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Kerry Speaks the Truth to Power – Dissent Is Patriotic

by Pamela Leavey

John Kerry spoke the truth to power today in an awe-inspiring speech at Faneuil Hall in Boston. The text of the speech is available here.

Below are a couple photos from the speech, we’ll add more when available…

(AP Photo/Lisa Poole)

(AP Photo/Lisa Poole)
John Kerry, embraces Judith Droz Keyes after Keyes addressed a crowd, Saturday, April 22, 2006, at Boston’s Faneuil Hall.

John Kerry and Judith Droz Keyes listening to Captain Jonathon Powers.

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John Kerry’ Speech at Boston’s Faneuil Hall: “A Right and Responsibility to Speak Out”
For John Kerry, History Repeats Itself: “Patriotism is Truth, Today As In Vietnam”
35 Years and What Have We Learned?

More photos here.

67 Responses to “Kerry Speaks the Truth to Power – Dissent Is Patriotic”

  1. Oh good god, that’s a beautiful man.

  2. John Kerry IS the Real Deal!
    (nod to Lou, where ever you are!)

  3. He is beautiful inside and out, as is his partner, Teresa.

    Bless them both.

  4. You said it perfectly KJ.

    The Real Deal

  5. Judith Droz Keyes, her husband was Donald Droz, got killed in Vietnam right after JK shipped out. I met their daughter during the campaign.

  6. And he’s

  7. And The Shadow Knows.

  8. Pamela,

    He may be the Shadow President. With a laser light saber!

  9. Yes the Shadow knows!

  10. True, one and all. What lovely people the Kerry’s are. I’m a very proud supporter today – and everyday!

  11. Thanks for the pictures, Pamela! That second one of him is just incredible. Very poignant about Droz, who was killed in Vietnam only a couple of weeks after Kerry left.

  12. Oh, seems the answer was red. – the tie :)

    Sort of fits the flaming message…

  13. Here is a new Kerry thread – go there


    Still some talk about it at http://www.democracycellproject.net

  14. Slugbug

    There’s still talk about here too. It’s great that some want to talk about JK when there are big speeches. We do it here everyday.

  15. It’s a slow and excruciating process to try and get the public’s head out of the negative and think about the future and solutions. This has always been one of JK’s greatest challenges and why many resist him unless there is some remarkable big speech, which he delivers on a regular basis.

    The people complain about the sewer rats dominating public discourse, yet they hang on every disgusting word, begging for more. They whine hysterically about an end to the war in Iraq, yet blithely go by a man’s offer of solutions, turning back quickly to the criminals.

    Kerry’s message of pride, hope, and forward motion are hard for most to follow, but they will have to in the end. The details really don’t matter. Kerry continues and has always been on a spiritual path. One which is so often solo.

    John Kerry has taught me quickly how to recognize who I am, continue doing what I know is best, and to let a lot of things slide while gradually, the others catch on.
    The calmer and more confident we are, the more we help Kerry’s purpose.

    The people at the large sites are more like the masses and settle at the lowest common denominator. We at sites like DD, are ahead of the crowd. It is in our best interests I think to help the others move up, but remember to be patient and lead by example.

    Kerry on, my loving friends.

  16. Teresa

    We are above the rest of the crowd! And that’s a good thing.

  17. “Above the battlefield,” as my good friend Nancy says.

    Kerry on to you, Teresa. You’re a shot of spirit and soul. {{{Teresa}}}

  18. Pam, kj

    I’ve never identified with the crowd but I’ve been unwilling to lead up till now. I think it’s time to take more initiative, as the people seem to be slighyly more interested in moving ahead.

    Above the battlefield is right and who knows better than Kerry.

    I was advised once to be aware of the folks behind me as I’ve always forged ahead alone without looking back. There is far too much territory to cover in this life to be held back by others. But if the time has come for some sort of group advancement, then I will be of service. Maybe the feat is to induce them to follow but don’t keep coddling and looking at them. Just keep our sights ahead. They will follow naturally. Some will drop by the wayside, but enough should be coming.

  19. Where the heck is Dave from P?

  20. Nice speech. Very presidential pics. :)

  21. This is a good subject and I’ve given it a lot of thought. I believe there is a very good chance that John Kerry will be leading this country for awhile and those of us who have recognized this are part of the whole picture. We too have leadership responsibilities with this coming new trend, and I think it’s time to hone our skills and get ready.
    People like Marcos serve a purpose but he isn’t a true visionary leader and will probably not be part of the new paradigm in any significant way. Let him have his day. He’s jumping the gun, anyway. Another fractured ego searches for significance and can we really blame him? His grasp is too greedy. But there is some contribution to the whole.

    The next wave of leadership is about to emerge and we want to time it perfectly and be prepared. A sort of Army of the Righteous is on deck, it seems, as we sheath our swords and move on to a more mature and responsible approach to our problems and the worlds’.

  22. Teresa, I hope you know I (think) I understand what you’re saying above. There is only the path ahead… and when we’re lucky enough to find partners along that road who understand that it not only a group journey, but an individual journey and quest, then there is no issue of ego to contend with. Because, after all, who cares? It’s our own journey.


  23. Last I heard, Dave from P fell in love with another ranter. 😉

  24. Teresa, and I do like to “quest with the best.” 😉

  25. Well said, KJ, my high spirited bud!!!

  26. I notice whenever the trolls bring up or bash Kerry, they bring up Feingold. Who’s day is it anyway? (rolleyes).

  27. Got a heads up from Fedup, there is a fantastic video created today to honor John Kerry’s speech at:


  28. Teresa, birds of a feather! @;-)

  29. KJ

    Dave from P is cheating on me?

  30. KJ advises me there is yet another Daily Kos Kerry-related blog so I must go look – the link won’t open.

    Of course this site talks more about Kerry than other blogs – that’s just a given.

    What I recommend is that you all spread the spirit to other blogs but not make comparisons – just do what you do best!

    I will come here for Kerry-related information but expect other blogs to be more general & that is fine.

  31. Wrong!

    The KJ-recommended Kerry-related blog is at Democratic Underground, not Daily Kos. I can’t open it because I’m not registered there.

    Check it out!

  32. How to get it to you, Slug? It’s worth seeing!

  33. Pamela, I think he is. @;-)

  34. Slugbug, you have mail!

  35. KJ

    I’m crushed… he broke my heart. 😉

  36. I know. I came “this close” to busting his chops for leaving you.

  37. Ha ha ha!

    I wonder if his ears are burning?

  38. Pamela Leavey Says:
    “Where the heck is Dave from P? ”

    KJ Says:
    “Last I heard, Dave from P fell in love with another ranter.”

    KJ, I was just trying to make Pamela jealous! 👿

    Pamela Leavey Says:
    “Dave from P is cheating on me? ”
    “I’m crushed… he broke my heart. 😉 ”

    See KJ it worked! Tee hee! She’s so upset that she accidentally used a wink smilie instead of the crying one she obviously meant to use. Probably couldn’t see through her tears, the poor dear…

    Now I feel guilty :( That female DU poster just seduced me with her words for a moment. I’m always a sucker for a pretty rant. Dry your tears, Pamela. You’re still the goddess I pray for. 😉

  39. Thanks to a rightwing site which shall go nameless for making me aware of this Kerry post:

    Thanks to a rightwing site for making me aware of this John Kerry piece on Huffington Post.


  40. Dave from Princeton,

    So glad you came back, it’s just not the same without you.

    And Donnie’s been AWOL too. BOTH our ranters MIA.

    We just aren’t as good at it.

    Back to dissemination. Oh good stat from a different diary at Kos

    “In 2005, a total of 83 soldiers committed suicide, compared with 67 in 2004, and 60 in 2003 — the year U.S.-led forces invaded Iraq. Four other deaths in 2005 are being investigated as possible suicides but have not yet been confirmed. The totals include active duty Army soldiers and deployed National Guard and Reserve troops.”

    Suicides and deaths unrelated to combat are not part of the “official” # of casualties.

  41. Can’t wait to see the video of my/our true President’s speech on cspan tomorrow!

    JK is still the real deal, for real!

  42. Pamela
    I saw your post over at Huffington & I registered & joined in. There are certainly alot of armchair Senators & armchair political candidates for office in the blogosphere. It’s funny how they spend all day in pajamas.

  43. SlugBug

    Huff Po is so hard to get comments on. I twisted some arms for not having my comments go into the big bad mod que that they all go into. It took a while.

  44. Well I typed a comment in – we’ll see if they use it.
    I also sent other people over there. We’ll see what happens. It must be because Huffington ran as an Independent & attracts lefter-than-thou people.

    I tried to make the point that all the people they advocate never made the cut.

  45. Slug

    It’s an odd crowd over there, including an old kerry blogger there frequently who drove us all nuts!

  46. Dave from Princeton Says: April 22nd, 2006 at 8:17 pm

    I’m not sure if I can forgive you… :sad:


  47. Huffington Post:
    So I spent time writing a perfectly good post & it’s not there, yet I see leftwingnuts & rightwingnuts – & it’s a popularity contest. Got to give Kerry some credit for just exposing himself to the blogosphere in all it’s beautiful f*ckedupness. Well he was around in the ’60s & ’70s in the thick of it so these wimps are nothing. We had the SDS & the Weathermen & the Panthers, not these pajama-clad HuffPos!

    I’ve had a Deaniac spit in my face & call me a zombie & I’ve had Kuciniacs chew me out for taking a Kerry sign to an antiwar rally then later reveal that they worked on a Boeing defense project, so I’m unperturbed by hypocrisy.

    Well if blogs want to remain closed circles, let them not be open forums for free speech! If they do that, they are no different than Free Republic. Maybe I’ll see what happens if I try to post there!

  48. Slug

    It sometimes takes a few hours because they have everything on Mod Que except for a handful of trusted posters from what I understand.

  49. More photos added in the thread and here –


  50. Huffpo is pretty lame. Not that many comments compared to here and Kos.

    Slugbug “lefter-than-thou people” over there. :) :)

    Very apt.

    Some I just figure you might as well let whine. Eventually they will wake up to a campaign that is NOT going their way. They can decide then whether they want to follow or get out of the way. I would prefer get out, but will not risk any votes.

    I think Dave is forgivable. He might need to do penance :)

  51. Slugbug,

    Interesting operation. I thought it was odd the comments were so consistent compared to other blogs. Probably explains why so few comments…

  52. Ginny

    I dunno… What kind of pennance do you think?

  53. Pamela,

    At least one rant per day? For a week.

  54. Ginny

    Absolutely! Dave start ranting!

  55. Just a chuckle.

    Scrolling past the comments and checking a couple other threads to see if there are new responses, the really good ones sort of jumped out at me. Like # 60 on the previous post from newcomer Don Everett..

    And then the words from others,

    99.9% of Kerry’s votes were anti Bush not pro Kerry.

    Kerry supported the war, is not a decent person

    Kerry did not serve honorably (flash back to rereading the text of his SFRC testimony)

    Hard to believe they are all about the SAME person !!

    Some people are just, confused.

  56. Speaking of confused, I did get a gander at the Freepers.

  57. I would forward the speech, but I know I will probably be accused of promoting Kerry for 2008.

    Some people have said things like “yeah, it’s good, but why didn’t he have those balls two years ago, or he didn’t stand up forcefully to the worst president ever” mess and so on. :(

  58. Indie- I know those kind of folks were was his guts 2 years ago can get to you. I get flared up at that kind of crap and that’s why I no longer go to some of the blog sites.

    those kind of people were brainwashed by the msm like the gop voters and were to lazy to seek the truth.

    They whine about the Iraq vote, Iraq and nobody getting us out then when JK offers the plan and defend their right to dissent they still suck sour grapes.

    Well the Kerry express is leaving the station they can get on and ride or stay on the sidelines and waste.

    The Kerry express may hit a few bumps but compared to the pot holes awaiting the bush and hillary express I’d take the kerry train anyday.

  59. I’ve got my ticket in my hand, Pen. I really feel the train departing on Track Number 11 right now. It will be picking up a lot of passengers on the way, so I suggest getting your seat and keeping it.
    Even an express has to make a few stops for some station goodies, but I’m ready to get there as soon as we can.

  60. I have enough green tea for all of us, even Dave. @;-)

    ps. We’ll need cheesecake, maybe Marjorie can bring that? yummm NYC cheesecake

  61. One trick question I’ve always wanted to ask the folks who say crap like “Kerry should have said this stuff to years ago.”
    My question: In Nov. 2004, did a majority of Americans approve of Bush’s decision to go to war?
    If they answer yes most Americans approved of the decision for war, I’d like to know how being “more anti-war” would’ve led to a Kerry victory?
    If they answer: no, most Americans had lost faith in the war and thought it was a mistake-you know they don’t know what’ they’re talking about. The problem facing Kerry was not that anti-war voters didn’t vote for him- it was that (not enough) prowar people voted for him-though he did win a decent slice of folks who thought that the war in Iraq was the right thing to do as well as among those who thought Iraq was part and parcel of the war on terrorism.

  62. Nick, unfortunately, logic is often lost by the time it gets to the ‘wingers… on both sides.

    “Shoulda Woulda Coulda” isn’t my cup of tea. It’s too cold, for one thing, and stale, and so SO last year. @;-)

  63. Good question Nick. Speaking of which, I know there has been some Gore hype (I like Gore BTW) of late. I saw a post at DU that said that Gore/Clark could flip some states (purple). If those two ran together or separately, what states could they flip?

    Kerry on to 06!

  64. Hey pen and Teresa,

    Can I still get my ticket? :)

  65. Okay folks –

    I seen all over the net, stories about Gore running in ’08. Did not Gore already come out a couple of months ago and say he was not interested anymore? And Tipper really isn’t interested in having Al run. Was I dreaming about that?
    The last I heard of Al Gore, he had gotten in to the TV business, doing a little post secondary education work and was working the dinner lecture circuit.

    My guess is there are folks out there who are hoping Al gets in to off set the HRC factor (whatever that is).

  66. Indie says

    “If those two (Gore and CLark) ran together or separately, what states could they flip?”

    Honestly, Indie I don’t know. Most of the states where Gore got a higher percent that Kerry were either deep blue or deep red states that weren’t gonna flip either way. As for Clark, I like him, but I think hes overrated-maybe the attraction there is part of the “Democrats need to run a southerner in order to win” school that is usually well intentioned, but totally misguided.

  67. Indie- of course you can still get a ticket.
    All of the dem daily has a seat. JK going need somebody to help ride shotgun when we go through media whoreville.:-)

    Load em up folks JK was in the navy so it probably won’t take him long to pack.

    See ya at the station.