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Echoing Kerry: Democratic Leaders to Unveil National Security Plan

by Pamela Leavey

Democratic leaders in the House and Senate will be unveiling a new plan on National Security today. Their goal with the new plan, is to rebut the Republican meme, that has been echoed in some editorial columns, that Democratic party leaders and candidates have not laid out a coherent set of alternatives from the Republican plan on National Security.

Most of the proposals are not new,” the NY Times reports. Much of the plan echoes positions put forward previously by the Democrats and by their 2004 presidential nominee, Senator John Kerry. The plan will include key points from Kerry’s campaign, including “a demand for more military equipment and body armor for troops and improved veterans’ benefits.”

In a set of policy papers titled “Real Security: Protecting America and Restoring Our Leadership in the World,” Democratic leaders in the House and Senate plan to join with leading figures in the party, including former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright and Wesley K. Clark, the retired general and former presidential contender, in presenting the plan on Wednesday.

The policy paper’s title is reminiscent of John Kerry’s December 8, 2005 “Real Security in the Post 9/11 World” speech. The NT Times reports that the Democrats’ policy papers assert that in “combating terrorism, party leaders want to increase financing for Special Operations forces and interdicting terrorist financing and to spend more on economic development in troubled areas like the Middle East and South Asia.”

Democrats also want to give greater powers to the office of the national intelligence director and to investigate accusations of abuse and torture of detainees. They say they want increased financing for screening containers at ports and securing nuclear and chemical plants and training emergency health workers.

The Democratic leaders acknowledge that their policies lack detail in some areas, it’s a start however, and they have put together a package of proposals which all members of the party can support, including “calling for more money to be spent on a broad array of items, including port security and foreign aid.”

Also noted by the NY Times is that the Democratic manifesto “skirted divisive issues like whether the United States should set a timetable on the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, as advocated by Representative John P. Murtha, Democrat of Pennsylvania, but opposed or not endorsed by other members of his party.”

The plan also echoes Kerry’s Iraq plan, in calling for 2006 to be “a year of significant transition to full Iraqi sovereignty, with the Iraqis assuming primary responsibility for securing and governing their country and with the responsible redeployment of U.S. forces.” They also call for the United States to achieve “energy independence” by 2020 by increasing production of alternative fuels, obviously derived from John Kerry’s 2020 Energy Plan.

14 Responses to “Echoing Kerry: Democratic Leaders to Unveil National Security Plan”

  1. I’m glad at least the NY Times is noticing that Kerry’s ideas are the ones now coming forward as solutions to the myriad problems weighing this country down. My irritation is with the democrats who come forward with these “new ideas” and don’t seem to mention the source of these ideas. Why don’t we hear Kerry’s name mentioned, even by Murtha, who drew most of his ideas from Kerry’s Georgtown speech, except for the immediate withdrawal part, which he soon changed to parallel Kerry’s more planned draw down of troops. They seem to give him as little credit as the media does. Oh well, he’ll just have to keep doing the heavy thinking and somehow surprise everyone when he wins again in 2008. Of course no one will see this coming again, except the people!

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  3. It’s unfortunate that the Democratic leadership doesn’t give Kerry the credit where it’s due. Why is that so? Are they trying to decrease Kerry’s visibility? Or what else?

  4. Indie

    I don’t know.

  5. Indie

    It could be similar to the reasons the repub leadership doesn’t always give W credit.

  6. Pamela,
    Give ‘W’ cedit for what?

    Being the worst President in history?
    Or for just being the lieing, phony bastard they all love!

  7. Battlebob

    All of the above. LOL!

  8. battlebob, you keep that up, and you might start sounding like me and Dave! HAHA

  9. Connie- I’m getting more pissed off with the dem leadership particularly Reid and pelosi everyday. It was fine to have Clark and Albright but have the decency to give credit where credit is due.

    Indie- I’ve been trying to figure out why they are doing this to JK. They never were behind him in 04 not even clinton (all for show).
    the dems were half hearted at best with them getting on tv during and after the election blaming JK for everything.

    I figured its a mixture the fact that JK will investigate dems and GOP alike when it comes to corruption (aka BBCI), They know if JK gets it this time many of them will have no voice at all since they backstabbed him and his family in 04, JK doesn’t really need them and the system and he’s probably an independent thinker.

    The msm makes it easier for the dems to keep snubbing JK so I think its up to his core supporters to let the dems and msm know we are sick of this crap. The DNCC found out when they didn’t put JK on the list of who do you think the leader of democratic party is but had obama, hil, gore and james loud mouth carville on it.

    I hear folks wrote in and JK got one of the highest scores and they acknowledge it.

    Battlebob I’ll add sneaky, idiotic, jackass to your description of bush 🙂

  10. Pen, et al

    Listen to JK’s interview on Ed Schultz today – http://blog.thedemocraticdaily.com/?p=2477

    He told it like it is about who’s ideas were used.

  11. Hey Pamela, I haven’t listen to the interview yet I’ll probably do that over the weekend. But good for JK for taking credit for his ideas.

  12. Pen

    They were good interviews. Take the time if you can, they are not too long!

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