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Kerry To Speak on War and Dissent in Boston

by RonChusid

John Kerry discusses getting out of Iraq and his upcoming speech at Faneuil Hall on war and dissent in an emailing to supporters:

It’s time for Iraq’s leaders to seize the opportunity for democracy in Iraq that our troops are sacrificing every day to create. If Iraq’s leaders can’t move past their infighting and endless delays to form a new government by May 15, we should immediately withdraw all of our troops. If they meet the May 15 deadline, we’ll bring America’s combat troops home by the end of the year and put the future of democracy in Iraq where it belongs — in the hands of the Iraqi people.

The clarity and precision of our plan stand in sharp contrast to the aimless approach of the architects of this war — Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. All across America, people are strongly dissenting from the Bush administration’s “stay for as long as it takes” policy — and, just as important, standing up to the administration’s attempts to vilify and question the patriotism of those who dare to speak out.

Decades ago I stood up to the Nixon administration and spoke out for a change of course in Vietnam. Four days from now, I will be delivering a speech at Boston’s Faneuil Hall on the critically important topic of war and dissent. It’s time to remind America that, when a stubborn president has America headed profoundly in the wrong direction, only citizen action can change our country’s course.

The fight is just beginning. I recognize the importance of the United States Senate as an institution that can help change America’s course. And I know that we can’t force George W. Bush to confront reality in Iraq until we force the Senate to do the same.

8 Responses to “Kerry To Speak on War and Dissent in Boston”

  1. I felt my hair stand briefly on end while reading that — his letter served to reminded of the young John Kerry standing before the 1971 Senate Foreign Relations Committee in defiance of Vietnam. He was quite a powerful young man in those days; intellectually rebelluous. This e-mail gives me hope that the Kerry of the early 1970’s just might make a return!

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  3. Uh Andy…
    He never really left.
    Never confuse politeness and reason with weakness.

    Dumbo reminds me how Mike Ditka described Buddy Ryan….
    “Even an empty tin can makes a lot of noise!”

  4. I know, battlebob. I’ve been a Kerry supporter from the start… even when Dean was the “frontrunner”, I was behind Kerry all way.

    It’s just, you know, the young Kerry did have a sort of frighteningly sharp presense to him. If nothing else, I’d simply like to see him emerge as more assertive in 2008.

  5. As I’ve said many times, Kerry is coming into his power now, especially in the next couple of months. I think we very well might see some results. There is an equal and opposite in the universe and Kerry has served this country consistently for many years. Now it’s his turn to lead, and we are incredibly lucky to have him.

  6. Joe Biden represents the current strategy that this George’s War to start and lose. Kerry is saying there is a lot at stake, loss of lives, and that we must begin to confront reality of where are, where we are going. Not to mention Iran.

    Wish people understood the difficulty of making these remarks during the campaign, while the public misinformed and in fear. We also had few options, as the administration was saying we were making improvements, and stability were possible (if only we had followed suggestions from Kerry, and others).

  7. Marjorie

    “difficulty of making these remarks during the campaign”.

    Absolutely. Kerry is a pro. A seasoned one in all of these games. He had to time it exactly right. He had to wait till all the deadlines, elections, etc., were done and there were no more options. You can’t force conclusions. They come when they do. Kerry being involved from this point on is an ace for all of us.

  8. Hmmm…. While talking about Iraq on Saturday, I hope JK talks about Iran and our country’s oil dependency on the Middle East. Perhaps talk about Brazil and it’s drive towards fuel independence.