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Dick DeVos’s Goal

by RonChusid

Dick DeVoss is running for Governor of Michigan against Jennifer Granholm, and is active in the campaign to eliminate Michigan’s Single Business Tax. (Granholm agrees with eliminating the tax, but is a stickler for one little detail. She insists that before it is eliminated there is a plan to make up for the lost revenue.)

DeVos’s ultimate goal is that everyone in the state has their own business (free of the single business tax, of course). No need for pesky workers–they can all be outsourced. Dick DeVoss knows about out-sourcing workers.

The business DeVos would have everyone own would be to sell other businesses to people below you, and then you get a percentage of their business as they get others to start a business. You can also buy all your household items from the top business. DeVos would claim everyone will get wealthy this way. He knows–look at how much money he has made from this business model. DeVos has become wealthy by ripping off people with Amway, the nation’s top legal pyramid scheme.

DeVos will take Bush’s ownership society to a new level–all free of the single business tax.

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15 Responses to “Dick DeVos’s Goal”

  1. And how are the auto manufacturers taking this? Granted they have outsourced a lot of work, are they totally out of the state? Did I miss something?

    There are some positives in some network marketing busineses. Even the biggest advocates I know of do not see it as replacing all other forms of business.

    That is really delusional.

  2. Even if Granholm wins, will there be a push to make Michigan a right-to-work state?

    I understand from people doing the negotiating that a Toyota engine plant went to Indiana because of labor unions.

    Both parties get union money so it isn’t a strictly Dem deal.

    A little historical perspective.
    One time, a long time ago, Arizona elected a Repub Governor named Fife Symington whose campaign was strictly based on his skill as a real-estate developer. As a businessman, the Fifester said, he knew how to create businesses and jobs. He refused to release all his financial records because he wanted to protect the privacy of his partners.
    Not long after being elected, two things happened:
    1 – Fife was nailed with a kiting scheme where the same property is repeatedly mortgaged. He said it is legal because they all do it.
    2 – He was convicted of election fraud because he used this illegal money to get elected.
    Fife was kicked out of office and jailed and was pardoned by Bill Clinton.
    Why you ask?
    When both Fife and Bubba where students at Harvard, Fife saved Clinton from drowning. As a thank-you, Fife was pardoned months early, became a chef at the cooking school his wealthy wife owns, and wants to run again.

  3. Ginny,

    This is written tongue in cheek–but only partially. Dick DeVoss supports eliminating the Single Business Tax but is not willing to come up with a replacement source of revenue first. DeVoss is using his fortune to buy ads claiming he would bring jobs to Michigan but has a record of outsourcing frequently.

    He made his fortune thru Amway, which is basically a pyramid scheme which manages to stay within the law. I am joking in claiming his goal is to turn everyone into Amway distributors, but don’t put this past him.

  4. The DeVoss family has been a generous benefactor of GR building hospitals, theaters, etc. They did what big business used to do; improve the community beyond taxes.
    In the ads, Dick D takes credit for the sun shining but acknowledges when asked that it was mostly his parents and grand-parents. A pliable press dismisses the exaggerations with “all politicians exaggerate during a campaign”.

    Dick D has been on community boards and has continued the tradition of civic involvement. But his record is one who bails in favor of corporate responsibilities.
    He wants to privatize the world especially public education. Having been thru this in Arizona, Dick D will gleefully watch Michigan school quality rival that of Alabama or Mississippi. He seems to be a rooster politician whose crowing brings the sunrise.

    I haven’t been here long enough to gauge how successful Granholm has been. She happens to be a governor when jobs are leaving and there may not be much she can do about it. She could very well suffer the consequences of it. The state legislature seems to be going more Repub and runs the legislative branch. The outsourcing that businesses tout as benefits – especially the tax breaks – has really hurt this state. I hear a lot of rumblings about ending the labor union dominance by making Michigan a right-to-work state but both parties get a lot of union money.

    Granholms take on repealing the SBT is fine as long as the Repub legislature comes up with the 1.9 bil it generates. The response is the money isn’t needed and the shortfall is a myth. There is a Kool-Aid well in the state capital that needs to be capped.

    Maybe Ron has more to add.

  5. Both Ron and BB in the fair state of Michigan… there’s hope.

  6. First of all, the best way possible to make up for the loss of tax revenue is to create new jobs within the state, imrpove the economic strength of the state, and remove the overhwleming economic stagnation. Personal revenue taxes alone would make up a majortiy of the losses, nonetheless business revenue and corporate taxes. This tax, one that it seems all Michigan politicians despise but are unwilling to get rid of, has worked wonders in keeping businesses and their jobs OUT of Michigan. I know this from great experience in working with an investment group up here in the Bay City/Saginaw/Midland area at trying to lure three separate foreign auto companies to take over old industrial sites.

    The major roadblocks: heavy taxation, heavy unionization, and an unwillingness of both the local and state governments to help out the companies. The first obstacle at bringing in some 500 jobs to Bay City was the SBT, which would have cost these companies millions a year. What profit-minded company would want to pay a tax tat would cost them so much in one particular state when no other state requires such payment? Yet we begin to wonder why so many companies have moved to places like Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky. It simply costs too much to do business here. The second major obstacle was Granholm’s foolish Cool Cities program. The local government has become dependant on Cool Cities grants, and has begun taking as much property within the city as possible and turning it into a recreational site in order to procure more of these funds. Thus, the local government was unwilling to transfer control of these locations to the auto companies due to a fear of losing possible Cool Cities funds in the future. But hey, we have literally a half-acre of public recreational space per citizen now, yet only an eighth of a job per citizen. We definitely need those parks over jobs!

    What troubles me is that this state has become so politicized and polarized that nothing gets done. The Republican legislation refused to allow certain tax breaks for our endeavors to take place because it would help the Democrats in the region. When we tried to move these endeavors to a more Republican area, the local and state Dems blocked the move. When we tried to move it to a more moderate area, neither party helped for it would not benefit either side. Let’s forget the fact that this plant would employ 500 workers at a minimum of $12 an hour at 50 hours a week. It would also lay the groundwork for similar endeavors to take place and provide more economic activity for the area and the state. It was all about what party would pick up votes when it was all said and done, and that sickens me!

    DeVoss talks a good talk, but I don’t like the fact that he’s a primary beneficiary of Amway. I do see the great things that have happened with Grand Rapids over the past decade or so, and would like to see similar change throughout the state. However, I have to question how much he had a hand in it all. Even if you can give him credit for so much as 10-15% of the improvements in Grand Rapids, that’s a pretty big deal. However, as long as the political divide continues to remain in tact here in Michigan, no one has a shot at improving the entire state. There has to be some sort of compromise taking place for the better of our society up here, and it’s simply not even close to happening.

    I have to say, I’m a conservative, though not necessarily a Republican. However, I don’t care who the hell gets the credit for our state improving in all areas… as long as that improvement exists. I see stagnation on the part of our governments up here. I also see a lot of self and party interest taking precedence over our elected officials doing their job – doing what’s best for the people. This comes from both major parties, not just one particular group, and it has to end if this state is to return to its former greatness. Granholm has already proven she cannot make these needed changes with her futility since her election. She simply cannot work with the Republican majority, and it seems they refuse to work with her. From seeing this blog and your comments, I doubt that DeVoss can make it happen either. If you guys have this outlook about him, then the Dems in the legislation no doubt hold the same regard. Both seem very polarizing figures, and that makes them close to absolutely unable to work with the other side. We need someone at the helm in this state that can actually take charge, no matter their party or the legislation’s majority party, and improve this state with ideas that work. Blaming Bush for your problems or boasting about improvements you had little to do with don’t fit the bill. We need a “do-er” not a whiner or a braggart. Unfortunately, I don’t see one of the prior in this upcoming Gubernatorial race, but I do see one of each of the latter.

    I apologize for my long spiel here, but I had to get some of thos off of my chest.

  7. I’ve not a high-opinion for Granholm at this point solely because the fact I was a business owner in Michigan. Make the cracks as you will, it was a used-car lot. My business model was one of eBay and tons of marketing to sell the cars which allowed me to maintain another business I have.

    I owned the business until Granholm signed a bill that required additional requirements such as minimum amount of hours I am to work, an increased lot, increased square footage inside the building, minimum amount of office equipment, and a few other unreasonable requirements.

    Unfortunately, as this was simply one of my businesses, I could not spend the required time (40hrs) there. So, I closed shop, taking away sales tax and income tax revenue from the State of Michigan. In conclusion, I’m considering doing business out of state as a direct result of this.

    This bill is being repealed, but I’ve yet to hear formal word as I’m no longer in business. But know this, I’m certainly going to be looking into setting up future businesses out of state in the future.

    What a shame.

  8. Maybe there are rules for different types of businesses, but I’ve never heard of anything like this. I own a business in Michigan and there are no rules regarding the hours I work, the size of my office, or the office equipment.

  9. Please use the proper spelling of the R DeVos name. The Michigan Amway person is DeVos. Another family spells the name DeVoss.

  10. Sorry, didn’t mean to drag your name into that family.

    It looks like I actually went both ways, somehow getting the correct spelling midway thru the post.

  11. Maybe I should mispell his name more often. This post is getting a lot of hits from people who do google searches for “Dick DeVoss”. There are less hits on the posts for “Dick DeVos” as there are far more posts out there where his name is spelled correctly.

    Entering “Dick DeVos” in our search box will give more recent posts on him.

  12. You should link to me at The Disembodied Head of Dick Devos and then you’ll come up for all manner of interesting Devos related searches.

    Fear the Head!

  13. I started an entire section of links related to DeVos v. Gfranholm at my new blog. I included the link to dickdevoshead. While I may still cross post some of the stories here, most of the coverage of Michigan politics will be at Liberal Values. (I did cross post two stories yesterday at the Michigan Liberal site).

  14. I’d like to know where Devos stands on Indian gaming?