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Fox News Responsible For This Mess

by RonChusid

Fox News

The Washington Post reports that George Bush may have Fox News to thank for the 2000 election. They don’t get into the manner in which Fox’s premature call for Bush may have given the presumption of victory, but do look at Fox’s effect on influencing voters:

Yes, suggest data collected by two economists who found that the growth of the Fox cable news network in the late 1990s may have significantly boosted the Republican Party’s share of the vote in the 2000 election and delivered Florida to Bush.

“Our estimates imply that Fox News convinced 3 to 8 percent of its audience to shift its voting behavior towards the Republican Party, a sizable media persuasion effect,” said Stefano DellaVigna of the University of California at Berkely and Ethan Kaplan of Stockholm University.

In Florida alone, they estimate, the Fox effect may have produced more than 10,000 additional votes for Bush — clearly a decisive factor in a state he carried by fewer than 600 votes.

2 Responses to “Fox News Responsible For This Mess”

  1. Well, it’s always nice when some group of scientist’s verify what you already knew. Not that the folks who rejected our ideas will change their minds because some scientific evidence supports it. Those numbers lie (like the GOP?)

    The analysis missed one aspect of the Democratic choices. It would have been hard for the test to be designed to look at this too, but the other explanation for the Democrats lack of loyalty to any one station is a lack of respect for the MSM in general. Yes, we are much more likely to get our news from more than one source, and we avoid FOX because we are fully aware that their journalism is lower than muckraking – not just because they provide news differing from our views.
    Media Matters for America gives us the low down on how many of their stories contain outright lies and other false information. That’s what we need to know about their ‘news’, not go there to waste time listening to it.

    I keep wondering what kind of battle we will have to reign in the conglomerates and move back to independent media over infotainment. Perhaps the web will take care of some of that.

  2. The analysis of choices of media is a bit simplistic. The question of whether someone is a news versus advocacy source (such as Fox) is a major issue.