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Americans More Liberal on Social Issues

by RonChusid

The Pew Research Center is finding increased support for liberal social issues. Opposition to gay marriage is down from 64% in February 2004 to 51% now. Most likley support for civil unions would be even stronger, but if this trend continues such a compromise might not even be necessary long term. My bet is that opposition will continue to decrease as people get become more accustomed to the idea. One idea they aren’t going for is banning abortion. A majority opposes the South Dakota ban on abortions by 58% 6 to 34%.

As I said earlier in the week, Red America is in the minority, not the majority as Ben Domenench claims at The Washington Post.

4 Responses to “Americans More Liberal on Social Issues”

  1. Ron

    Very interesting but unsurprising. Today’s radical social view is tomorrow’s mainstream view. Remember when Nixon won 49 states based on the charge that the Dems were the party of “acid, amnesty, and abortion?”
    The problem the Democrats have (nationally) on social issues is not that they are viewed as more liberal than the GOP on social issues- just too liberal on social issues. E.G. Americans may not like the process of partial-birth abortion, but they DON’T want to see Roe vs. Wade overturned.

  2. This topic was addressed in Michael Moore’s book, “Dude Where’s My Country,” Chapter 9.

    It was an interesting hypothesis when I read it and it seems to be more and more true all the time.

    If there’s something to give us hope for the future, it’s that Americans are genuinely good people that care about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  3. Nick,

    It looks like two out of three (abortion and amnesty) are accepted. I’ve never seen acid in any Democratic platforms.

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