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Brad Blog Reports Kennedy to Question 2004 Election in Rolling Stone Article

by RonChusid

Brad Blog reports that Bobby Kennedy, Jr. has an article in Rolling Stone to be released later this week questioning the results of the Ohio vote in the 2004 election. According to Brad Blog:

The article — headlined on the cover as “Did Bush Steal the 2004 Election?: How 350,000 Votes Disappeared in Ohio” — has been several months in development and will contend that a concerted effort was undertaken by high-level Republican officials to steal the Election in Ohio — and thus the country — in 2004!

Kennedy told The BRAD BLOG this morning that “the best evidence says the Republicans succeeded” in their plan.

He writes in the 10-page long article, and confirmed to us today, that evidence shows Ohio Sec. of State J. Kenneth Blackwell was “certainly in on” the scheme, and there are indications that the effort went all the way up to the White House.

Assuming Brad Blog’s report is accurate, and assuming that Kennedy presents convincing evidence to support this article, this could have a major impact on how the 2004 election is perceived beyond the blogosphere.

20 Responses to “Brad Blog Reports Kennedy to Question 2004 Election in Rolling Stone Article”

  1. Necessary to cast as much doubt as possible on the machines running our elections, and the tax dollars to the billions we’re spending on our own disenfranchisement through HAVA, given to the GOP companies reinvesting in their party power.

    No audit has ever been done on an electronic election, which is steps removed from legitmacy and the paper ballot.

    People are more willing to accept and want an illegitimate election, pushing those guys out of power. They were too scared to think in 04.

  2. None of this is surprising — I just wish it would have come out days after the election instead of now. Kerry was winning in exit polls at midday by the same margin that he lost by during the closing hours. Something was amiss. Let’s get the truth out, once and for all. Gore won. Kerry won. Their little game isn’t fooling anyone anymore.

  3. Yes, as Andy said, it would have been helpful if it had come out sooner. At the time, anybody with a brain could see fraud happening live as the polls closed across Ohio.

    When Markos (Daily Kos) refused not only to front-page the controversy but also refused to comment on his decision to ignore the issue, I began to suspect that Kos and his blog are Karl Rove’s most brilliant political play yet.

    Whether directly controlling the puppet strings or indirectly through an accurate reading of Markos’ biggest fear – public humiliation at the hands of GOP swiftboaters, Rove controlled the online democratic response to the blatant Ohio fraud.

    “Losing” in 2004 didn’t hurt nearly as bad as watching alleged democratic opinion leaders hand over the spoils willingly, with smiles on their faces, while telling those they betrayed to “focus on the future” and “get over it”.

    Did I mention how many tin hats will soon be retired?

  4. In Gore’s case we do have evidence he won–assuming either a complete recount in Florida or recount of both the overcount and undercount. In Kerry’s case in 2004 we only have circumstantial evidence. Exit polls are not proof. It will be interesting to see if Kennedy does have convincing evidence.

    At very least there were clear irregularities and voter suppression necessitating changes before the next election.

  5. If mainstream America would not buy that 2000 was stolen, does anyone think that mainstream America would have bought that 2004 was?

    I think that Gore knew and we knew. I also think that Kerry knows and we know.

    Proving it – getting the middle of the road American’s to understand it, was impossible a year ago. But, what has changed now?

    Bush is done – he’s a lame duck, public opinion has plummeted. Some of the media has woken up, the public is waking up.

    Brad has a added a few quotes from the article to his post including this one which is something Kerry has contended for sometime now:

    John Kerry: “Can I draw a conclusion that they played tough games and clearly had intent to reduce the level of our vote? Yes, absolutely. Can I tell you to a certainty that it made the difference in the election? I can’t. There’s no way for me to do that. If I could have done that, then obviously I would have found some legal recourse.”

    As a former prosecutor I think that John Kerry has a very good idea what it takes to prove fraud. The big issue in 2004 after the election, was that they could not conclusively prove fraud between the election and the electoral vote in January.

    So, there they fell into what Gore recently said about there is no middle ground between the electoral and a revolution.

    I’m really glad Kennedy wrote this and I can’t wait to read the whole thing.

    When he wrote The Disinformation Society last year many people still did not get how the media played into the election. In my opinion Kennedy has waited for the right moment to publish this.

  6. Ron, you’ve never understood the degree of computer mischief was done, and could be done, especially to create that popular vote margin, a real hurdle. The states of NM, FLA, and others were the dark horses here. Thousands of errors hidden, and minority groups targeted, electronically.

    The DNC shut down any recount in NM, but Richardson has since opted for paper ballots. No wondering, there.

    Someone said 2004 went smoother than 2000, because the degree of litigtation was less, but the mountains of anomalies and reports of computer problems could have pushed the election to another kind of story.

    Ohio was a real mix of different kinds of disenfranchisement.

  7. CS Tucker,

    😆 A LOT of tin hats in my house. I just am not sure HOW soon….

  8. Marjorie,

    It’s not a matter of what I “understand.” It’s a question of what can be proven. To state an election was tampered with requires a very high threshold of proof.

  9. Ken Blackwell is slime. I recently saw a PBS special highlighting his ties w/ Ohio’s religious right wing and how one leading slimeball minister presented Blackwell with the same award numerous times at various gatherings of religious conservatives throughout the state where this ministered endorsed him. Each time Blackwell kept getting up and accepting the trophy for this bogus award. It was shameful!

  10. Ron,

    I understand what Kerry and others can’t prove, claim, therefore are powerless to to resolve. Part of your reluctance to admit anything may be part of that.

    Just that technicians have gone into court and admitted many things. All the anomalies favoring Bush. Someday this all will become clearer.

    Agree that we will never discover enough to determine stolen, just that many people did many things to suppress, and machines, central tabulators were a major part of it. Just keep the polls close, and no one the wiser.

    Interesting little Alter-net story about our Gov’t by Gonads, the fear factor, and how they really control elections.

  11. Finally, at least now the democrats will start to reevaluate what really occurred in the 2004 election, and maybe even stop telling themselves how incompetent they are in running campaigns! My hat is off to those who dared to question what the republican- owned and -operated election “gaming” machines really pulled off. There is a tome — DID GEORGE W. BUSH STEAL AMERICA’S 2004 ELECTION? by Fritatkis, Rosenfeld and Wasserman, which also includes THE CONYERS REPORT — available for purchase on freepress.org. Serious work has been done by serious academic statisticians, and by dogged and determined people like Bev Harris of blackboxvoting.org, and of course bradblog. I realize that John Kerry, as a former prosecutor, could not proceed without the facts, but I do not understand why any form of the media refused to even investigate before writing the whole thing off as conspiracy wingdings again. What happened — happened. The important thing now is not to let it happen again! When we, the public do not have access to the internal audit logs of the machines we cast our votes on, when they can be easily hacked into without a trace, when even the AP can refuse to give over info to Conyers because “they” haven’t finished analyzing it, something is very wrong. The main point is — it could happen again. It doesn’t matter how incompetent they are, how poorly they do in the debates or in the polls, they can seemingly pull it off in the wee hours. What kind of a public voting system has no way to trace anything, even with so-called paper trails available. I, like so many others, gave so much in time and money to Kerry in the last election, but until they can fix this election machine problem, at least have it made, owned and operated by the governement with bipartisan participation, I’m reluctant to go all out. This is THE most important issue to be addressed and fixed before I fully commit next time to give all to our guy.

  12. Connie,

    I understand your frustration. As I work on this issue 24/7, trying to stop e-voting in NY, I know how difficult the problem will be to fix. Easy and convenient, flashy and new, are hard to compete with pencil and paper at this point.

    An internal audit log from Palm Beach County showed 100,000 errors in 04, after a voters group worked almost two years through the courts to even take a look.

    There was repeated vote shifting.

    However, with so much at stake, and so few citizens willing to do the hard work of talking to the oblivious and resistant minded, we must stampede the polls in great numbers. Make any theft very obvious.

    As big or bigger is the new poll tax-ID disenfranchisement-going through the courts.

    We must work our little tushies off.

  13. I’m going to be seeing JK in a few hours – I hope to have the opportunity to bring up this article – will keep you all posted!

  14. OK so how fair is that. You get to see JK and I had to settle with the GOP lawyer. Also Pamela, I might have some info, but don’t get your hopes up, on the Marine you wanted to know about. I will let you know when and if I do get the right one.

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  16. Marjorie G,

    Thanks for all the “unsung hero” work you are doing re fair voting in NY. I can’t think of anything more important, other than educating the voters about our candidates.


    Can’t wait to hear what you have to report back after your meeting with JK. RFK’s article in The Rolling Stone is the break we’ve been waiting for in my estimation.

  17. Connie said:

    “Thanks for all the “unsung hero” work you are doing re fair voting in NY. I can’t think of anything more important, other than educating the voters about our candidates.”

    Um…why is “educating the voters about our candidates” more important that fair elections?

    If the electorate knows every single thing about all candidates in a race, what difference does it make if they can’t vote for the candidate they want?


  18. Brad

    You raise a good point there my friend. If we could clone you and Marjorie G and few others, we might get somewhere with this issue.

  19. “what difference does it make if they can’t vote for the candidate they want?”

    There is no evidence that most people cannot vote for those they want. There are certainly faults in the system which need to be fixed, but they affect voters for each party.

    To claim there is a conspiracy to prevent votes for Democrats is harmful as it gives Democratic voters the false impression that they might as well not vote, or work for candidates, as their votes will not be counted.

    There are already plenty of factors which cause unnecessary voter suppression. There’s no point in adding yet another. It would be far better if those Democrats concerned about fair and transparent elections joined with Republcans and Independents who agree with the need for fair elections to find a bipartisan solution which has a fighting chance of being adopted.

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