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Not Ready For Prime Time

by RonChusid

Lamont Ad

Check out the ad for Ned Lamont, who is challenging Joe Lieberman for the Democratic nomination.

Yes, that’s Kos lurking outside the window, and eventually making it into the house. Perhaps this is what he means by crashing the gates. Conservative bloggers are having lots of fun with this. I can’t say I blame them this time.

8 Responses to “Not Ready For Prime Time”

  1. Oh boy…

    It’s cute. But does every know that it’s Kos or do those who don’t think there’s some excited Lamont supporters?

  2. I suspect the ad might have been made more to play on line by those who know Kos than to be an actual ad. I wonder if they are really playing this much on the air. (I certainly hope not).

  3. The website says “go on the air in the traditional media this afternoon.”

    Got to give them some credit, the netroots has pushed Lamont and seems to be actually getting somewhere.

  4. I’m sure they’ll play it, but will it be a rare showing or a real part of his tv ad campaign?

    If I were them, I’d show it once (at most) on the lowest viewed tv channel in the state and then leave it for online viewing.

  5. I am really wondering who’s in charge here.

    Isn’t this actually a commercial makes Daily Kos the main product which is being sold? His other commercial wants us to believe that Lamont is “Underdog”, the cartoon super-hero, who is here to save the day. Doesn’t Lamont get it? He’s not coming off as a decisive, on-top-of-the-situation man of leadership. Instead, he may be the puppy on the chain.


  6. I’m fan, but you should really stop bashing Kos whenever the opportunity presents itself, Ron. Let’s try and focus our outrage on the guys that really deserve it: Rubberstamp Republicans, and Democrats like Joe Lieberman.

  7. David,

    I call them as I see them. I’ve had posts both criticial of Kos and others defending him. This is an honest report on the commercial, with a link for all to see the actual commercial to form their own opinion. Other blogs, such as MyDD, which is usually favorable to Kos, also had a number of negative comments on this commercial.

    That’s in contrast to Kos, who has frequently attacked Kerry by outright lying about what he has said (and which has genereally been the source of my posts critical of Kos). If you oppose unfair bashing, it’s Kos you should be speaking to.

    Actually I see this as more criticism of Lamont who is ultimatley responsible for his advertising–the ad would be just as bad if he used someone other than Kos. If you want to get rid of Democrats like Lieberman, Lamont is going to have to do a much better job than this. Hopefully it is just a stunt to get attention in the blogosphere and is not representative of the ads he is really concentrating on.

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