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CNN Reports on Mistaken WMD Intelligence

by RonChusid

While we weren’t looking someone snuck some real reporters back into CNN. On Sunday at 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. they will be airing a show entitled Dead Wrong — Inside an Intelligence Meltdown looking at the intelligence errors leading up to the Iraq war.

According to CNN, the show “pieces together the events leading up to the mistaken WMD intelligence that was presented to the public. A presidential commission that investigated the pre-war WMD intelligence found much of it to be ‘dead wrong.'”

10 Responses to “CNN Reports on Mistaken WMD Intelligence”

  1. Curious how accidental or manipulated, and by whom, the resulting report will show.

  2. Real reporters on CNN? I might just have to stop my MSM boycott and get cable back.

    Sometimes this stuff creates wild fantasies. If we could show that Gore did win the FL
    vote and that W misled the country into war, could we go for a special presidential election? If we impeach Bush, we still have Cheney… also falsely elected.

    Ok, back to reality

  3. Marjorie,

    Check the linked article. Presumably the show will take a similar approach. Josh Marshall also posted that he expects to have a copy to review tomorrow.

  4. So true. Any excuse not to face reality, and do the hard work really necessary.

  5. Ginny,

    Unfortunately there is no mechanism for a new election. Best case scenario if you want to fantasize is that Democrats take control of Congress based upon information on Bush misdeeds getting out. Bush and Cheney are both impeached (with Bush not getting a chance to name a new VP to replace Chaney). Nancy Pelosi moves from Speaker of the House to President.

  6. Ron,

    And generating a mechanism for a new election would be a battle we don’t have time for. I deal with stress in flights of fancy other than lying on a beach:)

    I haven’t given up on impeachment. For some DUH reason, I wasn’t thinking about the
    Speaker of the House being a Democrat…

    Age and stress are really getting to my brain.

  7. Ginny,

    Realistically I think there is little chance Bush would ever be impeached without the Democrats controlling Congress. Therefore if we accept a scenario where he is impeached and removed from office, the extra leap to having a Democratic Speaker is minimial.

  8. Ron,

    Exactly. It isn’t even a leap, more like something right under my nose. Just wearing
    the rose tinted glasses instead of the bifocals. I’ll work on that:)

  9. Ginny in Co,

    Don’t get your hopes up about the MSM, ESPECIALLY cable “news”. CNN & MSNBC are both almost as bad as Faux News much of the time and have been for at least a few years. I was having trouble deciding which of the two was worst and decided CNN wins during the day time from their morning show on, all either outright conservative hosts or complete right-wing echo chamber conventional wisdom regurgitators(sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between the two since they have the same result). MSNBC wins in the evenings, all GOP anti-Dem hosts, except for Keith Olbermann, but his Countdown show isn’t a political show like the others, so they were willing to hire him I guess. Though Frank Luntz reported a several months back that CNN was the most dependable propaganda organ of the GOP after Faux and he should know, so I guess CNN actually wins between the two.

    Unfortunately, I think MSNBC and CNN actually do more damage than Faux does. Only the GOP drooler base doesn’t know that Faux is not a news channel, just the main propaganda arm of the GOP right. Most people, including moderates and many liberals, still somehow think MSNBC and CNN are “liberal” or lean left. That’s why they do so much damage. When you hear the same things on them as on the rest of the right-wing media, many folks are going to think, hmm I guess it isn’t a smear or spin it really must be true…

  10. Dave from Princeton,

    In case you get back to this. Thanks for that info. I’m donating the extra money to Dem candidates. It also reinforces a point I have made about the effect of the false “liberal media bias” creating a tendency to “adjust’ news reports to account for suspected spin.

    Pretty sad when we have to listen to our national news and try to decide what’s true, twisted, echo, etc.