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John Kerry’s Radio Double Header

by Pamela Leavey

John Kerry made the rounds today on liberal talk radio, with interviews on both the Ed Schultz Show and the Al Franken Show. If you missed both of the interviews (as I did) we’ve got them both here…

The interview on the Ed Schultz Show covered both the immigration legislation and the Democrats new National Security plan – Listen Here.

John Kerry noted in his interview with Ed Schultz that every theme in the plan, was largely derived on positions he held during the election cycle (as I noted here yesterday). Kerry also drove the point home on energy independence that every single speech he gave in 2004, “bar none,” he talked about energy independence.

On the Al Franken Show, which was with a live audience, Franken and Kerry talked about the debates, nuclear proliferation, Bush’s incompetence, the Dubai ports deal, yesterday’s lobbying bill (which Kerry voted against), how “screwed up” this Congress is and more – Listen Here.

A few jokes were flying with Franken and Kerry, including a dig at the Cheney shooting incident. Al ended the interview thanking Kerry and said, “I wish you were our President.”

Two great interviews!

11 Responses to “John Kerry’s Radio Double Header”

  1. Cool interviews. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Indie Liberal

    Both of them were great… I’ve been running behind all day today, or else they would have been here sooner.

  3. I also wish Kerry was our president and am very hopeful he’ll be come 2009!!! He is truly ready to lead the country to energy independence and prosperity for all!!

  4. Thanks so much, Pam, for making these interviews readily accessible for those of us who needed a ray of hope this morning. Kerry’s ability to think coherently and practically about current problems, and also provide a vision for the future, so eclipse anything coming from the republicans. It’s starting to feel like a shift is underway. I sure wish Kerry could get an in-depth interview on Keith Olbermann’s show. He’s one of the fairest interviewers around and it’d be great exposure. But I’m so grateful for today and your posts, and I’ll spread the word!

  5. Tim

    It’s hard not wish Kerry was our president. Here’s to a hope and prayer for 08!

  6. Connie

    An interview on Olbermann would be great. I agree.

  7. an interview with olberman maybe in order since Dan abrams has joined the kick john kerry bandwagon. Encase anyone hasn’t seen his nasty little remarks in the blog about JK and momma T’s eating request on the road in 04.

    I guess he like smoking gun forgot that JK was going through cancer treatment at the time and probably couldn’t eat tomato products well. Or perhaps he just liked supporting american spring water rather than french. Actually evian can have a bit of plastic taste sometimes.

    Anyhow Dan summarizes that Chenney would be the better person to shack up with because of momma t’s water and flax seed request, and Jk’s bike request. MSNBC has nothing but media whores reporting the news.

  8. Hey all, in keeping with the do as you preach strategy I just sent abrams a email on his s!!ty sidebar blog. I posted it in the forum for anyone wanting to clean their spleen under the strategy section.

  9. Pen,

    Dan hates Kerry because of BCCI. I think he had a cousing involved.

  10. Ooops! I meant “cousin” 🙂

  11. Indie- now that’s interesting. Conflict of interest although that has never stopped the media before.

    MSNBC sure has gone to the rats these days.

    Well, I couldn’t let abrams snark go by especially when he was mocking someone who was recovering from cancer surgery at the time. Now Cynthia tucker is next on the list.

    May not make a bit of difference but my inards will feel better. 🙂