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Was Colbert Funny?

by RonChusid


Richard Cohen of the Washington Post says Stephen Colbert was Not So Funny. In order to announce this with authority, he insists he is a funny guy. He claims to have credentials in being funny. At least he doesn’t claim board certification or obtaining any continuing education credit hours in being funny. Primarily he claims that his elementary school teachers thought he was funny.

I find ths a strange way to pass judgement on Colbert’s comedy routine last weekend–and comedy routine was exactly what it was. I would assume that who ever invited Colbert expected something of this nature considering that Colbert did exactly what he does on his show. If Cohen found it improper to make fun of the President in this manner, as many right wing bloggers do, I would disagree but at least understand his objections. If he disagreed with some of the facts behind the criticism, again we’d disagree but there would be something to discuss. To simply say Colbert was not funny is not a very meaningful comment. Cohen actually gets paid for writing that?

So Richard Cohen thought he wasn’t funny. I thought he was funny, and so did many others. This is obvious from the response in the blogosphere. We see it in the comments. We are now on the fifth day of tremendously increased hits from people who are interested in the transcript or discussion. More blogs linked to our transcript of Colbert than anything we’ve ever posted, and far more people have followed those links. I bet a few of these people found Colbert to be funny.

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2 Responses to “Was Colbert Funny?”

  1. I loved Stephen Colbert’s routine. I think it was so true to what he does on his show and what he did on The Daily Report. If anyone had taken the time to watch his show would have known what they were in for. The truth hurts all the time, and Bush needs to hear the TRUTH once in a while.

  2. Reality check, Richard, satire is about unfunny situations.
    Remember the one suggesting the Irish could solve their famine by eating the unwanted babies? That did bomb.

    Some of us are so angry, bitter, and frustrated we have to use dark humor to balance the tears. Endorphins are hard to come by these days. Adrenaline is at toxic levels.

    No it isn’t so funny. At least King George can’t behead the Court Jester, yet.