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Picture of the Day

by RonChusid

Ok guys, now that I have your attention, here’s how to really fix these problems. . .

(Hat tip to TayTay of DU for the picture.)

10 Responses to “Picture of the Day”

  1. I love that pic. Honestly, I choose the ‘smiling man’ to really begin to solve the problems facing this country. The rest can go on permanent vacation.

  2. Hmmm… Lets see, after November the guy on the far left of the table will be wondering the halls of the White House (his party will have lost Congress), the guy next to him WILL be vacation, the guy next him will have permanently forgotten he is a senator ’cause he will want the guy at the far left end of the table’s job so he can pick up and keep working for corporate interest, and that finally will leave JK – working for the interest of the people (and also looking to take the job away from the guy at the far left end of the table, as well.)

    In other word, 3 of the 4 people you see in this picture are idiots.

  3. This photo & caption along with some other things has made my day.

  4. Nice analogy BW.

  5. I love this picture … all eyes on our real *Leader,* and he drinks bottled water to boot. My kind of guy. Thanks TayTay and Ron.

  6. Good caption BW. 🙂

  7. Even the original caption is sort of funny.

    From the New York Times:

    “President Bush, far left, with Senators Rick Santorum, George Allen and John Kerry Thursday after a meeting in the White House.”

    First time I’ve seen Bush and Kerry together and Bush was called “far left.”

  8. I found this at the NYT article where Harry Reid was quoted as saying Bush will “go down as the first president ever”

    It was such a great pic, for all the reasons noted above. AND
    because the man who will go down as one of the best presidents ever, is at the RIGHT end 🙂 🙂

    I believe, I have faith.

  9. GW looks so unhappy and distracted. Not the center of attention for all the right-not far left-reasons.

  10. Is that rove behind them. Well hopefully he will be in prison.

    Poor JK had to sit at the table with Allen and santorum. Dumb and Dumber.

    Bush looked out of his league. I guess he would be umcomfortable after all JK may very well help him get the line item veto then he will have to use it or face the music to his conservatives mad about the raging defict.

    Then of course in 08 JK will have the line item veto and well by- by anwr drilling, tax cuts for billionaires, tax breaks for big oil. 🙂

    Plus you can’t call JK partisan from this pic. Willing to work with the rethugs.