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Bush Learned of Killings After Reporters Asked Questions

by RonChusid

Bush may have been troubled by the reports of the killings of Haditha, but this wasn’t a top priority at the White House. AP reports that Bush learned of the killings “only after reporters began asking questions.”

Asked when Bush was first briefed about the events in Haditha, White House press secretary Tony Snow replied Tuesday: “When a Time reporter first made the call.”

4 Responses to “Bush Learned of Killings After Reporters Asked Questions”

  1. Yeah, this administration is really with it….

  2. Unbelievable!! OK somebody please wake me up, I’ve had enough of this bad dream.

  3. I’m with you Donnie. And now I read in the paper that our military is going to have to have morals training or some such thing as a result of this.

    How about better leadership! How about realizing that war is not a game but a horrible horrible horrible thing and should never be entered into lightly by incompetent leaders??!!

  4. What about morals traning for the leadership? Those at the top appear to need it most.