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John Kerry on DKos: When Is Enough Really Enough?

by Pamela Leavey

John Kerry is issuing a serious slap down today on the latest news on the domestic spying, the NSA and General Hayden’s nomination to the CIA (see earlier post). In advance of his speech today at American University (text to follow this post) Kerry just posted a diary on DKos, here’s a few quips…

When Is Enough Really Enough?

We’ve got a government run by people who hold themselves above the law — in the way they not only treat prisoners in Abu Ghraib, but assert unchecked power to spy on American citizens.

We know the consequences. We witnessed the CIA being bullied by the Rumsfeld Pentagon and the Cheney White House into shredding its credibility with unfounded claims of “slam dunk” evidence for mythical weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

But where’s the insistence that – after having lives lost to this abuse of power and more lives on the line – we’re going to demand an accountability moment?

Now that the President has tapped the chief defender of his warrantless wiretapping program to become CIA Director, what are we going to do about the nomination of Michael Hayden to head this wayward agency?

13 Responses to “John Kerry on DKos: When Is Enough Really Enough?”

  1. John Kerry issues a “slap down” of Bush.

    How do the KosKlowns respond–by trying to slap down JK.

    My response at Kos:

    I just don’t get all the negative comments here. Does anyone really disagree with what Senator Kerry is writing? Does anyone here prefer Bush’s actions over what Kerry has to say?

    Sure this is more talk than action, but there is little that a member of the minority party can do other than spread the word and work towards becoming the majority party. Kerry has been a leader in reaising money assisting other candidates in hopes of achieving this.

    Do you prefer the words of some other Democrat? Fine–no problem. The primary battles of 2004 are long over, and it is too early to worry about picking sides for 2008. The voices of many are welcome. The more people who speak out against Bush the better.

    What makes no sense is to respond to such criticism of Bush with attacks on those who raise the criticism. Those who do so should not wonder if they see signs of the party establishment failing to take the “netroots” seriously.

  2. You nailed it Ron! 🙂

  3. Ron

    I just voted you up on that comment – aargh… there is a way to do this better.

  4. Gotta leave for work in 45 mins. But I just wanted to Thank Sen. Kerry once again.

    I skimmed through and found the comments for Pamela, Ron, and Ginny. Recommended all of couse 🙂 Going in for a 15 hour shift so won’t be on tonight.

  5. Ron,

    I also voted up your comment. Again, well said.

  6. Donnie

    Don’t work too hard!

  7. Well said Ron- the thing about some of these left leaning blogs is they trash JK and their won precious favorites are silent as church mice.

    Personally I think JK should post on other sites. Kos is a waste of time in my opinion even though many so called liberals and progressives go there his site isn’t the only one.

    I haven’t been to Kos in a while now and have no intention of going to the site anytime soon. Left leaning blogs won’t be taken seriously unless they stop the hate and participate in a civilized discussions.
    Sure the dem leadership pisses me off and I’m sick of talk of hil winning in 08 before 06 is done. I think reid and pelosi need to be removed after 06 from their leadership posts but Kerry doesn’t deserve the venom from these people.

    These damn people need to be glad somebody is speaking out at all. The media and GOP don’t need to distort and trash the character of decent dems the left does it for them along with the Middle.

    Why do they hold Kerry to a higher standard than Hil, Warner, Feingold and yes even Gore?

    The dems trashing their own presidential candidate was on of the reasons why bush was able to steal 04 I don’t care what anyone says.

  8. “Why do they hold Kerry to a higher standard than Hil, Warner, Feingold and yes even Gore?”

    Pen, I always wonder the same thing. The cockroaches always come out a day or two after Kerry opens his mouth or does something positive. He must be really getting under their skin.

  9. Indie- I mean nobody else gets this kind of visceral attack in the party.

    Heck Hil fence sits on every issue and Bayh and Warner on security issues? Give me a freakin break.

    They always preface their arguments by taking pot shots at JK in 04 when it comes to security but they can’t do any better. If they could they would have ran against an incumbent war time president.

    The GOP is more willing to give its past nominees a second chance than the party of the people. That sucks.

  10. I agree. It’s just like the whole Kerry/Feingold/Gore rivalry that the left and pundits are trying to stir up.

    Gore/Feingold are the new red-meat liberal darlings to them, but at the same they gripe that Kerry isn’t liberal enough despite the Senate record.

    What’s sad about this is that I like Gore and his “new” supporters are jumping on the bandwagon like is perfect now.

    A DUer in the Kerry group had an excellent smackdown at Kos to a hate on Kerry, promote Feingold poster. It was right on the money.

  11. Pen

    “The dems trashing their own presidential candidate was on of the reasons why bush was able to steal 04 I don’t care what anyone says.”

    I certainly don’t think they were much help at all. There were some that could have been far more help than they were.

  12. My post at dKos (and only after reccs to all the names, and posts, that were in support of Kerry):


    To me, John Kerry represents hope. He did in before, he does now. I understand that he doesn’t represent hope for everyone. Que sara… we’re all individuals in a group. @;-)

    And, while as dire as Selection 2000 was for me at the time, I never quite believed things would have to go as low and insane as they have gone (worse-case scenario times 100,000,000,000), the fact that people like John Kerry and Al Gore are still in the field– men who were in bruising campaigns– fighting hard as they are now, helps keep my spirit afloat. And that’s important, because giving up isn’t an option for patriots.

    We’ve all spoken truth to power and felt the effects of doing so. It isn’t a pretty or pleasant experience. The urge to strike back in the same manner we’ve been attacked is tempting, but ultimately, in my opinion, a waste of time, energy and integrity.

    In the chorus of voices who have been continually chanting against the Bush Wall of Deception, the Ray McGoverns and Steven Colberts are beginning to be spotlighted. And old voices, the Scrowcrofts, the Wilsons, the Clarkes & etcs are being replayed in the refrains. We’re louder and we’re filling the air with truth, idealism and love of country. Also, responsibility and a sense of the world as one.

    It’s all good. 🙂 We will prevail. Nothing has been in vain.

    I celebrate everyone’s voice in this chorus.

  13. Pamela- my thing was if the dems didnt want to support their presidential nominee then why didn’t they just keep their mouth shut and say nothing or talk about their record.

    Well, 04 is over but damn the betrayal of JK by some of the dems in congress still rankle my last nerve till this day especially when I see them on TV making snarky comments but are to cowardly to call JK by his name.

    JK does represent hope and Gore does in a different way but not as president. Granted I’d vote for gore over hil anyday.

    Indie- why to some lefties insist on starting wars with other members of the party. If your the party out of power you’d think they spend their energy punching the other side but instead they stab their own warriors.

    Now bush got the nerve to promote his brother for pres. Puleeze, Jeb blew that chance when he arranged for his brother to steal FLorida in 2000.