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The Fifty State Strategy or Kos in Fantasy Land

by RonChusid

With Democrats claiming to be the reality based party, it always bugs me when people like Kos regularly take liberties with the truth and live in a Fantasy Land in many ways the same as that the Republicans live in–and much less fun than the one here at Walt Disney World. On my brief check of the blogosphere today, I note that Kos is talking about Bill Clinton being a convert to Howard Dean’s fifty state strategy.

This may turn out to be the best strategy–time will tell. It makes sense that Democrats are at a disadvantge when the Republicans start out every election with a huge head start, and are free to attempt to reach out to Democratic voters. Regardless of the advantages of the strategy, it doesn’t make your case more convincing when you use fiction to support your arguments. Kos says:

Republicans haven’t abandoned a single one of their supporters. You could live in the Bluest part of Berkeley or Madison or Cambridge, and the party will communicate with you via mail and on TV and the radio. Drive into San Francisco over the Bay Bridge, and you’re met with a billboard advertising Michael Savage’s racist radio show.

Democrats hear from the party only if they live in districts that are more than 70-75 percent Democratic. Otherwise, you don’t get mail. You don’t get visits. And we don’t have the media machine to communicate to those folks.

So our party has atrophied in all but the Bluest areas, while conservatives build a truly national movement.

I hardly live in a Democratic area in Western Michigan, but I’ve received plenty of mail from the Democratic Party (which I suspect has increased since I’ve contributed money to them). It is likley true that there are many areas which the Democrats ignore, but not every district which is under 70-75 Democratic.

Now, back to Walt Disney World, where Fantasy Land belongs. After lunch earlier today at Brown Derby at the Disney Studios I’m taking a break before the extra late night hours at Epcot and dinner at the Bistro de Paris. (For those who know Epcot, it is hidden above the more prominent Chefs de France with much better food. It’s my third favorite restaurant at Walt Disney World, behind Flying Fish and California Grill).

13 Responses to “The Fifty State Strategy or Kos in Fantasy Land”

  1. I wish we could abandon Kos….

    Ron, I know how dedicated you are. Still, why spoil Epcot by
    checking on the Kos Klowns?

  2. Ginny

    I have a list of blogs I wish we could abandon.

  3. Ginny,

    Checking Kos was semi-accidental. In order to scan both political news and blogs quickly I checked Political Wire, which includes a feed of major liberal blogs, including Kos.

  4. Ron

    That’s the problem with those news feeds. We accidently see stuff like that.

  5. I must admit I even have Kos in my own RSS reader. I figure this way I can scan the headlines there without actually going there.

    I don’t have time to look at all the RSS feeds in my own reader this week so I used Political Wire today to check out top ones.

  6. Ron

    There’s a good point for friends who don’t use RSS feeds, you can see what they are saying with out sending the traffic their way.

    How’s the weather at Disney World? Be glad you did not come to DisneyLand, SoCal weather has been miserable.

  7. Well Kos and dean just got sucker punched.
    Bill Clinton is no more interested in spreading the dem wealth to the 50 states than haliburton is in giving the american tax payer a refund for all the money they wated in Iraq.

    Bill and hil are covering their bases trying to sure up support with liberals and progressives since hil’s been getting pounded for not speaking out enough on Iraq.

    Plus JK and feingold have engaged the blogsphere more and now warner is looking into it as well. Sure bill plans on making sure hil is the 08 winner but he’s smart enough to keep his enemies close to the vest and not take any chances.

  8. The weather has been perfect–80’s and sunny during the day with lows in the 60’s.

    RSS feeds do complicate stat counters. Who knows how many more people are reading posts (and even comments) from a blog without even going there).

  9. Ron

    Far better weather there. It won’t get much above 60 today in Rainy SoCal. This is one of the worst Springs since I have lived here.

    On the RSS feeds… I never thought of that but it makes sense.

  10. Ron,
    Good choice on eating places…I rate the California Grill a bit lower.
    If you are there Sunday morning, check out the breakfast buffet at the Golf Resort…
    For us, it was the best in Central Florida.

  11. I’m not sure what Kos is advocating with a 50 state strategy. More boots on the ground?..paid dem staffers? I’m for that to a point.

    I think the dems need to update thier voter identification, data mining techniques…that’s where Rove kicked our ass in 04… we’d be able to reach those suburban voters, with or without boots on the ground in 50 states…once we have new potential voters identified then boots on the ground take over organizing vols and voter registration, GOTV, etc.

  12. The fifty state strategy is Dean’s plan, not Kos’s. Kos is a supporter, but Dean deserves the credit if he pulls it off. Dean is using the money the Democrats pulled in to get staff in every state, creating some controversy as it means having much less money on hand.

    It might take several election cycles, but I see no reason to just assume that those voting Republican will always do so–especially when so many groups are being screwed by Republican policies.

  13. Part of the issue is Dems running for federal positions want some of the money Dean is spending on lower-level elections.
    Dean’s plan was always to build from local to national; not just fund the national elections.