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Thomas Friedman Doesn’t Trust Bush on Iran

by RonChusid

Iraq-hawk Thomas Friedman doesn’t trust the Bush administration to take military action against Iran:

Iraq II or a Nuclear Iran?

If these are our only choices, which would you rather have: a nuclear-armed Iran or an attack on Iran’s nuclear sites that is carried out and sold to the world by the Bush national security team, with Don Rumsfeld at the Pentagon’s helm?

I’d rather live with a nuclear Iran.

While I know the right thing is to keep all our options open, I have zero confidence in this administration’s ability to manage a complex military strike against Iran, let alone the military and diplomatic aftershocks.

As someone who believed — and still believes — in the importance of getting Iraq right, the level of incompetence that the Bush team has displayed in Iraq, and its refusal to acknowledge any mistakes or remove those who made them, make it impossible to support this administration in any offensive military action against Iran.

In other words, the Bush Administration can no longer be trusted with national security. An administration which cannot handle national security should not remain in power. Friedman does note that “If ours were a parliamentary democracy, the entire Bush team would be out of office by now, and deservedly so.”

6 Responses to “Thomas Friedman Doesn’t Trust Bush on Iran”

  1. Bumper sticker

    I feel safer with nukes in Iran than Rumsfeld in the Pentagon

  2. I sent out a mass e-mail to get everyone to sign Kerry’s petition. I am AMAZED by the responses I am getting from people, THANKING ME for sending it to them. The universal hatred of Bush and the Iraq War really took me by surprise. I’ve been stuck in a red state, and just had no idea how much people hate Bush back in my old blue state.

    I’m too impatient for impeachment. Why can’t Bush and Cheney resign? We’ll make it worth their while, since it’s money that is what they love.

  3. HELP WANTED: President of USA
    Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 2005-09-03 17:03.

    Title: President of USA

    Position Available: ASAP

    Education Qualities Needed: Educated in FOREIGN Policy; Educated in USA and WORLD ECONOMICS; Educated in being a Negotiator; Educated in FOREIGN RELIGIONS; Educated on Relationships; Educated in Military Manpower planning; Strong GRAMMAR skills required.

    Personal Attributes: ability to hear the people you represent, truthful, sincere, hardworking, dedicated to the people you serve, high morals, strong ethics of an individuals life, willing to get along with other foreign countries, willing to place YOUR LIFE on the line before the people you represent as a NOBLE cause!

    A “proven track record” of the abilities and personal attributes for all the above!

    Vacation Time: 3 weeks per year in total

    Please forward your resumes to the CONGRESS! You may send via FED _EX.

    Pinocchio Puppets need NOT APPLY

  4. Beachmom,
    That is encouraging. I got one response to let me know they had signed it. Mom got two emails from family members she has forwarded things telling her to stop sending them or they would block her emails. Which, for our family, is pretty drastic.

    The job description is a start. I think a serious one needs to be developed for all campaigns

  5. Shame Friedman didn’t have this great insight before Iraq.
    Well hindsight is indeed 20/20 but I have no desire to listen to this prick or any of the other so called media, pundits, who continued to sell this war even after things went to hell in a hand basket.

    Frankly a nuclear iran is no worse than a nuclear china, paskistan or india. They are all countries I wouldn’t want to have a nuke. Come to think of it nukes in chenney’s and bush’s hands are no solace either.

    Bush is out of his league with iran and that’s why america needs a regime change fast.

  6. As we all know, the GW Bush ship of state that was so
    hermetically sealed through 2001-2002,has come to
    suffer so many leaks that it is sinking and the rats
    are deserting it, as the saying goes. I try to keep
    what comes my way to myself until at least one open
    source intimates the same thing. With NSA trying to
    make-up for the security specifics which it is not
    competent to do with the broad sweeps it need not do,
    it is only Las Vegas odds that my “leakes” will
    otherwise be caught. Besides, context to give meanings
    to scoops will have to come from far more “in” people
    than me.

    Please allow me to put before you information coming
    to my ear regularly from Wash DC little birds, hitting
    me in both the front and back of my head: Mr. Bush was
    never in FULL control of his government. All through
    his years of formation, his caring father sought to
    keep his son confident by literally hiring others to
    do his worrying for him. Thus, as a young man with a
    scandalous record and no other accomplishments to
    compensate for it, Mr. Bush turned himself over to
    some others, leaving it to them to worry about his
    political career. As for his existing/missing past,
    Mr. Bush totally obliterated it with the blinding
    glare of his Christian Salvation. It’s not that he
    chose this task for himself but rather that his
    professional “worriers” did. What this has produced is
    a most amiable and unassuming mediocrity who is not in
    the slightest ashamed, worried or in need to
    compensate for who and what he is. I cannot tell you
    how much thousands of influential Republicans were
    totally charmed by that in him. It was his “I am what
    I am and I’m not worried about it” type of even keel
    “compassionate conservative” image that is so
    unassuming that made so many of us see him as the
    President who will end stress in America.

    A group of foreign policy experts calling themselves
    the “Vulcans” gathered around him and found him so
    soothing that they often had to remember that they
    were dealing with the future President of the United
    States. Because of the relationship with his dad, he
    chose to go with some of the people among the
    Republican luminaries who least got along with his
    father. To that end Cheney was key and Scowcroft
    something of an anti-Christ. As Cheney and Rumsfeld
    filled their offices with neocons, they liberated Mr.
    Bush more and more from worries. Karl Rove took care
    of politics and by the end of 2002 had achieved great
    electoral successes.

    At that time, the Vulcans pushed two issues: (1)
    leapfrog West Europe and build a new NATO around East
    Europe; then, tie the old Europe to this vital new
    Europe NATO. (2) Encircle China so as to force it to
    behave properly in trade. The neocons wanted a Mideast
    focus, as did their representatives in power, the
    worriers, Cheney and Rumsfeld but the Vulcans ruled
    then and this was not to be. 9/11 ended the Vulcans’
    agenda. The rest is history. But since that date, so
    exclusively theirs did Rumsfeld, Cheney and the
    neocons consider the Bush presidency– that Bush ended
    still ended up with this “What me worry?” way about
    him that it made you think that no matter what you did
    he would never take it as stepping on his toes; one
    never felt ill-at-ease bulldozing policies (unless, as
    in the case of Sec. Treasury O’Neill, Cheney deemed
    you un-kindred-spirit). As the US stumbled into a
    seeming success in Afghanistan, the neocons never
    could accept Bush’s reluctance to go to war in Iraq as
    an obstacle. The Pentagon proceeded to present the
    President with a fait accompli and he just went with
    it, following his worriers instead of worrying that
    they were taking over his foreign policy. From this
    bunch for example, I kept hearing that Powell was
    there to make a couple of speeches as Sec. of State
    and then it is good-by. In fact, when in his last
    meeting with Mr. Bush Powell warned him to worry about
    a Cheney-Rumsfeld takeover of his foreign policy,
    Powell failed to appreciate how NOT worrying was the
    important operative term for the President.

    Bush wanted to take over the White House in his second
    term but was faced with: “O.K., we’ll leave and take
    the Christian Right with us, then you can worry about
    what to do next.” And so, to avoid worry, Bush
    continued as prisoner of his first term. I am reminded
    of Brezhnev asking his Pravda editors-speech writers:
    what is this “Brezhnev Doctrine”? They urged him not
    worry about it and just deliver the speech. He did.
    And so, the next time the Presidium met it had to make
    policies in accord with the Brezhnev policy he himself
    has enunciated. That’s how you get policy by
    speechwriters. Ditto Bush!

    But now worry has infected Bush, what with the polls,
    the Plame case, Iraq, Katrina, oil prices etc, etc.
    And so, Bush can no longer escape worrying. His only
    option for avoiding worry is to return to the able men
    of his dad. Swallowing pride is easier than worrying
    for him because Bush is not conceited.

    I tell all this because, if I am right, and I wouldn’t
    type all this if I were not confident, Bush will
    decrease the Iraq conflict and will not attack Iran
    because that’s the only way he can avoid worrying.
    Israel has read him very well and realizes that it
    better work out something with HAMAS and the other
    Arabs if it doesn’t want to be a source of worry to
    him. Sometimes big decisions are made for very small
    reasons, that’s what makes history so much more
    exciting than science or study of the cosmos.

    Daniel E. Teodoru