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John Kerry to Address Pacific Council in Los Angeles

by Pamela Leavey

On Thursday, June 1, John Kerry will speak at the Pacific Council on International Policy in Los Angeles. The meeting will be chaired by former Secretary of State Warren Christopher, who is Co-Chair of the Pacific Council’s Board of Directors.

John Kerry, who has served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for 21 years and has called for the redeployment of American combat troops from Iraq by the end of the year, will address national security issues from proliferation in Iran and North Korea, to the need for a change of course in Iraq.

The Pacific Council on International Policy is a non-partisan membership organization comprising globally-oriented business, civic and government leaders on the West Coast. Founded in 1995 in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations and the University of Southern California, the Council is an independent 501(c)3 organization headquartered in Los Angeles. For additional information, please visit www.pacificcouncil.org.

5 Responses to “John Kerry to Address Pacific Council in Los Angeles”

  1. Pamela,
    Any other events in LA or SD where JK might appear? If so, I’d love to go.


  2. YvonneCa

    I have not heard anything yet. I was hoping he might be out here endorsing a candidate or two for the primary next week. If I remember correctly both our Dem Gov candidates endorsed him, which makes for a awkward moment. If I find out more, I’ll post it and get in touch. 🙂

  3. Pamela,

    Thank you so much for the reply. That’s what I was thinking, too. He’s also supporting Francine Busby (Duke Cunningham’s seat) in San Diego, and she has a couple of events around that time in La Jolla with Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein.


  4. Yvonne

    Are you still on the JK.com email list? They usually send email alerts to people when there is a fundraiser in their area (I think). I’ll check tomorrow and see if anything is scheduled.

  5. Pamela,

    Yes…I’m one of the 3 (5) million. 🙂