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John Kerry on the Death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

by Pamela Leavey

The big story of the day, it that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed “when U.S. warplanes dropped 500-pound bombs on his isolated safehouse.” John Kerry issued a statement a short time ago on the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi:

“Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was a brutal terrorist and his death strikes a blow to al-Qaeda in Iraq. This ruthless thug who abused the true meaning of Islam was an intruder on Iraqi soil and it’s good news that he’s dead. Our troops did an incredible job hunting him down and destroying him, and all of America is proud of their skill and commitment.

“With the end of al-Zarqawi and the confirmation of the final vital cabinet ministries in Iraq’s new government, it’s another sign that it’s time for Iraqis to stand up for Iraq, bring the factions together, end the insurgency, and run their own country. Our troops have done their job in Iraq, and they’ve done it valiantly. It’s time to work with the new Iraqi government to bring our combat troops home by the end of this year.”

I reported earlier on Bush’s statement on al-Zarqawi death. The short version from Bush, was “Stay the Course.”

John Kerry’s got it right, “Our troops have done their job in Iraq, and they’ve done it valiantly. It’s time to work with the new Iraqi government to bring our combat troops home by the end of this year.”

If you have not done so already — Call Your Senators and Tell them to “Support Senate Joint Resolution 36 to bring our combat troops home in 2006.”

36 Responses to “John Kerry on the Death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi”

  1. I did, I did, call my Senators!

    Also sent out JK’s “Our Responsibility on Iraq” June message to 75 AZ, CO, NM, and UT Dem Party state, county and organization folks so they know about Resolution 36, and that JK is not wavering on supporting our troops and bringing them home by the end of 2006.

  2. interesting perspective on Zarqawi death by Juliette Kayyem, on Talking Points Memo:

  3. This is from military.com about Zarqawi


    There is one interesting development.
    Jordon is in the battle because Islamic militants hurt them also.

    They are the ones who made killing this POS possible.

  4. Hi battlebob,you asked me why I was a conservative?Well days like these.The Dems have a lot of passion except when dealing with enemies of this country.he Republicans/conservatives know when it’s “Vader “time.”Do what me be done Lord W,do not hesitate,show no mercy,only then can you get back your base” This may seem unfair,but liberals if they want to regain power have got to get some mojo when it comes to crushing enemies.

  5. Darth,
    What funny logic.
    Look at the members of the 106th Congress who served in the military.

    As you see, the Repub party tends to avoid the actual fighting. Kinda yellow isn’t it?

    What Dems want is a clear understanding of why we need to go and what the objectives are.

    Going to war against real enemies is not the issue. Going after bin Laden was something we all wanted; included us Libs. But Bush had another agenda.
    I don’t understand how you can say Dems are soft on defense when
    It is Dems who served;
    It is Dems who fought, bled and died.
    It was Bush who let 9/11 happen.
    It was Bush who let bin Laden go free.

    What you say is not logical at all.
    It is Dems who want to secure the ports and have been complaining about border security.
    It is Dems who want a military properly equipped.
    It is Bush who lied to go to war.
    It is Bush who allows torture when it never works and hardens the will of those against us. Read some 4GW articles. In 4Gw, will, committment and passion are worth more then bullets. VN said so; Iraq is saying so.
    Wake up look around. Your are being used and abused.

    Of course we have passion. People who don’t give a s**t aren’t worth a s**t.

  6. Bob ,I agree about passion.I have no use for DINOS or RINOS……..Now you say Bush let 911 happen?Al-Queada grew under Clinton.There was little retaliation for attacks.At least Bush is pushing back.Bob can you tell me that the Carter way works?This will be a long war and Iraq and Afganistan are only the very start.Now bob as far as to who fights,most vets are Republicans,like me 🙂

  7. Darth,

    Actually it was Clinton who wanted to take on al Qaeda but the GOP Congress opposed it.

    It was also the Clinton Administration which passed on plans to fight al Qaeda when Bush took office. The Bush Administration ignored the plans (as well as other warnings) believing that a non-government body could not be a serious threat.

    Even after 9/11 they have concentrated far more on rhetoric than really fighting al Qaeda. If they were serioius about fighting al Qaeda, as opposed to using 9/11 to justify their pre 9/11 goals such as invading Iraq, they could have taken out bin Laden at Tora Bora and more seriously hurt al Qaeda. Instead they have acted as the unofficial recruitment office for al Qaeda, greatly increasing their strength.

  8. Battlebob,

    Of course fewer Republicans have been in the military. Don’t you pay any attention to what our Vice President says? They have other priorities.

  9. Ron,while the GOP was not helpful,Clinton was CnC.As for Bush,I am happy to see him get his steel back.I do want him to engage Islamic terror WHEREVER it maybe.Iraq is where ol Abu fled after Afganistan…..By the way I oppose rebuilding.I agree with Savage that only brute force be used.Islam has to be reformed.

  10. Ron,bob-why aren’t vets running to Kerry and the Dems?

  11. Darth,

    As you might recall, the GOP Congress was doing everything possible to cripple the Clinton Administration, limiting his options.

    Perhaps Clinton didn’t do enough, but the facts remain that 1) Clinton was willing to do something, 2) the GOP Congress opposed him, 3)Bush opposed taking action against al Qaeda after taking office, and 4) post 9/11 the Republicans have played politics rather than engaging in a serious effort to solve the problem.

  12. Darth Malice Says: June 8th, 2006 at 9:13 pm


    I suppose you’re okay with the fact that W never found Osama? Yep, that’s what I call one tough terrorism fighter. Give it up Darth.

  13. Darth,

    “why aren’t vets running to Kerry and the Dems?”

    Many are. Many others are taken in by GOP propaganda. I’m saying they are incompetent at governing, not at politics. Republicans are better than Democrats at playing politics.

  14. “I suppose you’re okay with the fact that W never found Osama? Yep, that’s what I call one tough terrorism fighter. Give it up Darth.”

    Actually Bush did find bin Laden, and even had him surrounded at Tora Bora. Then his incompetence allowed bin Laden to escape.

  15. Darth Malice Says: June 8th, 2006 at 9:13 pm

    “Islam has to be reformed.”

    Um Darth hate to break this to you , but this isn’t the crusades here… Maybe W might think it is and few fundamentalist Christians might as well, but not all Islam is bad.

  16. I wish Republican were better at politics.:)As for Vets the Dems need to tone down the Air America faction to win. Well gotta turn in……nite all. Look foward to seeing yalls post tomorrow.

  17. Darth,

    Air America can certainly go overboard, however they are quite tame compared to Republican talk radio. Personally I prefer to listen to NPR over Air America (but I’m happy to have Air America for some variety).

  18. Pamela you say the crusades like it was a bad thing…..I am not saying all Islam is bad,but Radical Islam is deadly.Nite yall

  19. One more thing …Air America is finwe but NPR is goverment funded…..Gee lets fund Rush……….nite Ron 🙂

  20. NPR, while giving more voice to liberal views (as well as conservative views), is quite different from Rush.

  21. Darth,
    Actually bin Laden came into the picture during the Afgan-Russian War. We created him and supplied him because he was against the Russians.
    Ungrateful whelp.
    The main difference between Repubs and Dems deals with the ends versus the means.
    Repubs don’t care about the how. We’ll just invade Iraq because they can’t stop us and the people will love us.
    Dems are concerned about the means as that determines success and failure.
    Which is kind of surprising because any business model discusses how things are accomplished to get to the end. Doing things correctly allows repeatability. Dems take a more logical approach to activities. Repubs figure if they win someone else cleans up the mess.
    The Repubs don’t understand the mess never goes away; the end is never achieved.
    Repubs are good campaignors and lousy administrators because they treat ruling as empirical. Dems are lousy campaignors but are better rulers because we tend to pay attention how things are done.

    Interesting about Carter. His management style was a funnel as he was a micro-manager. He was determined to have a say in everything and it drove us nuts (I was an engineer and later a project manage on the Space Shuttle program). As far as the Iraq hostage thing, Carter knew what would happen if he helped the Shah. We created the guy. We had to deal with his problems. Carter’s staff was horribly inept because they were known more for their patronage and not for their ability. Events often unfolded around them and they were powerless to stop.
    George Volker at the FED kept crushing the economy with the die hard mantra vs. Greenspan and the soft landing. Both had issues. Carter was screwed from all sides. Some he could have avoided. Some he couldn’t avoid.

  22. I find it amazing that the general public is BUYING that Zarqawi ” just ” died.

    Do you really think OUR military is that slowwwwwwwwwwwwwww?

    Try pearly white teeth, straight as can be (thanks mom for the braces) and my New Balance Shoes.

    He has BEEN DEAD ….longagoandfaraway.

    And yes our special ops = recon are very good.

    Your “Remaining” REAL terrorists are ALL SITTING IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

    Mother of US Special Soldier

  23. Darth Malice Says:
    “Pamela you say the crusades like it was a bad thing”

    I would like to think you are joking. Normally I would assume someone was but since you are a right-winger, unfortunately you may not be. It is how many right-wing Christians(an oxymoron) apparently feel.

    If you were not joking, then am I correct to assume that you are a member of own home grown American Taliban? If so, you people are the same exact people as the Fundy Extremist Muslims you hate. Same exact people, same exact belief systems of intolerance and hate, who corrupt their religions into the opposite of what they are suppose to stand for. Then they attempt to force everyone else to follow their same twisted beliefs.

    Always been that way, always will be until the human race hopefully someday finally evolves enough not to need religions any more. Though someone will always use other forms of hate and intolerance to control societies. Use of religion by extremists has always been the most effective method of course because you can get the “true believers” to believe and do anything, no matter how ridiculous and evil. And control of the population was what religions were invented for to begin with anyway.

    It’s why the GOP turned to the Christian Fundys and extremists and why they are such natural partners with a mutual parasitic relationship that fits well. It allows both to further of their traditional individual agendas, using the other to obtain what they never could individually without the assistance of the other.

    The American Taliban currently is one of the biggest threats to our country and its Constitution. The most dangerous enemies by far are always the enemies from within.

  24. Dave,

    My fear is that he wasn’t joking.

  25. Dave ,Ron-O.k. now don’t blast me too bad here,The crusades kept Islam in check,Western Europe would never had any LIBERAL positions had the Caliphate extended over the lands we came from.My fathers folks came from Spain via Cuba and had Ferdinand and Isibella not kicked the Moors out,the world would not have advanced in the areas like Rights of Women.By the way I was at Kohbar Towers in Saudi Arabia and women were treated like cattle.That must not happen here!

  26. Darth,

    At present Christianity is more open to liberal ideas than Islam but this was not always the case. The Christians of the time of the inquisition were hardly open to liberal ideas. I’m not sure that keeping the Moors in Spain would have had a negative effect as you suggest.

    Speaking of Saudi Arabia, did you ever check the post I mentioned on what allegedly they are still teaching in school:


    (Don’t worry–it’s not a trick to expose you to liberal ideas. The source is actually from a conservative source–Freedom House).

  27. Ron,true the inquisition was nasty.I will tell you one thing the West had better find its inner Charles”The Hammer”Martel if its going to survive.As for Saudi Arabia it is clear that our”friends” need to get some understanding we see their hate.

  28. Rather than looking back to 732 for ways to resolve the problem I’d rather look at solving more modern problems, such as achieving energy independence. If they didn’t see us as an occupying force going after their energy, and if we could afford to keep out of the area, a lot of frictions woud be reduced.

    Of course there would still be frictions over supporting Israel but having less areas of conflict with them would be helpful.

  29. I hate to keep agreeing with you.:) Hey what about wind farms off of Martha’s Vineyard? That might help.

  30. I don’t know enough about the specifics of wind farms off Martha’s Vineyard. At most this would only be a small part of the solution so I’m not going to get into that.

  31. Ron,anything we can do to get off oil I’m for.I am very Green on this.

  32. Darth,
    So I take it you are not happy with the oil barons running our country?
    Exxon Mobil is still the hot stock to buy!

    Was watching CSPAN about the bloggers convention…Larry Johson is a former CIA agent who started the same time as Valerie Plame.

    Bush was told by the CIA there was no certified link between Sadaam and Al Quida.
    Bush was told by the CIA Sadaam did not posses WMDs.

    Bush lied.
    Suppose this was Bubba doing the lieing. He denied he got a BJ from Monica. Should he be impeached.

    Bush lied. Tell me Darth…should Bush be impeached? Is a BJ in the WH worse then lieing to go to war?

    I wonder where the right draws the line? This has to be some kind of moral violation that even the immoral right wing dislikes. Oh yes…abortion and gay bashing. The right says lieing to go to war is fine.

  33. battlebob the terrorists were moving into Iraq with Saddams blessing.I am not a war-monger ,but these guys have to be fought……..I think Clinton should have been impeached for taste in chicks.In 2004 we knew what we were getting.

  34. Darth,
    The terrorists moved into Iraq after we invaded. The only thing that is going on now is creating new terrorists. To think Sadaam wanted terrorists in his country makes no sense as he didn’t want the competition.
    Besides with no fly zones, half the country was under our control anyway.
    We could fly over parts of Iraq unopposed.

    Clinton tried to go after bin Laden but the Repub congress wouldn’t let him. Remember wag the dog? When Clinton did launch cruise missles, they accused him of playing politics to deflect the impeachment noise.

    Once again Bush lied about terrorists and Bush lied about WMDs. Why shouldn’t he be impeached?

    What Clinton did wrong was go thru the legal department before launching an attack. The NSA knew where bin Laden was and they knew whom he was seeing. The operation was delayed because Clinton didn’t want to offend Pakistan. He was wrong there. When you have a shot; you gotta take it.
    Am I inconsistent? I don’t think so as Clinton wasn’t torturing anybody; just killing the worst terrorist that existed.

  35. Bob Clinton and Bush needed a free hand. Our politics is hindering our existance.nite man.

  36. Bin Laden and al Quaida considered Saddam an infidel, and he knew it. Saddam would never have allowed them in. As Battlebob said, it was teh war which is creating new terrorists.