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Bill O’Reilly for Kerry ’08?

by Pamela Leavey

John Kerry received a thumbs up for a second presidential run in ’08 from a very unlikely pundit today – Fox News’ own Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly for Kerry ’08? Will wonders never cease… well, let’s put aside the partisan snark for a moment, I doubt we’ll catch Bill O’Reilly on the campaign trail, if Kerry does decide to run, but in the meantime, O’Reilly does see Kerry as a viable candidate in ‘o8.

Boston Herald

If I were him, I’d do it. What’s he got to lose? He’s got huge name recognition. He almost won last time,” said the ex-Boston newsguy turned cable news heavyweight.

“I think he’s got to come out a little bit more specific,” said O’Reilly, who plans to have Kerry as a guest on an upcoming segment of “The O’Reilly Factor.”

“If he is more specific and does engage the folks, he’s got a good shot. He’s got a lot of experience. He’s got respect abroad. I think he’s a smart guy. We need some strong leadership in this country.”

I should note that O’Reilly also sees Mitt Romney as a viable candidate in ’08, “He has a chance,” says O’Reilly, “but he’s an outside shot.”

My sources tell me that Kerry has been an guest on the Bill O’Reilly show in the past and yes, he will be on again in the future. With O’Reilly’s golden boy Bush and the GOP being so low in the polls lately, it’s no small wonder he’s looking elsewhere for some real leadership.

28 Responses to “Bill O’Reilly for Kerry ’08?”

  1. My head just exploded.

  2. LOL! Will wonder’s never cease.

  3. OK did I just get beamed up? I just choked on my cup of coffee!!

  4. OMG.

  5. color me impressed!

  6. What’s up everyone do we think the sky is falling?

  7. I think heaven just descended.

  8. Teresa

    Thank will be in Nov 08 when JK has secured the office!

  9. Seem to remember O’Reilly making similar noises during primary season, sensing either Dean would win it (and he wouldn’t be stuck), or Kerry would (and he’d be front seat with an old Boston connection). At the time, Bill’s ratings needed boosting. Competition at the time with Tweety, maybe?

    I think O’Reilly has respect for Kerry, but all the Fox shills have since gone over to the dark side.

  10. “If he is more specific and does engage the folks, he’s got a good shot. He’s got a lot of experience. He’s got respect abroad. I think he’s a smart guy. We need some strong leadership in this country.”

    WTF will his fans think after this one? I am at a lost!!

  11. He seems sneaky. I don’t trust Faux.

  12. O’Reilly sad not long ago he thought we needed to get the F out of Iraq. He’s not totally blind.

  13. Hey kids check this out on MYDD –


  14. O’Reilly was fair to Kerry during the primary campaign–when he wasn’t actually running against a Republican.

    He’ll continue to say good things about Kerry, unless Kerry wins the nomination and O’Reilly gets back into partisan mode for the general election. Then he’ll ignore every good thing he every said about Kerry.

  15. Maybe somebody spiked his Kool Aid just for laughs…

    Ron is probably correct. O’Reilly may also have developed a strategy for thwarting the Media Matters interesting statistics on talk shows. This one has to go in a positive remarks count. Offset, as Ron suggests, by the nasties when the campaign really starts.

  16. Ron is 100% correct.

    I saw the interview he had with JK during the primary as was impressed at the time. You could tell O’Reilly knew and respected JK and I remembered thinking at the time, hmm could O’Reilly actually end up supporting JK during the general election to try to “prove” he wasn’t just the right-wing GOP partisan that he obviously is?(He tries to pretend on his show that he’s not a hard core Republican, he’s an independent 😉 a yeah, right LOL! It’s the No Spin Zone ya know…). Once JK had the nomination sewed up O’Reilly was in non-stop attack/smear Kerry mode

    Just like when JK was on “Kudlow and Cramer” during the primaries. They both treated JK very well and appeared to have a lot of respect for JK on the show but during the general election Kudlow non-stop trashed JK.

    Guys like O’Reilly and Kudlow would NEVER support JK and not just because they are both GOP partisans, if for no other reason than simply because JK had stated that he would roll back the Bush tax cuts on people making over 200K a year. Do you know how much that would cost both those guys each year, 6 figures minimum. Guys like them ALWAYS put short term $ over country every time.

  17. I agree with Indie-something doesn’t seem right. OReilly complimenting JK and Ol Rupert giving hil a fundraiser. Faux hedging their bets indeed.

    There is nothing good coming from faux and especially O’Reilly.

    Like Ron said he’s giving JK kudoos now but if he gets the nomination then watch the knives fly.

    JK just better watch his back with Oreilly because the folks at fox would love nothing better to get JK in a blunder and use it to sink him.

    Good luck on the devil- I mean Oreilly show senator.

  18. pen Says:
    May 9th, 2006 at 9:15 pm

    “JK just better watch his back with Oreilly because the folks at fox would love nothing better to get JK in a blunder and use it to sink him.”

    Pen, if you keep that up, you will become one of my heroes 😉

  19. Pamela Leavey Says:
    May 9th, 2006 at 6:30 pm

    Nice! Three DemDaily links on their ewire front page currently and I saw a bunch of other links from earlier as well!

  20. Hey Donnie- I admit it I don’t trust faux and I know JK can handle himself just fine but as soon as he’s off the screen the snark will come about him not connecting even though he does. I guess I’m just wary of anything GOP.

    I wonder if hil will go on oreilly’s show:-)

    After all if she’ll let the man who used her and her husband’s misfortunes to make his network number 1 then she’ll do just about anything.

  21. Hey, Rupert Murdock is giving a fundraiser for Hil, and been seen meeting. Great outreach to the other side, and feel the center will feel very comfortable with a twice elected husband of the candidate. Deliberate confusion of who is running. Remember the pitch before of getting two for the price of one.

  22. Then we have Kerry who is and always stand up and great on the progressive issues. Just like our base says they want, so we’ll see.

  23. Hey Marjorie G,

    I saw that deal between Murdock and Hillary. Couldn’t believe it. Not surprised though, once a power grabber, always a power grabber. And you know what, that power grabber statement works both ways with those two.

    Can Hillary be trusted, no not really.

    JK and O’Reilly – who’d thought.

  24. pen Says:
    May 9th, 2006 at 9:38 pm

    Pen, The funny thing is, that I was looking at some pics I took during the storm. I could not help but think about how my transformation came about. Time flies when you know you are wrong. And boy was I wrong!!

    It hard to believe that I have made so much progress in such a short amount of time. Can you believe that a web search led me to this sight, and it was an accident? I have a story for you, that might brighten up your day, and give you hope.

    You know how I came out of the storms here, but there is something that no one here knows. What The Dem Daily got when I came to them, was the former leader of an internet group that was dedicated to the preservation of the confederate and southern heritage. Not racist, but it might still be viewed as such by some. I tried to keep it to the preservation of historical sights and such. There was an inside coup at one time, and I almost lost control of the group. I refused to bow down to the more radical element that showed up. The thing that really set off the fireworks, was a comment about me not being a member of a dysfuctional group of rednecks wearing sheets.

    When I “Freaked Out” as they called it, I posted the email of one of the members. Harsh to say the least, on here. So I guess we all can still learn and grow.

    List of complaints against me:

    1: As a Former Marine, I should respect the President, and know better than what I said. This shows a lack of character in our leader.

    2: The bringing of non southerners into talks was unaccptable

    3: As a leader, my outspoken views against quote: “Leaders of the South” was not becoming a southern gentleman.

    4: My constant time as a POW/MIA activist did not allow enough time to further the southern cause, and took from my time to do what is right.

    5: Bringing in outside activist in a cause that is not in line with our goal, is treason and needs to stop now. We are southern, and they are not.

    My response? I hereby disband the group, and hope you can grow up in the future. I have a higher calling, and that calling is to my people of my state. You preach it, I live it. PS I started it, so you can’t use the name, so go kiss Bush’s ass. I can’t stand the F’er

    Southern Regards,

  25. You tell’em Donnie!!

  26. Hell has officially frozen over! However, like many of you, I don’t expect the Kerry/O’Reilly and Hillary/Murdoch love to last. Both O’Reilly and Murdoch have stabbed people in the back before, and they’ll do it again.

  27. Teresa,

    That was almost a year ago. Needless to say, I don’t get amy mail from any of them. LOL no big loss there. What got to me the most, was the attitude that my being a Former Marine demanded that I respect Bush as Pres. I don’t think so!!

  28. Donnie, rising from the ashes is a powerful thing and that is what you and the residents from the gulf are doing.

    You all are forging a new path for the rest of the country in how we will deal with mega disasters in the future and I hope folks take notice because you can’t depend on uncle sam for a blame thing.

    It takes guts to admit when we are wrong about something and its not always easy but you get kudoos from me for doing so.

    How is the buz about the upcoming Mayor election going?