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The Democrats Have a Plan

by RonChusid

Jonathan Alter writes in Newsweek that the Democrats may have a plan. The Plan: Big Ideas for America is a book by former Clinton aides Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Reed:

The strategy for getting swing-district voters to fire their incumbents is already taking shape. Just as Harry Truman ran against the “Do-Nothing Congress,” Democrats will run against the “Rubber-Stamp Congress,” which pimped for K Street, took a dive on its critical oversight duties (particularly on Iraq) and helped the president bankrupt the country by shoveling money toward the rich. Emanuel won’t say yet which votes supporting Bush he plans to wrap around the necks of incumbents. But look for gut-punch ads that highlight the incumbents’ 90-plus percent backing for Bush on issues like cuts in college loans and veterans benefits, privatizing Social Security, selling out to Big Pharma on prescription drugs and halting stem-cell research. Republicans are now scurrying away from Bush, but it may be too late. They can’t take those roll-call votes back.

While bloggers question why they are often not taken seriously by the party establishment, the answer may be seen here. While Emanuel and Reed are writing books on policy (and Harry Reid has sent out a strategy memo based upon national security), bloggers remain distracted by Feingold’s call for censure even when it distracts from the real issues. In contrast, “Emanuel knows that if Democrats turn the election into a referendum on how to punish Bush (censure, impeachment) instead of on the Bush record, they’ll get clobbered.”

To win, Democrats must give voters a reason to vote for them beyond hating Bush.

13 Responses to “The Democrats Have a Plan”

  1. I doubt this will work and most likely this will simply backfire. Many people believe the Republican-controlled Congress was just giving the President support in fighting the war on terrorism. Bush did what was needed to protect America and Congress supported him. Democrats have been painted as anti-military obstructions with no new ideas. Many Americans are still scared of the evil ‘liberals’ which are Democrats and will vote Republican just to make sure the ‘liberals’ aren’t undoing all the gains conservatives have made. Just like 2004, most people won’t see this is not in their own best interests until it’s too late.

  2. It depends upon how well this Plan is received. While attacks based upon (what is preceived as) National Security will be more difficult, a majority may accept the Democratic alternative on domestic issues. Even support for Bush on national security is down and people might be receptive to Reid’s new line of attack.

  3. The Democrats 5 Point Plan as laid out from the DNC is here – http://www.dnc.org/agenda.html

    It draws on points from the Kerry/Edwards Plan for America

  4. Actually there seem to be many plans of one sort or another floating around. I guess it is to counter the stories that Democrats have no plans.

    Now the news is about one Democratic plan or another, along with the Washington Post story that the Republicans have no plan.

  5. Ron

    Yes there are a few plans. If I am not mistaken the DNC has always had a plan on their website, this appears to be a pared down version of what used to be there, one geared for the fight ahead.

    It’s interesting that everyone makes these claims, still, that we have no plan – just like they said JK had no plan.

    You can’t lead a horse to water. Those who bemoan us not having a plan obviously aren’t looking in the right places and most likely prefer to stir up the waters for their own agenda.

  6. Kos is a schmuck.

    That’s my mini review of his book.

    I just got a box with Cobra II and Crashing the Gate. I opened each very quickly and wonder how much the first passage I read from each is characteristic of the book.

    In opening Copra II I came across a passage on how Rumsfeld had no plan. . .

    The first thing I read in Crashing the Gate is coverage of a Dean rally. “Dean then bashed John Kerry and John Edwards for their support of the Iraq War.” Obviously no sign that he clarifies to note that John Kerry did not support the war any more than Howard Dean did.

    Then I glanced at the opposite page where he talks about how a Kerry speech had “failed on so many levels.”

  7. …and the GOP has no plan! check it out:

  8. I had also noted that GOP had not plan in my post about the GOP attacking Harlold Ford, Jr for being an “elitist”.

  9. “Kos is a schmuck.”

    Thanks Ron, I knew I didn’t want to spend money on that book. Or time. Amazon doesn’t have that one with the “look inside” feature? Maybe it’s just as well. If anyone can tear apart the arguments that are based on falsehoods, it’s you.

    Want to bet Kos won’t read Emanuel and Reed? We could dare him… not that he would pay attention.

    Perhaps send a copy of their book and some test questions.

  10. LOL

    Just got back to :

    “Senator John Kerry has hired former Emmy award-winning CNN producer Brigid O’Rourke to serve as his new Massachusetts Press Secretary:”

    She’s 29. Already knows a hell of a lot more than Kos on how to talk to the wider audience.

    Check her bio Mr K. Those are bond fide credentials.

  11. The book just gets worse and worse. Kos takes every chance he can to take a cheap shot at Kerry. Unsubstantiated attacks on Kerry from the primaries are cited in the book as if they were facts.

  12. Sorry about the Typo Kos, should have been bona fide.


    Need some Pepto? Or an appletini. Sounds much better.

    Maybe people will pick up on the lack of substance. Could it backfire? Seems absurd given some of the reviews. Speaking of which. The 38 Amazon reviews come to 4.5 stars – probably all Kos Klowns. Get your rebuttal in there – where it can really get some views. (Besides, you could save other folks the cost of the book AND cut his royalties 🙂

  13. New post entered with more on the book.

    My fear is that it won’t backfire, but will help preserve the typical Kos style Kerry-bashing.

    Hopefully readership remainss limited to the Kos ditto heads who already believe this crap and to those smart enough to see through it.