complete with audience interchange, physical confidence that had him putting his hands casually in his pocket when delivering slight of hand phrases, but always ready to come back to center to deliver a line, which if he’d had cocked and ready in 2004, would have made him president of the United States, no doubt.

Taylor has a lot more to say, I recommend reading her entire post. She closes with this thought…

As for Kerry, it’s clear that John Kerry is staking his claim on 2008. He wants everyone to know he’s coming. Will it be enough to win people back to his side? Who knows, but it will be great to watch. It will also separate the pandering war hawks from the serious foreign policy adults. Get the message?

Hotline’s Blogometer also picked up on the Kerry on fire session at the Take Back America conference yesterday, while the WaPo notes the “cool reception” that Hillary received.

Kudo’s to Taylor Marsh for her outstanding coverage of the Take Back America conference — particularly John Kerry’s speech and the buzz it made in the MSM.

48 Responses to “Taylor Marsh: Kerry Openly Challenges Clinton”

  1. Pamela there will be a fierce fight in both party primaries in 08.As a political junkie I look foward to these brawls.Hillary seems to be trying to hug the middle,with Kerry and Fiengold striking for the base of the party. The Republicans all seem on the same page about the war,but the differences will expand.

  2. The Repubs won by driving hard right and getting their base out to vote. The Repub middle went along as they struggled with God and Gays and the war.
    These folks are the low hanging fruit that Hillary is going for.

    She supports the war.

    She gave an important speech on trying to bridge the abortion chasm.

    She makes sure everyone knows she is front and center at prayer breakfasts. She is also a featured speaker at Pentecost 2006 in DC that Sojourners (and Wallis) helps organize (see sojo.net). I wish Kerry would show up.

    She may sound like paint drying but she is parked square in the middle.
    Kerry moved to her left and seems to be content with that; as that is who he is.

    Kerry is speaking from his heart. Hillary is reading from a teleprompter.

    I really don’t know if this is really Hillary or she is saying what Bubba wants said.
    She is for things now because of funding needs (dealing to cut nurse subsidies from an old Frontline story) that she opposed when Bubba was POS.
    She still hasn’t done much in the Senate and is not worthy of even being considered for President.
    BTW…I wonder if Monica will show up at some of her campaign stops. Now that is worth buying a ticket for!

    I would buy a ticket to see her and Kerry in a debate. Chew her up and spit her out.

  3. Bob there is no doubt this tack by Hillary is all Bill.Like I said he’s Yoda when it comes to politics.I think it’s hers to lose.In all honesty Kerry had his shot and he will have to reach down deep to get primary voters to take a new look.Having said that Nixon made a comeback ,so who knows?

  4. Kerry seems more strident now and at ease with what he is doing. Of course, BushInc has really screwed everything up. But that was never the issue. Dems always have plenty of targets…in fact it is a target-rich environment. I always say treat it as a business solution.
    Pick the most important vital few. I stick with 5; Kerry has his 10. Solve those problems before grabbing another handful. Kerry is going to stick with his 10 and keep pounding away at the opposition. Each time he does it, he will get better.

    I do not think it is Hillary’s to lose. That is what the Right wants because she is an easier target then Kerry.

    I think Kerry has her blocked on the left and if Hillary goes further right she will be in McCain’s lap.

  5. Bob I am not sure that channeling the angry anti-war activist will help,but he does seem more alive.Hillary has Bill’s access to the miniority vote and that’s huge…..McCain is not to the right of any of them.;)

  6. Darth,
    McCain supports the war and is against abortion. i put him to the right of Hillary who is for the war and is squeamish on abortion.

    I don’t know if minorities will support Hillary in the primaries; and if they do, will it matter?

    I may be wrong but aren’t the primaries in states with a relatively small minority population?

    Bubba spoke very well of Kerry in 2004. In fact, some of the best sppeches ever were in support of Kerry. His Iowa speech was terrific. It will be impossible for Bubba to speak against Kerry.
    Kerry did very well with minorities. The troubles with Hillary are she is not very experienced and she is not very articulate.

    I think the primaries are in: (http://www.gwu.edu/~action/2008/chrnothp08.html)
    Alabama, Arkensas, New Jersey, Arizona, New Mexixo, Utah, West Virginia, California, Michigan, Florida, Louisiana, Minnisota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Montana.

    Michigan wants to move up which puts a state with a large and active minority population right up front.

  7. Knocking Hillary is not going to make her go away. She’s a very bright woman, she’s quite independent of Bill and she’s even won over my mother who originally thought it would be good if she listened to Chuck Shumer. (We had quite a discussion about women being able to be indepenedent of their husbands but never mind.) She’s done quite a bit in the Senate and the fact that I am furious with her for her flag burning amendment doesn’t take away from that. (It’s my flag and if I want to burn it, I will – I don’t as it happens – but no d–n foreigner should.)

    There is something to be said for trying to take the middle. There are a lot of votes there and they are needed to win an election. But there are other potential candidates who could be formible and not be as polarizing as Hillary. Bill Richardson is one of them. I don’t think Joe Biden will get it but he is another.

    I don’t have a problem with what Kerry is doing … and I hope he succeeds. I just hope that there’s a way to win the nomination and then, attract enough of the country to win the presidency.

  8. Judith,
    I don’t want to get anyone angry but to me Hillary represents the Republican wing of the Democratic Party.
    Now maybe she is being pragmatic.
    Maybe she is playing the only politcal hand she has.
    Suppose Hillary and McCain gets the nominations. The election runs on the margins. It is a tough choice…Folks will be asked to vote for a Repub or a near Repub.
    I hope we are better then that.

    Joe (making rervations) Biden is well behind in the all important fund-raising business. He sounds great but sells Dems out on votes for judges and cabinet officials.

  9. grrr.. s/b making reservations; refers to Biden having reservations about Gonzales and voting for him anyway…dumbass.

  10. The trouble with staying in the middle is the message is muddled. It is hard to be strident and dynamic with a message that everyone ignores. This has been a Democratic problem for quite some time. We tend to want to be all things for all people and not articulate a particular strategy for a particular event.
    Our candidates used to stand up and drone through their 23 point plans which were quaranteed to please the middle and put everyone to sleep.
    Kerry is choosing his 10 points and will stay with it. They cover the items people are most concerned with and he is putting all his comments into those points.

    That and shove Coulter up every Repub’s rear end.

    They banged Dems with Michael Moore. We bang them with Ann Coulter; every day.

  11. bob Bubba spoke well of Kerry because he was the nominee,but I think if he had not been sick, Clinton would have made more of factor in key states…….Iowa is becoming more Hispanic.

  12. I’ll vote for the Democratic candidate … whoever he or she is. I wouldn’t touch John McCain with a ten foot pole but if he’s the candidate, he stands a good chance of winning because he’ll appeal to the right and to the idealist.

    The question is whether the presidency can be won from either extreme – left or right. It may not be possible to win from the extreme and I want a Democrat in the White House.

  13. bob Iowa is becoming more Hispanic….I think Bill can deliver the votes of minorities on cue…..in 04 I really think Bill could have tipped the balance in key states for Kerry,but that heart trouble got in the way.I do admire Clinton for his skills…..As for McCain ,consevatives do not want him.

  14. Judith he does not appeal to the right…..because I’m so right it hurts 🙂

  15. But Kerry is not extreme left; just left of Hillary.
    Someone like Dennis Kucinich is way out there.

    In many ways, Kerry is more conservative then Hillary or McCain.
    Any measure of financial rating has to go to Kerry. Balancing the budget? Paying off the debt?
    These used to be Conservative goals. Now they are Democrat goals.
    The Repub party is no longer Conservative. They are just right-wing loosers.
    McCain may be closer to true Conservatism then any Repub candidate out there.

  16. Darth,
    clinton can deliver the minority votes and so can Kerry.
    Hillary has no track record there.
    Bill can campaign all he wants and it will help Kerry as well.
    Everything Bill says Hillary has done, Kerry can trump.

    If bubba does too much, folks will think he wants that third term.

  17. Kerry conservative???Granted he is more conservative than McCain,but so is Ho Chi Mihn…..What budget did he ever balance?When he was Lt.Gov for Dukakis?….Kerry was born rich,married a rich gal,became Stedman.Hey I aint knockin him ,but there it is…..Bob so long as he cultivates that hippie 71 image it will fall flat with the wider voter.Having the “image”of being for a powerful military will not be helped by doing Al-Queadas bidding in the Senate.Now before you get mad the enemy has stated their goal of kicking us out of Iraq.He again “looks” like he is helping the enemy……Rove will use it!

  18. third term? Bingo battlebob! You win the prize…….That’s the selling point!

  19. Darth,
    We already lost Iraq. There is nothing we can do except be targets.
    Lieing to go in and lieing to stay is not a very good legacy for Bush.
    We also lost because the Rumsfeld military leadership knows nothing about 4GW warfare. It isn’t about firepower; it is about brains.

    Kerry has been for balanced budgets as long as he has been in Congress. He even helped Bubba do it.

    I think the ’71 hippie image is long gone but the smearvets still live. Will they be as effective? Nope.

    The trouble with our military as we are spending the money on exotic, useless weapons systems and things like starwars and a ton of money on black-ops programs. The problem is a lot of the hiiden money is unaccountable and is being stolen by contractors.

    Our military equipment is worn out. If we are going to have an army it needs to be re-equipped which is not in the budget.

    People will say I am nuts but in the short-term, military spending for equipment needs to go up. The Crystal Palace is spending buckets of money but it isn’t on equipment for our troops.

  20. I love you Battlebob you are a strong Kerry warrior just what Kerry needs in his corner. You are going toe-to-toe with a right winger. I love it


  21. Bob ask Mr.Zarqawi about our military.Oh that’s right he is room temp! I think this war will be won if Bush unleashes the military to it’s full fury.I think we need to understand that even the jihades admit they are having problems because so many have been killed.Iraq and Afganistan are a meatgrinder for the enemy.That is victory……As far as the swifties are they not allowed to have an opinion on Kerry?Some of these guys have a ton of medals too.

  22. lothario I’m as right-wing as it gets 🙂

  23. Darth,
    The pointis there will be five Zaqawi’s for everyone we kill. The military can’t do this.
    We have overpowering force. We should win every battle.

    When we win, it is expected. The dead are honored and more join to fight us.
    When we loose it is embarrasing and a recruiting tool for the terrorists.
    We had overpowering force in VN and lost.
    We have overpowering force here and lost.

    What are the signs?
    Bush is looking for any positive to get out. If the new PM has a sucessful bowel movement that means we can go.

    Our military is going on a massive sweep now. They will kill a few; a few of them will die. They will go back to their compounds, Bush will claim victory, and terrorism will rule the country side.

    The generals say they have enough troops. It is how they are being used thatis wrong.

    The plus side is some units – mainly National Guard – have it figured out. To quell a civil war, ramp down the tension. There are many articles about this and other 4GW topics.
    This type of war is won using minimal power; just enough to kill those we must; but not enough to kill those we must not.

  24. And don’t forget the effect of Fallugah and abu Graihb (sp).

    When we destroyed Fallugah, we killed a lot of innocent people and essentially ruined what ever chance we had of pulling this off.

    Abu Ghraib was a disaster in every sense of the word. All tortue does is strengthen the will of the supporters of the tortured.
    4GW warfare is all about morality and will. The moral high ground is not just a cliche; it determines who wins and looses.

  25. So again what does pulling out do?Gives Terror the victory.Waiting for the alligator to eat us last is no policy.We may have to fight for decades ,but that’s better than the alternative….living in the caliphate.

  26. Fallujha should have been smashed he first time….A buddy of mine got back from there and says it has really turned around since most of the bad guys got wiped out.Force bob,dems don’t be afraid….It works!

  27. Darth,
    I hate to tell you this but when we leave, the swamp gets drained.
    There is terrorism because we are there.
    We owe them an infrastructure. If we could work out a deal where we leave, they have to work out their government. It won’t be a democracy like we used to have; before Bush.
    It will be something they want and it may not be pretty at first.
    What did you expect? People giving us kisses and flowers?
    We invaded them and killed innocent people. Forget the collatoral damage crap. when you tortue or wipe out cites and all who live there, you will loose.

    How do you define winning? A parade down Bagdad with cheering Iraqis?
    How about turning the country over to them with a chance to build their own country.
    Bush lost…There is nothing he can do except loose worse each day.

  28. Darth,
    I hate to tell you but Fallugah is flaring up again.
    We do well there if we keep the troop activity low and rebuild the infrastructure.

    Actually, most of the terrorists left Fallugah before we blew it up.
    We didn’t quite surround them.

    Force works sometime; not in Iraq because it causes the other side to ramp theirs up and it never ends.

  29. Torture??Panties on the head is not torture. If only we cut the pc we would be on our way to survival…..Lost? Hussein to be hanged,Al Queada to be wiped out…..and a Gov more or less friendly…..that is peachy with me…..Plus we will be there to some degree to keep an eye on things as long as a strong conservative is President.

  30. In 4GW, force is never the ultimate resolution. It is out-thinking your enemy.
    Try reading about it.

  31. Bob it is our interest to win,the national Dems looked downright glum after Zarqawi got wacked.I think that as long as Bush keeps going after the terrorists we will be fine.We have to stay on the attack.

  32. Darth,
    al queada is alive and well in Afgan and Pakistan. They went to Iraq when we did. Remember bin Laden?
    How about beatings, night sticks up the rear, being bitten by dogs; just a few of the things we do.
    Not going to convince the population we want to help them that way.

    That is the key to 4GW. Convince the population we can guarantee their security. When we fight them and they hurt us, we loose because we can’t provide security.
    When we tortue them we loose because we can’t secure them if we are tortuing them.
    It is about ideas; morals.
    As long as BushLike is in power, we will loose every 4GW conflict because we don’t know how to cooperate with people. We need more police officers; not more soldiers.
    A different kind of war that needs different tactics.
    We learned nothing from VN except how to foul it up worse.

  33. I read sung tsu ,it is very timely.

  34. Darth,
    Why do you say that?
    We were estatic about Zarqawi. We were wanting bin Laden but will settle for number 2.

    how we got him is interesting.
    military.com talks about the Jordanian troops gave him up because they don’t want Islamic extremists next door.

    That is how we win 4GW wars. Make connections with others against a common enemy. It is almost like a mafia hit (I grew up in Chicago and we had a bunch of those).

    If Bush had the brains to make more alliances with the neighbors, this thing would never have happened.

    Kerry wants to involve others in the neighborhood. We are going to have to hang around the area to keep Turkey and the Kurds apart and to keep Iran on its own side of the fence. But we do it from outside Iraq.

  35. Darth,
    If you read it, you don’t understand it.
    The Art of War is very specific about applying the proper amount of force to each problem.
    It talks about the mental aspects of winning.
    Bush and the rest of his minions are totally clueless.

  36. Having been to that part of the world I know folks respect power.”kindness” is looked upon as weakness…..By the way self flaggulation over a few minor incidents is unhelpful……I am not really interested in helping them. Just subduing them so they cannot be a threat to us or Isreal.

  37. One part of it is to use the resources of the enemy.That’s one thing we need to fix.

  38. Well Bob gotta hit the hay to pay all those taxes….Millions on welfare depend on me!Bob your a smart guy:)

  39. Darth,
    Nicely said. The main resource of the enemy is the trust the population has with him.
    To win, break the trust. Show he cannot provide security. To get their trust, move in with him. This has been done in some cities and the problems went away. No one wants crap to happen in their neighborhood. Reduce the tension; reduce the killing.

    I was in Tehran prior to the overthrow and I saw things differently.
    The police would rather shoot you then look at you. The people were resentful of anyone connected with the government. But were quite friendly if they thought you were just a part of the population.
    I trusted them to be consistent with their actions. But they sure hated the Shah for the brutality and the modernizations.

  40. Night Darth…nice tlaking with you…

  41. Darth

    Don’t you mean “millions of corporations on corporate welfare depend on you?” Along with Wal-Mart employees who have to go on Medicaid because they’re overworked, underpaid, and the health insurance plan of Wal-Mart is inadequate to say the least?

  42. Darth Malice Says:
    June 14th, 2006 at 7:07 pm
    “What budget did he ever balance?When he was Lt.Gov for Dukakis?….Kerry was born rich,”

    Actually, one of the things Dukakis became known for was “the Massachusetts Miracle”. They didn’t just balance it, they created a surplus. (Sounds too familiar)
    Kerry was a strong part of balancing the budget under Clinton. That vote FOR the IWR before he voted against it?

    The first one had ‘paygo’ in it. As in, the bill specified where the 87 billion would come from. The GOP defeated that one and just went with the one that basically said: the grandkids will pay for it.

    Kerry was born a relative of the Forbes family. His parents were by no means rich. A spinster aunt paid for his private school in Switzerland and at Andover. In the ’50s, people in the diplomatic corps did not have many options for educating their children in overseas assignments. Kerry’s experience in having to go to a boarding school was not emotionally good.

    As far as your support for the war and force, etc. Have you ever spent any time with vets? The maimed, injured, and the ones with PTSD? I challenge you to do that. Go volunteer at a VA facility that has injured Iraq vets trying to recover. And wear some underwear on your head in public some day.

    I have said before and repeat:
    even the military commanders have said the conflict cannot be won militarily. Just what is it you know that they don’t?

  43. When will Repubs read others people history and not their own? Like em or not if you think you are going to shove american style democracy down the throats of people who’s culture is over 5,000 years old your setting yourselves up for a big a big butt kickin.

    The taliban have regoruped in Afganistan and because we are bogged in Iraq we don’t have the goods to whip their sorry women hating butts.

    Are we sure its Zarquawi? Although it looks like him Saddam was reported to have 4 look alikes.

    As for hillary, I do agree that folks including Kerry people better not underestimate the lure bill has with black folks. As Indie and I’ve said before its there and Kerry has to be sure his record on issues affecting minorities are out there because the clintons will use the msm to regurgitate the clinton years and pass hil off like she’s bill’s sucessor.

    I have told my fellow black folks they better wise up to hillary and bill.
    Now if Bill keeps breaking bread with pappy bush and the crew hill will have some trouble with alot of blacks.

    I do wish the rethugs would stop reguritating the Kerry was born rich and married rich.

    Laura bush married rich and the bushes are richer thanks to their saudi deals. The bushes have no morals anytime grandpappy went grave robbing in Oklahoma and bought up Geronimo’s bones. Damn shame when the dead rather the bones are geronimos or not can’t rest in peace because of these people.

    I’m sure the msm will be swiftboating Kerry by the weekend as they are are giggly over bush’s little bounce in the polls.

    I would pair the 10 point plan to 5 or 7 because the average person’s attention span is short these days.

    One certainly can’t say Bush and his ilk are fiscal conservative. They have the biggest budget defict in history thanks to selling the american people out to corporate america.
    Create jobs in america not in foreign countries with american hard earned money.

    I would have loved to seen carville’s face as hil was being booed and Kerry was cheered.
    Hill will send out her goons to jab Kerry along with Rove.

    But he did show he won’t take her crap or rove’s or reid’s or pelosi.

    He can’t let a challenge to his patriotism go unanswered and now that the milktoast DC consultants are gone he probably won’t.

    The msm is trying to trap JK with the 08 question like everyone else. Where do folks think mcCain isn’t hardnose right. He’s a backstabber, sellout, fence sitter he’s seems right wing to me.

    The middle has helped cost the dems 2 pres elections and congress in 02. I don’t discount middle ground but until I see better results I say the heck with it.
    Hill thinks she has the base locked up and can go to the middle. That may very well be her downfall especially if she can’t be coherent on Iraq.

    Dems better come up with their wedge issues: Port security, Katrina and competence in times of disasters, science does matter and can save lives.

    If they don’t they’ll be voting on going into Iran by October as Rove is setting up 06 like 02.

  44. I’d have to agree with you, pen – mud sticks. The Dems better wise up to that fact. The GOPers have given us a lot of ammunition over the last five years – gotta use the hammer that’s given you.

    And as far as being wealthy goes – who cares. It’s action that matters. FDR was rich, so was JFK – they were both fine presidents (okay – their personal lives were something else), but it’s how they used the office for the betterment of society that counts.

    As for Darth wanting to grind it out in Iraq – that’s just plan nuts. The insurgents don’t have to win; we HAVE to win or the whole thing is for naught. All the insurgents have to do is bleed us -physically, emotionally and financially. I for one will not send my sons into this meat grinder. (Gee, all that killing in Vietnam – why would John Kerry NOT want to have other men sent to that meat grinder?) There has to be a better way and I think people like John Kerry and John Murtha have a better way.

    The problem for Darth is that he’s getting the war in Iraq and the War on Terror mixed up. Iraq was never ever involved in the War on Terror – that central front was and is Afghanistan. Remember Osama? Remember the Taliban?

    Iraq is a lie. Iraq is about cherry picking the truth. Iraq is about fixing perceived pass mistakes. I am tired of Iraq and the BS stay the course mentality. People in power need to start thinking outside the box known as Iraq. It’s killing us.

    If Hillary insist on walking around with the anvil known as Iraq, it will destroy her – it’s an absolutely crazy campaign move. Crazy like fox? I don’t think so.

  45. Overall good coverage in this and other articles, but the thing that gets me is all the talking heads who say, “If Kerry would have said this in ’04 he’d be in the whitehouse.”

    Well, I don’t buy it. Does the phrase wrong war, wrong place, wrong time, mean anything? Kerry was saying all these things then, but the media wanted to write their storyline (Kerry the conflicted flip-flopper) rather than the fact that Kerry was always consistent from day one on his position on Iraq.

    Kerry is on fire as usual, and maybe his language is crisper, but what’s changed is that the media now interprets it to his advantage rather than twisting it against him.

  46. Maybe when they heard him say “wrong war, wrong place, wrong time” the reporters thought he was sitll talking about Vietnam. 🙂

  47. Are any of YOU on the ground in IRAQ? There isn’t enough troops!!!!!! NEVER has been!!!!!! This war isn’t winable. And here is why the


    Not enough troops
    Not enough EXPERT trained soldiers
    Not enough military equipment of the correct type – IED prevention
    Leaderships Generals filled w/ WIMPS who SIT 24/7 in air conditioned offices with lap taps consisting writing home.
    Generals TOTALLY out of TOUCH w/ the real war!
    Already FULL BLOWN civil war
    Relgion is deeply rooted as the main problem
    Soldiers are BURNED OUT, including special ops
    Soldiers are expected to NOW act like GOD within the emeny field (assume all are YOUR friend)
    war is micro managed from STRICKLY – politics
    borders can NOT be closed………we welcome all who come
    the real truth why we are there…..EURO CURRENCY WARFARE!

    The end result US GOVERNMENT DEFAULT on bonds. BANKRUPTCY USA….enjoy the ride…just don’t complain when you are paying 4.50 a gallon. And your tooth paste is 8.00 a tube.

    HILLARY CLINTON is totally LOST with the REAL AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS. She must have Tribeca on the white sheets and not the Bronx. Maybe she needs to take a trip back in time to her childhood. As much as she has brains she sure and hell isn’t using them, literally! Most American REALIZE that they are paying 3 times the amount for food as 5 years ago. Every expense that YOU pay monthly has really gone through the roof. WAR = INFLATION TAX.

    So Hillary will continue to bleed all Americans dry, as this is what the RED trash sitting in the white house have completed! Those bad RED terrorists sitting in Washington will taste their own demise, soon.

    Does she really think the MEAN (dollar value family ) haven’t realized that this war is bleeding them financially? The news late this summer will be a wake up call.


    Democrats should have a CLEAR MESSAGE:

    IRAQ REMOVAL DATE (no matter what)
    Creation of “PAYING JOBS”, not just “service jobs”.
    TAX RATE increased by another 10 % on all income over 200K
    TAX RATE SUR CHARGE on Defense Companies = to length of all contracts while supplying the wars.
    TAX RATE SUR CHARGE on Drug Companies
    TAX INCENTIVES for parents paying for college tution.

    Mother of US Special Forces Soldier

    PS. Soon, the best type of company to OWN will be a lock change service for mortgage lenders.

  48. TO Darth Malice

    First OBL and Zarqawi are DEAD. They BOTH DIED Longagoandfaraway. WHat you see now is staging. Do you really believe are recon is that bad that it took this long to kill Zarqawi? Further, the next bogyeman will line up.

    Just send your 401k to BUSH and CO. It was a CURRENCY WARFARE! Did you NOT take economics 101?
    Your American Dollar ” USE TO BE ” the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY. Every foreign country had to carry same in THEIR RESEVES. NOT ANY MORE since MR. EURO was introduced. ALL foreign countries are dumping and have dumped the DOLLAR for the EURO! So know YOU AND I have to pay more and more and more for everything. This is what happenes when YOU use military might INSTEAD of communicating. And now since your TERRORIST BUSH has DONE such a damm good job, he has pissed RUSSIA OFF. They are NOW OPENING an oil FUTURES exchange just like IRAN to SELL ALL oil in EURO”S not US DOLLARS! And more and more countries will do it just cause they LOVE the USA NOW. Your TERRORIST BUSH has PISSED off so many countries that YOU and YOU and YOU will pay for HIS MISTAKES!

    Maybe YOU can ask Daddy Bush to dig him out of this hell of a mess after YOU PAY 4.50 a gallon or 5.00 a gallon.

    Just remember the word DEFAULT and BANKRUPTCY! How many time has CONGRESS expanded the DEFICIT? How many secretary of treasury’s have warned you over DEFAULT!
    Even the IMF is screaming DEFAULT! Uncle Alan, as know on the wstreet, has stated GLOBAL IMBALANCES can’t last!

    I guess you want to SIT next to Brazil?

    Mother of US Special Forces SOldier