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John Kerry on The Stephanie Miller Show

by Pamela Leavey

John Kerry was on the Stephanie Miller show today.

You can listen to the interview here.
(hat tip to Zulchzulu of DU and KerrySupport.com)

It was a great interview!

6 Responses to “John Kerry on The Stephanie Miller Show”

  1. Is there a transcript? The posted link didn’t work, at least not from my browser.

  2. http://www.stephaniemiller.com/bits/2006_0517_kerry.mp3

    I finally went to Stephanie Miller’s show, and after a long while heard a great interview. Chatty, a good answer to the IWR, again, even a nod to election fraud.

    We’re seeing and hearing the Kerry they were talking about in 1999, very witty and unexpected.

    Oy, vey, camapaigns are such awful crucibles.

  3. MBK

    I’m sorry, the link is working now!

    I’ve got a sinus infection and just started taking some antibiotics that have knocked me on my butt, my brain is not working right today.

  4. Yeah, Pamela Leavey to the rescue! I caught the post about this show at JK.com and went to the Stephanie Miller Show website. Looked like a pay to play deal, but somebody else came through and you found it, thanks!
    BTW – if you’re feeling rotten try to find some good aromatherapy products 😉

  5. Sorry, left out the *wink* up there!

  6. Sorry, left out the *wink* up there!

    I listened to the show, the Senator was excellent and very humorous while letting her veiwers know about what he stands for and answers the pundits of the ’04 campaign extremely well.