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John Kerry on the Republican Tax Plan: It’s a “Raw Deal for Our Children”

by Pamela Leavey

John Kerry released the following statement today on Republican Tax Plan, which coupled with the fiscal ’07 budget plan could put another bump in the debt ceiling.

“This tax deal is a raw deal for our children, our future and 99 percent of American families.

“The Alternative Minimum Tax will hit 23 million hardworking families next year because they were too busy giving the retiring executive of Exxon a $42,000-plus tax break and capitol gains cuts for his stock sales.

“This deal continues to throw billions at oil companies that even the President told Congress they don’t need. It’s the right thing to do to repeal these exorbitant giveaways for the oil industry and save American taxpayers well over $28 billion, but this Congress refuses to do it.

“Americans are working harder and harder and keeping less of their money. We should be giving tax cuts to those families – not millionaires and oil companies.”

The WaPo reports that with this tax plan deal the Republicans hatched out, “Middle-income households would receive an average tax cut of just $20 from the agreement, according to the joint Brooking Institution-Urban Institute Tax Policy Center, while the 0.2 percent of households with incomes over $1 million would get average tax cuts of $42,000.”

2 Responses to “John Kerry on the Republican Tax Plan: It’s a “Raw Deal for Our Children””

  1. Gotta to show how the voters kids will be paying for it in the years to come and how much it will make us more indebt to foreign countries.

    If there is one thing that make all americans cringe its that foreign countries hols so much of our debt and there is no relief in sight.

    Stress fiscal responsibility.

  2. Absoulutely pen.