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New Bush Policy Adviser Admits Altering Text

by Pamela Leavey

Bush’s new domestic policy adviser, Karl Zinsmeister, acknowledged that he “took a newspaper profile of himself, altered quotes and text, and then posted it on a Web site without noting the changes.” How very unethical of the new policy adviser to Bush… he should fit right in to the Bush White House.

Looking back, this is foolish,” he said in a telephone interview Friday evening. Zinsmeister said he did it to correct the record while protecting a young journalist who had made mistakes.

This admission came about because on Friday morning the New York Sun’s Josh Gerstein disclosed that shortly after the weekly Syracuse New Times published a profile of Zinsmeister in August 2004, Zinsmeister posted an altered copy of the profile on the Web site of the American Enterprise Institute’s magazine, which he edits.

The Syracuse paper had requested to interview Zinsmeister, who lives near Syracuse, because of his writings about the Iraq war. The article quoted him saying critical things about ordinary Iraqis, Washington elites and upper-class parents. It also contained a quote questioning the Bush administration’s execution of the war.

White House press puppet Tony Snow gave Friday Zinsmeister a pat on the back for his liberty in making the changes. Intimating that Zinsmeister was well-intentioned, Snow said, “This was done not out of animosity; it was an attempt to set the record straight and he did it in an unartful way.”

3 Responses to “New Bush Policy Adviser Admits Altering Text”

  1. Tony needs a dictionary. ‘Unartful’? Artful is : shrewd, deceitful, cunning, insincere, and falsehearted. So Un- is
    clumsy? stupid? Maybe he meant both.

    Zinsmeister should be fired as an editor. Which means he will get a pay raise.

  2. Yeah Ginny sounds like he’ll fit in perfectly.

    Reminds me of when Bush et al started attacking Democrats/Liberals of trying to rewrite history a couple years ago. Within a few days of that some people started pointing out some previously posted documents/speeches on the White House site had suddenly been edited(without adding any update/date notification), removing some statements/words etc in conflict of their latest spin or current version of “history”.

  3. Dave from P,

    As they say, History is written by the winners. And since that was usually not women, they didn’t get it right the first time.

    Speaking of, I think the rewriting on Viet Nam is very interesting. The GOP got the conflict in ’69. Within a few years the resistance WITHIN the ranks was so bad they had to stop the ground war. Sir, No Sir is all the more interesting because all of it was in the news – it just got replaced by Rambo, who made us feel better. And the GOP are the ones who do war best?

    I’m thinking of all that training the GOP does for political wannabes. There must be several classes in how to speak out of both sides of your mouth. Aren’t these the folks who don’t believe in coddling people? That you ought to suffer the consequences of being wrong. So Zpinsmeister rewrites the article “protecting a young journalist who had made mistakes.” GOP: 2 mistakes make it right, if that doesnt work, keep repeating until it does.

    Then there’s the application essay for a W job: the shrewdist, most deceitful, and falsehearted thing you ever did – and got away with.